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Illegal use of KGV 4c REVENUE issue, Trinidad postal history
1938 cover to Chicago with unaccepted KGV 4c REVENUE alongside faulty KGV 2c pmk'd San Fernando 12 APR 38, circled "T" tax handstamp and New York Due 8 cents.

STANN CREEK, British Honduras
1923 underpaid cover to the Conservatory of Music, Stuttgart, Wurtemburg, Germany with KGV 4c tied STANN CREEK E/31 MY 23, alongside cicled "T" and oval "Partie" handstamps.

1977 underpaid cover with Grenada 10c pmk'd VICTORIA */JU 15 77, tax marks and Montserrat 1c x 2, 20c, 40c tied Plymouth on arrival.

1901 use of overprinted "1900" 10c UPU Post Card written "23 Sep 1901 C/Bolivar" underpaid at with purple "T" tax handstamp to Ernesto A Monck at Merry Wing Hall, Worthing, Barbados with Port-of-Spain E/SP 26 1901 transit and Barbados A/SP 29 01 arrival on address panel, central crease, full text.

Underpaid BAHAMAS BAKERY cover
full cover pmk'd Nassau AUG 31 1936 with U.S. 1c, 3c Postage Dues affixed

full underpaid cover dated MAR 30 1961

Tax handstamp, Lagos
in bluish ink on QV 3d chestnut CC wmk P.14 (SG.13).

1886 underpaid printed return cover with Jamaica QV 4d tied Kingston MR 23 86 sqc to New York collecting tax and “16 Cents” charge handstamps, on arrival pre-cancelled in blue ink U.S. 2 x 3c, 10c Postage Dues added.

NEW AMSTERDAM, British Guiana
opened 2 sides missing flap underpaid cover pmk'd 3 JY 56 with tax markings and GB 2d Postage Due pmk'd at London, no full b/stamps.

NEW AMSTERDAM, British Guiana
opened 3 sides underpaid QE2 26c rate pmk'd 26 MR 56 with tax marks and GB 4d Postage Due tied London 4 AP 56, no b/stamps.

Full underpaid cover pmk'd Nassau 10 NOV 24 to Switzerland, pair 20c Postage Dues tied Winterthur 27 XI 24 d/rings.

USA/BAHAMAS mixed currency franking
full cover pmk'd Miami MAR 18 1908, purple AUDIT OFFICE, BAHAMAS 16 APR 1908 cachet.

T.P.O. BERBICE STR (steamer), BRITISH GUIANA postal history:
1919 cover to J.P. Wright, Croydon, Surrey subsequently re-directed Henley-on-Thames with KGV 2c WAR TAX tied both T.P.O. BERBICE STR cds dated NO 7 19 and boxed "CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED" handstamp with circled "T" and handstruck "2d F.B.A" with GB 2d Postage Due tied PURLEY SORTING OFFICE 12 DE 19 d/ring, backstamped New Amsterdam and Georgetown 8 NOV 19, vertical fold.

The GHOSTS of POINT ELLICE HOUSE, the most haunted house on VANCOUVER ISLAND
1898 cover to Mrs (Caroline Agnes) O'Reilly (1831-1899, thought to appear as an apparition in the grounds of her house) at Point Ellice, Victoria, Vancouver Island pmk'd KINGSTON AU 10 98 and then mysteriously spirited some 4,432 miles to DUBLIN (AU 24 98, husband Peter originated from Ballybeg, Co. Meath, only 45 miles from Dublin) before travelling a further 4,502 miles to VICTORIA, B.C. PM/SP 6 98 per b/stamp) with I/SP 7 98 and "10" cents tax due handstamp added the next day, some soiling.
Husband Peter, former Indian Reserve Commissioner, is the subject of supernatural investigations at the house which went live on a YouTube video October 31 2020. Visitors and volunteers have had spooky encounters with lights switching on and off, a piano playing on its own, and apparitions chasing them away. In later years "a nice young lady in a blue dress" had shown visitors around the house giving many previously unknown facts, when questioned they went back inside the house and pointed to a blue gown lying across a bed, "that's the one she was wearing" in daughter Kathleen O'Reilly's bedroom. Kathleen had returned! For many years the whereabouts of the grave of Caroline Agnes was a mystery, but in her final year, being so ill, she made a last visit to her family in England, dying only a few days after arrival. Her remains lie in the cemetery at Cheriton, Folkestone (only 2.1 miles down the road, a 39 minute walk, from me!).

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1921 printed Foster & Co, Georgetown sender's cover to Holland with underpaid pair KGV 2c pmk'd Georgetown 6 APL 1921 cds, alongside circled "T" tax-h/stamp with pair 2˝c Postage Dues tied AMERSFOORT 27. IV. 1921, opened 2 sides with some edge staining.

SUTTON BENGER (Wiltshire) to BERMUDA postal history
1908 opened-out for display cover to the Royal Gazette Office, Hamilton, Bermuda with GB KE7 1d pmk\'d SUTTON BENGER (Wiltshire) B/MY 18 08 forwarded 4 JUN 08 with handstruck circled \"T\" to Brooklyn, New York with handstruck \"COLLECT/POSTAGE .03 CENTS\", three x U.S. 1c Postage Dues tied to reverse.\r\n

BERMUDA postal history
1925 re-used envelope sent with outer brown skin as there is a postmarked unidentified stamp and address underneath posted with 1d Caravel pmk'd Hamilton 31 JAN 25 to Diano Marina, Italy with tax handstamp and 30c Postage Due affixed and cancelled.

Northern Ireland to ST. VINCENT missent JAMAICA
1977 (NO 8) underpaid and taxed cover to St. Vincent with GB QE2 9d pmk'd Belfast, purple str. line "MISSENT TO JAMAICA", stamp with glossy glue stain.

BARBADOS postal history
1938 Red Tower Lager cover sent stampless to The Aurora School of Photo-Engraving, Aurora, Washington with scarce "T" in diamond tax handstamp, GPO 12 AU 38 despatch and New York Due 10 cents duplex.

ROCK SOUND Bahamas to Guatemala postal history
1923 underpaid cover from Wemyss Bight, Eleuthera to Guatemala with KGV 1d pmk'd purplish ROCK SOUND cds with indecipherable date with blue crayon tax mark and handstruck local charge "300" due, reverse Nassau 9 NOV 23 and NOV 30 receiver.
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