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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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K3a "3" used INLAND-ISLAND (error), Bermuda postal history
Latest recorded use of 11 months 11 days after introduction of K4/K4a duplex series on 1889 use of QV 1d Post Card pmk'd C/DE 11 89 to Bournemouth, England, reverse headed "H.M.S. Canada, North America & West Indies Station", some faults.
The K4a "3" duplex with corrected IRELAND-ISLAND issued JA 1 1889.

FORCES POST OFFICE, Gibraltar postal history
PARCEL POST dated 2 JNE 82 tying d HMS Opossum on plain card.

BERMUDA postal history
1892 use of QV d deep blue Post Card pmk'd Ireland Island K4a "3" to Hamilton headed "H.M.S. Irresistable. No.3 Mess" with text from E.E. Mills, Caterer, requesting Potatoes, Oysters, Cabbage, Parsnips with HAMILTON (H4) B/DE 30 92 arrival.

YAMANDU, Sierra Leone postmark
(159.01) */FE 11 26 on KGV 1d (SG.132).

ST. VINCENT stamps:
Panelli forgery of the QV 6d in deep bottle-green, fine used.

BRASS, Niger Coast postmark
(T.2 in black) dated A/MY 30 94 on QV d vermilion.

K3a "11", Bermuda postmark
on 1881 QV 3d yellow-buff P.14 x 12c CC wmk (SG.10).

EVRYKHOU, Cyprus postmark
(T.2) A/DE 21 14 on KGV pi (SG.75b).

V.R. EVRYKHOU, Cyprus postmark
(T.21) on 1904 KE7 pi MCA wmk (SG.62).

Christchurch code "2", Barbados postmark
(M2, close to outer rim) on small star (1d) 2/MR 24 73 (inward tear, crease) plus 2/JA 27 88 on 1d reversed CC wmk.

E.R. KOPHINOU (Turkish), Cyprus postmark
(T.21) on 1904 KE7 pi MCA wmk (SG.62).

29-5-84 village manuscript, St. Christopher postmark
on QV 1d carmine-rose (SG.13).

542 numeral, Cape of Good Hope postmark
on "ONE PENNY" on d (SG.57a), light vertical crease.

SEGORO, Gold Coast postal history
1913 use QV d Post Card with added KE7 d to Freiburg, Baden, Germany dated 8 JUL 13, full reverse text.

GIBRALTAR postal history
1859 land route "via France" to London with GB QV 1d red strip of three, GB 6d lilac pmk'd "G" with greenish-blue A/JA 7 59 despatch, backstamped London JA 17 59 arrival. Flap with tape stain.

K4a "11", Bermuda postmark
on 1889 QV 1d aniline carmine CA wmk (SG.24a).

K4a "11", Bermuda postmark
on 1889 QV 1d aniline carmine CA wmk (SG.24a).

C82 used PERNAMBUCA, Brazil postmark
on 1866 10r vermilion P.12 (Scott 53), rare as such.

31.12.83 village manuscript, St. Christopher postmark
on 1882 QV 1d dull magenta CA wmk (SG.12, Cat.70).

PAID LIVERPOOL BR. PACKET postmark on Niger Coast stamp
arrival in bluish-black dated 11 JY 94 on QV 2d.
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