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NICOLLS TOWN mailbag seal, Bahamas postmark
an exceptional strike showing almost all of the lettering on QV 2d (SG.52). Rarely seen.

20 MILES STANN CREEK and NEW CAPITAL mailbag seals, British Honduras
full Central Farm cover with part dated New Capital 29 AP without year d/ring.

STANN CREEK mailbag seal, British Honduras
undated full commercial cover from the Methodist Mission, Stann Creek with Pomona d/r to Belize, no b/stamps.

NEW CAPITAL and SUCCOTZ mailbag seals, British Honduras postal history
1969 opened-out for display QE2 22c rate cover to Albuquerque, New Mexico with d/ring cancels for San Ignacio, Pomona, New Capital, and Succotz.

UNITED VILLE brass mailbag seal, British Honduras postal history
and UNITED VILLE 26 AP 69 d/rings on QE2 1c, 2 x 2c cover to the Sharon, Pa, USA.

20 MILES STANN CREEK mailbag seal
full cover, date indistinct, reverse sender address

POMONA mailbag seal
full undated cover

tying KE7 1d on b/w ppc pmk'd GOVERNORS HARBOUR 2 DEC 05. Indistinct strike but find another on entire!

POST OFFICE mailbag seal
The POST OFFICE around top is clear but the office name at base unclear. The two main candidates are PUNTA GORDA and SAN ESTEVAN. Including the gap between wording all three are 11 characters long, which makes identification of the area around S of HONDURAS as being the 4th character in the office name, the shape of the outline of crown might also assist, stamp fine SG.53.

NORTON mailbag seal, Southern Rhodesia postmark/cancel
(Unrecorded by both Hoyte/Lashbrook and Proud) on KGV 1d Admiral, rare.

17 used EERSTERLING, Transvaal postmark/cancel
on 3d showing part POSTKANTOOR negative seal, light crease.

EXUMU mailbag seal, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(Proud K1, no examples prior 1908) clearly showing the letters "U M A" on QV 1d (SG.49).

ADDAH, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.4) brass seal on QV d (SG.11a).

EXUMA mailbag seal, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(Proud K1, no examples prior 1908) clearly showing the letters "X M U" on QV 1d (SG.48).

GOVERNORS ISLAND negative brass MAILBAG SEAL, Bahamas postmark
on 1902 KE7 2d (SG.63).

GOVERNORS ISLAND negative brass MAILBAG SEAL, Bahamas postmark
on 1906 KE7 1d (SG.72).

SECONDEE, Gold Coast postmark
(T.4) brass seal on 1879 QV d olive-yellow CC wmk (SG.4, Cat.40).

MAILBAG SEAL (unidentified), New South Wales postmark
on 1d, tiny central pin-hole.

ELMINA, Gold Coast postmark
(T.4) brass seal on QV 4d CA wmk (SG.16a), pale colour.

MAILBAG seal used PUNTA GORDA or SAN ESTEVAN, British Honduras postmark
(MBS) small pert strike on 1905-06 KE7 1c MCA wmk (SG.84), washed colour.
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