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A07 used ROSEAU, Dominica postmark
in previously unrecorded red ink on 1877-79 QV 1d lilac Crown CC wmk P.14 (SG.5), stained perfs at top.
The only current association that can be made is a single example of a DOMINICA 20mm cds dated FE 21 83 struck in red ink on QV 4d blue (SG.7).

5 used ST. JOHN, Barbados postmark
(C2) on 1871 (4d) dull rose Small Star (SG.49, Cat.70), exceptionally rare on this issue.
Currently only one example of bootheel "5" and bootheel "10" recorded on SG.49.

ST. VINCENT postal history
1903 cover to E.A. Abrahams Esq., Solicitor, Georgetown, Demerara with pair, two singles KE7 d tied crisply struck "PAQUEBOT" (PML.87, 30 x 5mm) off-loaded with ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA MR 11 03 with Georgetown 15 MAR 1903 arrival backstamp, hinge remain but otherwise of exhibition quality.

BARBADOS postal history
1903 cover to Warminster, England with most unusual and accepted mixed country and mixed currency franking of Barbados 1d and British Guiana 2c tied BARBADOS A/JY 4 03 cds, Bath and Warminster backstamps.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1861 QV 6d deep yellow-green (SG.2, Cat.200), very fine lightly postmarked copy.

arrival dated 13 AU 06 on 1d View (SG.28).

BUMPE, Sierra Leone postmark
(024.01) */21 JU 58 on QE2 6d (SG.216).

arrival dated */3 FE 28 on KGV 1d (SG.74), slight reverse toning.

ABEOKUTA, Lagos postmark
(T.9B) dated B/AP 4 1901 on QV 1d (SG.22).

A13, Virgin Islands postmark
on Leeward Islands "One Penny" on QV 7d (SG.19).

MAYARO, Trinidad postmark
(T.2) dated A/JY 14 92 on QV 4d grey (SG.110).

423 used unknown office, Cape of Good Hope postmark
on 4d deep blue Crown CC wmk.

A10 used KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent postmark
(PML.7) on 1883-84 QV 4d grey-blue Crown CA wmk Perf.12 (SG.43a, Cat.250), very fine used.

SMUGGLED MAIL to a large scale slave-owner during the FRENCH OCCUPATION, Tobago postal history
1792 clean entire with clearly written contents to Caldwell Craig Esq., Tobago from a dutiful and affectionate niece to her uncle and docketted "30 June 1792". No mention of origin but starts "Your kind letter My Dear Uncle by Mr. Olivers Vessel gave us all great pleasure but particularly my poor Aunt who begins to grow very anxious about you as the time draws near for your arrival".
Tobago was captured MY 23 1781 by the French Admiral Compte de Grasse. By the Treaty of Versailles SP 3 1783 Tobago remained French and gradually had to change from a captured British island to a French colony. On AP 14 1793 Tobago was taken by British troops who had arrived under Major General Cornelius Cuyler with a squadron under Vice Admiral John Laforey who landed at Courland Bay with few losses (war in the West Indies began with this event).

BERMUDA postal history
1898 cover to Mrs. Alexander Smith, "Durnford", St. Georges with pair QV d deep grey-green pmk'd BAILEY'S BAY B/JU 6 1898 with St. Georges C/JU 6 1898 backstamp.
Durnford House (36 Wellington Street, St. George) was built in 1795 by Mayor Andrew Durnford as his residence; he was the first mayor of St. George and came to Bermuda to look after the construction work of the forts in St. George's. It is said that a part of the fund allocated for forts were diverted to build this house, and it was called 'The Fifth Fort' by some of his enemies. Durnford did not live long enough to enjoy the grounds and views of the town and harbour as he died September 11th 1798 and was buried in the grounds.

1954 charred edge back and front of cover pmk'd London 23 XII 54 together with contents to R.H. Ridler, Barclays Bank Ltd, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. requiring completion of its journey, due such distressed condition, by Great Britain Post Office O.H.M.S. ambulance cover, both covers struck with purple boxed "SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/PRESTWICK 25-12-54"., flap of latter poorly opened.
BOAC Boeing 377 Stratocruiser crashed on landing at Prestwick Airport in the early hours of Christmas Day 1954, 28 of the 36 onboard were killed.

KARKOJ, Sudan postmark
(Studd 110, no illustration in Proud handbook) 3 MAY 1917 on 2p (SG.26) perforated "O S", minor reverse toning.
Studd Addendum only records two dated copies for 22 APR 05 and 31 JUL 17.

HAMILTON, Bermuda postmark
(H1) AP 28 76 on QV 1d (SG.1).

1898 cover to Paddington, London marked "9th Dec '98" at lower left with handstruck str. line purplish-black "Posted on British Packet."posted with horiz. strip of five QV d green and carried "loose" until off-loaded with BARBADOS A/DE 10 98 sqc prior onward transmission, backstamped Paddington DE 21 98 arrival.
The Empire Penny Rate was introduced at St. Vincent on Christmas Day 1898.

HONG KONG to BARBADOS postal history
1895 use of "4CENTS" (red) on QV 3c brown UPU Reply Card with text written "Hong Kong 31.10.95" pmk'd HONG KONG A/NO 2 95 sent intact to Dr. Archer, "Culloden", St. Michaels, Barbados showing San Francisco and New York transit arriving with both portions pmk'd oval BARBADOS/SHIP LETTER dated 23 DE 95, light horiz. bends/creases.
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