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c1921 commercial cover front from "Gov. Harbour, Eleuthera" to Huddersfield with KGV 1d tied rare blue boxed "Regain Health and Vigour. Take/Cruise in Your Motor Yacht to/ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS./THE TOMATO GROWING ISLAND."
Proud handbook records as HS7 with single date of use for 15 May 1921.

1917 J.S. Johnson, New York illustrated cover with a Pineapple "Canned on the Plantation" and "Factory in Nassau, Bahamas" marked pr S.S. "Monterrey" to the Florida Granite and Marble Co., in Miami with 1d Staircase tied boxed tourism hanstamp and Nassau 12 MAY 17 cds.

MONTSERRAT postal history
1911 "used elsewhere" Frederiksted, St. Croix printed "JESUS IS COMING, GET READY" cover with unsealed rate d Badge pmk'd Montserrat A/AP 2 1911 to Apthorp, New Hampshire.

BELIZE, British Honduras postal history
1896 printed address reg. cover with portrait of the recipient Wilhelm Breimeier in Stadthagen, Germany with 20 CENTS on QV 6d pmk'd Belize A/JA 16 96 with London transit and 4.2.96 arrival b/stamp.

BELIZE, British Honduras
1910 fancy printed flap with falcon cover from local Falcon and Fawn Hat seller to Cincinnati with KE7 5c pmk'd Belize A/AU 6 10.

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE (MY 30 1909), British Honduras postal history
1909 printed advertising cover to St. Louis, Missouri with KE7 5c x 2 pmk'd temporarily supplied BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE E/JU 18 09, alongside newly supplied registration etiquette No.217 (current ERD of use reg. etiquette being JU 14 09).

full Hotel Colonial cover pmk'd Nassau C/MR 2 00 to Biographical Director in New York, b/stamped 3-5-1900 arrival.

full all-over Royal Victoria Hotel advertising cover, poorly opened at right, with QV 4d Chalon (fine) pmk'd A05 to Jacksonville, Florida FORWARDED St. Augustine, reverse A/BAHAMAS/AP 8 81 and Jacksonville APR 12.

BAHAMAS postal history
1863 advertising cover for Trask & Zuberbier BUTTER, CHEESE & LARD to Monroe, Orange County, New York with pair QV Chalon 4d bright rose (SG.26) pmk'd "A05" and b/stamped BAHAMAS JU 6 1863/B dbl-arc.

BARBADOS postal history:
1933 L.S. Wilson, Bridgetown printed advertising cover for a Vesta Sewing machine and Rejuvention treaments (reverse) to The Barr Rubber Products Co., Sandusky, Ohio with 2d Badge tied G.P.O. 13 SE 33 d/rings.

ST. LUCIA postal history
1946 St. Lucia Philatelic Society First Exhibition unaddressed cover with KG6 d pmk'd Castries 10 FE 46 d/ring.

JAMAICA postal history
1918 GOLDEN SEAL FLOUR advertising cover to Sav La Mar with KGV 1d WAR STAMP tied Kingston FEB 20-18 machine cancel, reverse SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 20 18 arrival.

P & O and BRITISH INDIA LINES, Greece postal history
1953 cover to Flixton, Manchester with GB KG6 2d tied Greek machine cancel, reverse with purple boxed "TRAVEL & SHIP/BY P & O/AND/BRITISH INDIA LINES" and 2-line "VISIT GREECE/SUNSHINE - BLUE SKY" advertising handstamps.

RAGGED ISLAND, Bahamas postal history
1917 commercial cover with sender address to Buffalo, New York with KGV 1d pmk'd RAGGED ISLAND sideways up B/28 MR 17 (T.1, D2) with boxed "NASSAU"/Tourist Season/Dec. to Apl. advertising slogan.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1935 advertising from "THE ANGELUS" Printing Office and Book Store on reverse KGV 4c, 5c, 10c rate cover pmk'd Belize 16 DE 35 to Southampton, England.

BERMUDA postal history
1906 pictorial views of the Royal Palms, Prospect and the Coral Rocks printed on face of normal envelope to Hendon, Sunderland with 1d Dock pmk'd Ireland Island A/DE 8 1906.

BOOTS & SHOES, Boston, Massachusetts American advertising cover, NEW BRUNSWICK postal history
1858 unusual local cover to Dorchester N.B. with 3d tied grill ovals with blue S.G. DAMON, THOMAS & CO. advertising oval, backstamped ST. JOHN JU 5 1858 with partial DORCHESTER arrival. Reverse opening tear justs affects top left corner.

JAMAICA to CAYMAN ISLANDS postal history
1952 advertising cover from The Rapid Vulcanizing Co. Ltd, Kingston to GRAND CAYMAN with KG6 d, 2d pmk'd Kingston 25 SEP 1952.

NASSAU, Bahamas postal history
Express Delivery cover with KGV 6d, 8d pmk'd 3 FE 36 to Meriden, Connecticut, reverse with tied "COME TO NASSAU" advertising label.
Sheet format unknown. No broken sunshades or red spots adjacent woman as seen on 8 OCT 37 cover with pair of labels

POMEROY, British Guiana postal history
(T.36,D1-2 inverted B) 11 AP 60 on QE2 6c (corner fault), 24c "Gillette 60" advertising cover to Fears, Bristol, opened 3 sides.
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