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SHASHI, Bechuanaland postmark
part dated 8 JAN 2(8?) on GB ovp'd KGV 1/-.

ENTONJANENI, Zululand postmark
(Z.2) dated NOV 14 89 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.2).

MAHALAPYE SIDING, Bechuanaland postal history
1901 reduced cover front with pair GB ovp'd QV 2d pmk'd MAHALAPYE SIDING 6 AU 01 to Hinckley, Leicestershire.

SEROWE, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
NO 17 06 on GB ovp'd KE7 1d (SG.68).

SEROWE, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
(D1) AU 18 06 on GB ovp'd KE7 d (SG.66).

SAFFI, Morocco Agencies postmark/cancel
*/SP 1 09 on horiz. pair GB ovp'd 5 CENTIMOS on KE7 d (SG.112).

MOGADOR, Morocco Agencies postmark/cancel
*/JA 13 12 on horiz. pair GB ovp'd 5 CENTIMOS on KE7 d (SG.112).

PITSANI, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
(D3) A/JA 25 24 on GB ovp'd KGV 2d (SG.76a) piece.

RAMOUTSA, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
SP 14 93 on block of six GB ovp'd QV 2d (SG.62).

SEROWE, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
Newly discovered skeleton type relief datestamp for FE 7 1922 on GB ovp'd KGV 2d (SG.76a).

MOGADOR, Morocco Agencies postmark/cancel
*/DE 17 09 on GB ovp'd 10c on KE7 1d (SG.113).

FEZ, Morocco Agencies postmark/cancel
*/OC 26 09 on GB ovp'd 5c on KE7 d (SG.112a).

GABERONES. B.B.P., Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
dated NO 1 98 on GB ovp'd QV 1d lilac (SG.61), very minor perf. toning.

PALACHWE KHAMAS TOWN, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
(D1) AU 8 97 on vertical pair GB ovp'd QV d (SG.9).

MOLEPOLE, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
(D1) MR 2 23 on GB ovp'd KGV 2d (SG.76a).

VRYBURG, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
C/SP 29 94 on GB ovp'd QV 6d (SG.36), creased.

NKANDHLA, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.3) purple TRD dated 18 OCT 90 on GB ovp'd QV 4d (SG.6, Cat.75) faulty cut-to-shape piece.

FRANCISTOWN, Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
dated 27 MAR 28 on GB ovp'd KGV 6d (SG.96) on piece showing full boxed registration etiquette, stamp with fault.

NONDWENI, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.4) purple ink part strike dated -- --T 93 on ovp'd QV d (SG.1).

MIDLAND T.P.O. DOWN, Cape of Good Hope railway postmark on BECHUANALAND stamps
dated M/13 OC 00 on horiz. pair GB ovp'd QV d vermilion (SG.7).
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