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TSINIANFORT (status uncertain) on British Honduras stamp
dated 26/8/88 on 1891 5c on 3c on 3d red-brown (SG.49).

STANN CREEK framed oval of 6 lines, British Honduras postmark
(KD1) the obliterator portion of the rare TRD on "2 CENTS" on QV 1d (SG.37).

16 used Rose Belle, Mauritius postmark
on QV 8c on 2d (SG.85).

34 used Riviere Des Anguilles, Mauritius postmark
on QV 17c on 4d (SG.87), some lighter tone blemishes.

GRENADA stamps:
1875 1/- deep mauve with prominent raised inverted "S" in "POSTAGE" (SG.13c, Cat.500), fine used.
500 sheets printed (500 errors).

KG6 1d (SG.164) showing broken top to first "U" and raised second "U" pmk'd GOVERNORS HARBOUR 13 MAY 43.

STANN CREEK framed oval of 6 lines, British Honduras postmark
(KD1) the obliterator portion of the rare TRD on "2 CENTS" on QV 1d (SG.37).

MUMFORD, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) A/AU 24 89 on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20).
Only three examples currently recorded on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20) being dated A/AU 18 89, A/AU 24 89, A/SP 6 89 (Ex Ashanti).

3 CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (used San Estevan), British Honduras postmark
the "killer" portion of the rare San Estevan TRD duplex on 1888 "3 CENTS" on QV 3d red-brown (SG.38),

MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (bulbous top, straight leg) postal history
QV 2c Inland Post Card to Port Louis with adhesive pmk'd "B53" B/JY 12 79 duplex, reverse with pristine early strike of the black boxed "R" showing traces of the outer circular rim (see Ibbotson page 117).

RAGGED ISLAND, Bahamas postmark
(T.1) s/ways up top facing left code B/11 MR 18 on KGV 1/- WAR TAX (SG.99).

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1892 5/- purple ovp'd REVENUE (PML.49) badly thinned dated "2/5/94" and 1894 5/- greyish-purple ovp'd REVENUE (PML.50) fine used.

1875 QV 1/- deep mauve SHLLIING error (SG.13a, Cat.6500 as normal mint), fine unused without gum ovp'd "SPEC" (as recorded Tim Pearce handbook Page 26, 3rd paragraph). Only 200 copies of the SPEC(IMEN) produced (ie 100 pairs) making at most ONLY TWO EXAMPLES possible with ONE SHLLIING error.
500 sheets of this issue were printed 13 March 1875 and overprinted 15 May 1875, and sent out to the colony 28 May 1875, shortly after the 'SPECIMEN' overprint was applied to two sheets. The issue was fully used and mint copies in good condition are hard to find.

SHASHI, Bechuanaland postmark
part dated 8 JAN 2(8?) on GB ovp'd KGV 1/-.

ENTONJANENI, Zululand postmark
(Z.2) dated NOV 14 89 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.2).

Full reg. locally addressed commercial cover pmk'd Dangriga 28 SE 81.

full cover pmk'd purple ink dated 28 MY 79.

MONKEY RIVER, British Honduras
full cover pmk'd 5 AP 64.

BAHAMAS postal history
1968 cover to Mr. Santa Claus c/o Maura's Toy Land, Nassau pmk'd Freeport 3 DEC 66.
Flight time Freeport to Nassau 37 minutes, distance 207km so airmail envelope appropriate.

GUINEA GRASS, British Honduras
Large part cover (sender address excised) to Chicago with mauve ink GUINEA GRASS (TRD) dated JUL 15 1919.
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