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ST. VINCENT request: scans of any dated village abbreviated cancels overstruck at Kingstown by HORIZONTAL red "A10" will be greatly appreciated

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GIBRALTAR postal history
1876 mourning cover to Maryport, Cumberland with GB QV d, pair 1d tied "A26" with Gibraltar A/NO 26 76 despatch, part reverse flap clear of very fine Maryport C/DE 4 76 arrival.

GIBRALTAR postal history
1878 double rate cover to Auburn, New York, USA with pair GB QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 10 tied "A26" duplex dated B/MY 6 78.

GIBRALTAR postal history
1877 cover with black "FORWARDED BY THE/AMERICAN AGENCY/GIBRALTAR/RENNY MASCARENHAS & Co/AGENTS" who added QB QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 7 pmk'd "A26" duplex dated A/AU 30 77 to Capt. E.D. Lane, Yarmouth, Maine, USA, opened right edge severing perfs.

GIBRALTAR postal history
1880 mourning wrapper from Larios Hermanos to Genoa, Italy with GB QV 2d Plate 17 tied "A26" duplex dated A/MY 5 08 (year error), backstamped top flap for display with Estafeta De Cambio, Madrid (MY 7) and Genova (10 5-80).

GIBRALTAR postal history
1880 mourning cover to Sir. Thomas Hare, Stow Hall (2nd Baronet 1807-1880), Downham Market, Norfolk with GB QV 2d blue Plate 17 tied Gibraltar duplex dated A/MR 21 08 (year error), backstamped superb Downham A/MR 26 60 cds, small faults.
Early use of the "08" year error and early use GB QV 2d blue Plate 17 as issued in Great Britain FE 5 1880.

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1888 reg. cover to Manchester with QV d, 1d, 2d and further pair QV 1d on reverse tied "A12" with ST. KITTS C/AU 1 88 despatch cds, perf. toning.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1885 QV 1d on 2d on 1d Crown CA REVERSED wmk (SG.46x), mounted mint with "scratch on cheek" plate variety, light diagonal bend/crease.

C used CONSTANTINOPLE, GB used abroad postal history
1875 cover with summer use "via Varna" to Maidenhead, Berkshire with GB QV 4d Plate 14 pmk'd "C" and signed "T. F. Hughes" lower left, reverse circled H.B.M.E.C handstamp and red Constantinople JU 23 1875/A datestamp (7 days prior change to 2d rate with JY 1 1875 joining of the U.P.U.).
Thomas Fiott Hughes (1825-87), Oriental Secretary at Constantinople from 1859 was regarded by Ambassador to Constantinople Sir Henry Elliott as "perfectly useless". After Hughes' retirement in 1875 the post was abolished.

BOAZ ISLAND to DENMARK, Bermuda postal history
1889 use of QV 1d UPU Post Card written "Boaz. March 14th" to Skive, Denmark with K4 "3" duplex dated MR 14 89 and Skive 30/3 arrival.
The K4/4a duplex series were issued JA 1 1889

HLABISA, Zululand postmark
(Z.6) purple TRD dated 10 MAY 1896 on QV 1d (SG.21).

AUGIER, St. Lucia postmark
*/11 SP 61 on QE2 3c piece.

SALTIBUS, St. Lucia postmark
*/8 MY 52 on KG6 12c piece.

6 used Bothwell, TASMANIA postal history
1870 cover to James Gill, Solicitor, Hobart Town with Chalon 4d tied "6" numeral with BOTHWELL 13 AP 1870 dbl-arc alongside and red Pre-Paid AP 14 arrival, no reverse markings.

63 used NEW NORFOLK, Tasmania postal history
1875 pre-printed MOLESWORTH JEFFERY cover to Kent, England with legible 4-line BOURNBANK/Parish of/ Wellington/1875 handstamp with QV 1d pair, 2d pair pmk'd New Norfolk "63" numerals with NEW NORFOLK 22 MAR 1875 despatch alongside, backstamped Hobart Town MR 22 75 and Tonbridge Wells A/MY 18 75 arrival.
Molesworth Jeffery (1811-1900), author, travelled out from England on the Vibilia bound Van Diemen's Land 23 December 1834. Having married a local girl he bought properties at Lachlan, near New Norfolk, and commenced building a home to be known as 'Bournbank'.

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1884 printed flap cover to The Right Reverend The Lord Bishop of Antigua in Ealing, London signed "Olton" lower left corner with QV 4d blue tied "A12" with ST. KITTS C/AU 25 84 cds alongside.

LLOYD AUSTRIACO XXVI, Austria used in offices in the Turkish Empire postmark
in blue dated 27/3 94 on 1pi on 10kr ultramarine.

The rare SANS-SERIF DOUBLE-ARC, GRENADA postal history
1848 neatly written entire to John Scoble, Anti-Slavery Office, London from Schoolmaster James Paul Springle, Town of St. Patrick rated 2/- showing probably the finest of the very few recorded sans-serif GRENADA dbl-arc dated NO 7 1848/A which displays upper flap.
Sent from the GPO, London May 1 1847. Confirmed examples of this seldom used datestamp are recorded for AU 9 1847 no code, NO 7 1848/A, MR 10 1849/A

COLONIAL SECRETARY, Jamaica postal history
1889 Colonial Secretary's Office printed circular requesting George Tenland of May Pen to attend a meeting of the Exhibition Commissioners posted with ON SERVICE/FREE/COLONIAL SECRETARY cachet supported by Kingston DE 28 89 sqc with MAY PEN same day arrival cds, the paper with curious crowned head watermark which has been seen on preparation sheet 1866 Montserrat revenue stamp issue, and envelope stock paper posted Tasmania NO 22 1867.

CHAMA, Gold Coast postmark
(T.5) MY 22 99 on QV 1d Keyplate (SG.27).

20 used Circular Head, Tasmania postal history
1859 wrapper docketted as from Albert H. Boys (thought to be a farmer, Detention River) to William Johnson, Launceston with Chalon 4d pale blue tied Circular Head "20" with postmaster's manuscript "C'Head 24-2/59", backstamped red Pre-Paid for same date.
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