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"AROUND THE WORLD IN THE QUICKEST POSSIBLE TIME", Jamaica and British Guiana postal history
1905 use of GB 1d carmine/buff Post Card pmk'd Derby JA 5 05 arriving Kingston, Jamaica JA 28 05 with 1d Arms pmk'd Kingston FE 17 05 arriving Georgetown, Br. Guiana 1 MAR 1905 with 2c pmk'd Georgetown 4 MAR 1905 showing Port Of Spain, Trinidad MR 6 05 and New York MAR 23 1905 transits before journey abruptly ended with San Francisco P.O./APR 14 1905/D.L. SECTION (Dead Letter) purple d/ring, alongside further purplish boxed handstamp with lower line reading "Returned from R.L.O." (town unclear) with black manuscript "Contrary to Regulations", corner damage but "around the world" entires rarely found incorporating the British West Indies.

NASSAU via PHILADELPHIA to LONDON, Bahamas postal history
1852 outer wrapper docketted "Nassau 13 Oct 1852" landed blue PHILADELPHIA OCT 30 showing "24" surface charge to New York (where it caught the Cunard steamer “Europa” to Liverpool) and black circled "5" for ship to The Rev. George Osborn, Wesleyan Mission House, London rated 1/- with 17 NO arrival backstamp.
In late September 1852 there was an outbreak of cholera in the Bahamas in which over a 1,000 persons died within a period of five months. The Daily Atlas described “Vessels in the harbour being crowded with people fleeing the scourge”. Also on NO 17 1852 the RMSP "La Plata" arrived Southampton “under melancholy circumstances” – nine dead on board and 21 taken ill during the voyage from the West Indies (Pratique 6/02)

ACKLINS ISLAND, Bahamas postmark
(T.3, D4) 21 FEB 05 on KE7 2½d (SG.63) piece.

ACKLINS ISLAND, Bahamas postmark
(T.3, D4) 31 MAR 25 on KGV 4d orange-yellow (SG.85) piece.

APPAM, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2, 19mm cds with large letters wide M, D5) dated C/AU 20 8 (ERD, 8 for 89?) on QV ½d (SG.11).

ABETIFI, Gold Coast postmark
(T.17a, Mackin lists T.17 without the time code for 1914, Proud lists neither) dated 1916/OCT 26/7AM on KGV 1d PSE cut-out piece with added 2 x KGV 1d (SG.72a).

PAQUEBOT LIVERPOOL postmark, Gold Coast postal history
1930 cover to Detroit, Michigan with 3 x KGV 1d tied PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/10 FE 30/ LIVERPOOL transit cancels.

KADJEBI, Gold Coast postal history
1951 use of KG6 3d PSRE with added KG6 1d, 2d, 2 x 1/- pmk'd KADJEBI */17 JY 51 cds to Detroit, Michigan, opened-out for display.
A postal agency under Hohoe, Togoland.

SEMBEHU, Sierra Leone postmark
(142.03) C/JU 20 32 on KGV 3d (SG.159).

MOUNT THOMPSON, Bahamas postmark
(T.7 1, D2) in purple dated 22 SEP 51 on KG6 1½d (SG.151) piece.

OLD BIGHT, Bahamas postmark
(TRD C1, D1) pert dated MAY 22 194- on KG6 1½d (SG.151).

A10 used GEORGETOWN, St. Vincent postmark
(PML.5) in red on QV 1d drab Crown CA REVERSED wmk (SG.39a).

KENEMA, Sierra Leone postmark
(072.03) */JA 18 37 on KGV 4d (SG.160).

CAPE COAST, Gold Coast postmark
(T.5A, D5) A/NO 26 94 on QV 1/- (SG.18a).

(206.01) */JU 2 37 on KGV 4d (SG.160).

GOVERNORS HARBOUR, Bahamas postmark
(T.1, D2) dated B/SP 2 86 (SP 2 inverted, 8 looks upright but might be year 98) on QV 2½d (SG.51).

YORK ISLAND, Sierra Leone postmark
(164.03) sideways down C/JU 5 33 on KGV 4d (SG.160).

ELMINA, Gold Coast postmark
(T.5, D4) in purplish-black dated sideways up C/OC 8 02 (inverted "20") on KE7 1d INVERTED CROWN CA wmk (SG.39w, Cat.£160).

COMMENDI, Sierra Leone postmark
(027.01) */MY 17 33 on KGV 1d (SG.156).

GOVERNORS HARBOUR, Bahamas postmark
(T.1, D2) B/FE 25 98 on QV 1d (SG.49).
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