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AVOCA, Transvaal railway postmark/cancel
boxed railway cachet in blue on 1885 d grey (SG.175).

5 code used ST. JOHN, Barbados postmark/cancel
(M2-R) normal shaped 5/OC 20 66 on guide-lines positional 1861 (d) blue-green (SG.21a, Cat.75) in combination with Bridgetown "1" bootheel.

POTCHEFSTROOM ZUID ARFIKA, Transvaal postmark/cancel
on stampless envelope piece (part flap sticks out from right if opened out) with Z.A.R. and year "69" appended "6d" in black (in similar style to Putzel Page 169 illustration).

PIET RETIEF, Transvaal postmark/cancel
in blue ink dated D/27 DE 92 on 2d (SG.178).

PELGRIMS RUST, Transvaal postmark/cancel
18 FEB 96 on 4d (SG.181).

PELGRIMS RUST, Transvaal postmark/cancel
30 SEP 95 on d on 1/- green (SG.213).

SMITSDORP, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(SQC) 5 AUG 1895 on 2d (SG.178).

COTTONFIELDS, Transvaal postmark/cancel
1 MAY 32 on South Africa 3d.

DIEPSLOOT, Transvaal postmark/cancel
15 NOV 07 on KE7 1d (SG.274).

BELLEVUE T.S.O., JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postmark/cancel
2 OCT 09 on KE7 6d (SG.266).
Office opened SP 15 1908 and closed JU 1 1911 (only 12 months in Union).

APPAM, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) sideways top facing right A/SP 9 91 on QV 6d (SG.17a).
My inventory for Appam T.2 and T.5 cancels embraces 292 items. The sideways "A" code has only been seen for two dates, the other A/DE 3 90 (both top facing right, both Type 5).

BIGGARSBERG JUNCTION (Telegraph Office), Natal postmark on TRANSVAAL stamp
(M.1) dated MY 3 90 on Transvaal 1885 6d pale dull blue (SG.182).
This short-lived Telegraph Office opened on OC 1 1889 and was re-named GLENCOE JUNCTION on JA 1 1891.

POTCHEFSTROOM, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(Putzel 3) magnificent full strike dated JUNI 12 1863 on stampless piece.

OTTOSHOOP, Transvaal postmark/cancel
in purple ink part dated 31 AU- -- on 1/- green (SG.183).

ST. VINCENT stamps:
Litho forgery of the QV 1d drab fine 'used'.
PML handbook (Page 134) Type D but only recorded in blue-green.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
Litho forgery of the QV d orange fine 'used', straight edge at right.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
Litho forgery of the QV d orange fine 'used'.

6. used CHRISTIANA, Transvaal postmark in combination with CGH 6d transit
1877 piece assumed from cover addressed England with Transvaal 6d pmk'd "6." at Christiana with alongside CGH 6d indistinctly cancelled AU 27 1877 with Cape Town V/SP 3 1877 transit. The 4d transit rate through CGH discontinued, and 6d now paying CGH internal and ocean postage.

FORDSBURG M.O.O. (Money Order Office), Transvaal postal history (illustrated Putzel handbook)
1902 cover to the Mead Cycle Company, Chicago with "E.R.I." ovp'd 1d and pair KE7 1d tied FORDSBURG M.O.O. d/rings dated 24 APR 02. Illustrated Putzel Volume 3 Page 142 with illustration supplied by Peter Hutterer. Some soiling around adhesives.

2, Ceylon postmark/cancel
on 1883 QV 4c rosy mauve CA wmk (SG.148).
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