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C used CONSTANTINOPLE, GB used abroad
1880 H.M.S. Falcon flap cover to Bombardier John Wilder, 10th Brigade, 16th Battery, Pembroke Camp, Malta with GB QV 2d blue Plate 19 pmk'd "C" with red A/JY 9 80 despatch alongside, some toning.

OLD CALABAR RIVER, Southern Nigeria postal history
(T.1) AU 31 00 on GB ovp'd 1d Post Card to Leipzig, Germany, pencilled text on reverse.

NEVIS stamps:
1883 QV 2d ultramarine (SG.29), fine used block of four. Cat.108.00.

KINGSTON X code (used Late Fee covers), Jamaica postmark
(SQC) dated 4X/FE 26 90 on re-united QV 6d, 1/- (SG.12,13, Crown CC watermarks used 1890).
An unusual franking probably explained by triple 4d postage plus the 6d late fee charge

C used CONSTANTINOPLE, GB used abroad cover
1874 wrapper with pair GB QV 4d vermilion Plate 13 pmk'd "C" to London, top flap could display clear red JU 9 1874/A despatch dbl-arc, some soiling.

RELEASED by Censor., Bermuda postmark
(CM23) alongside KG6 2d part dated HAMILTON 4 JUL with year buried in design.
Recorded JY 31 1942 to MY 5 1944

KPONG, Gold Coast postmark
(T.5) C/AP 6 94 on QV 2d (SG.13), toning.

YORK ISLAND, Sierra Leone postmark
(164.03) sideways down C/-- SP 45 (no day) on KG6 3d (SG.192).

HANGHA, Sierra Leone postmark
(050.02) C/NO -- 34 (no day) on d Slavery (SG.168).

WINNEBAH, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2, tall & narrow letters) C/OC 9 89 on QV 3d (SG.15).

CHAMA, Gold coast postmark
(T5 smaller letters, round "O" in COASR) AU 30 92 on QV 1d (SG.12a).
Current ERD is AU 15 92

ROKEL, Sierra Leone postmark
(133.01) */AP 20 34 on 1d Slavery (SG.169).

RORUKS, Sierra Leone postmark
(137.01) dated A/JA 7 35 on 1932 KGV 4d (SG.160).
The Roruks "A" code rarely found on KGV issues

MANO SALIJA, Sierra Leone postmark
(107.03) B/8 JA 08 on KE7 1d (SG.100).

SECONDEE, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) dated C/JY 4 9 ("9" for year) on QV 1d (SG.12a).
Recorded C/FE 2 9 to C/NO 25 9. No examples Secondee with years 94 and 95 inserted found so far

CAPE COAST, Gold Coast postmark
(T.6 side dots) DE 9 98 on QV 2d (SG.14).

GLOUCESTER, Sierra Leone postmark
(047.04) */3 AP 58 on QE2 1d (SG.211).

BERMUDA postal history
ST. GEORGES (H1) two strikes of this elusive cds dated B/DE 17 95 on QV 1d Reply Post Card portion pencil addressed with full pencil text to East Kirkby, Nottinghamshire.

K3a "13", Bermuda postmark
on 1873 QV 3d yellow-buff CC wmk (SG.5).

K3a "11", Bermuda postmark
on 1875 QV 3d yellow-buff CC wmk (SG.10).
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