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TITCHFIELD, Jamaica postmark/cancel
(TRD 11) in purple dated 16 1 03(?) on 1d Falls (SG.32), defective perfs top left.

Village manuscript "14/4/1900" overstruck "969." at NICOSIA, Cyprus postmark
in purple ink dated "14/9/1900" with probable initials or village identification symbol clear of Nicosia "969." on QV pi (SG.40).

GRAND BAHAMA, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(T.3, D2) in purplish-black dated 4 APR 29 on KGV 2d (SG.118) piece.

Manuscript "X" used SAVANNA-LA-MAR overstruck Kingston "A01", Jamaica postmarks
in purplish-black on QV 4d Pine wmk (SG.4) overstruck Kingston "A01" (Type A) from a short-lived integral part of the SLM "A75" story, adhesive with faults but extremely rare on this issue.
With the loss of the A75(H) between Nov/Dec 1860 and March 6 1861 the SAVANNA-LA-MAR cds (P11) was employed as an adhesive killer periods MR 7 1861 to OC 23 1861 and MR 8 1862 to OC 6 1862 when the new A75(L) obliterator came into use as of NO 24 1862. For a very brief period JA 6 1862 to FE 7 1862 (4 weeks) the SLM postmaster cancelled adhesives with a manuscript "X" and left the mail to be overstruck at Kingston with the distinctive Type A "A01". Four proving covers from the collections of Bob Swarbrick and Bill Atmore are known being JA 6 1862, JA 7 1862 to A.S. Campbell, London and JA 23 1862, FE 7 1862 to Wm. Cliff, Liverpool.

FICKSBURG R.O., Orange River Colony postmark
(D/R) in purple dated 3 NOV 05 on KE7 6d (SG.145), creased in two places.

LIMNITIS STATION, Cyprus postmark
(T.26, rated C) in purplish-black ink on QE2 2m (SG.173) piece.

WAIT A BIT, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) in purple ink dated MR 7 22 (ERD) on d Exhibition (SG.78).

GRAYS L.I., Bahamas postmark
(TRD 2C1, D1) in purple dated AUG 5 1947 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.176), central vertical crease.

DEEP CREEK, ELEU, Bahamas postmark
(TRD C, D1) in purple dated MAR 29 1949 on KG6 4d (SG.158) piece, rare.

Vertical "B" (used Nassau), Bahamas postmark
(Ludington K6, Proud K5) in purple ink on KG6 2d (SG.152bc).

LOWER DEADMAN'S CAY, Bahamas postmark
(TRD 3C, D1) in purple dated DEC 8 1951 on KG6 4d (SG.158) piece.

WATLINGS, Bahamas postmark
(T.7, D3) in purple ink dated 22 OCT 18 on KGV 1d (SG.116), rare as such.

KENTISH, Jamaica postmark
David Horry unlisted dated 23 JUN 1953 on pair KG6 1d piece.

TOP HILL, Jamaica postmark
9 DEC 1943 temporary rubber datestamp on 3 x KG6 d piece.

BURNT SAVANNAH, Jamaica postmark
MAR 15 1946 temporary rubber datestamp on 2 x KG6 d piece.

ASHLEY, Jamaica postmark
25.4.49 temporary rubber datestamp on KG6 1d Post Card cut-out piece.

TREASURE BEACH, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) in purple dated */JA 7 46 on 3 x KG6 1d (SG.134) piece.

JOHNSON MTN., Jamaica postmark
14 NOV 1949 temporary rubber datestamp on KG6 d piece.

CRAIGMILL, Jamaica postmark
1 DEC 1954 temporary rubber datestamp on KG6 2d piece.

LUCKY VALLEY, Jamaica postmark
7 APR 1956 temporary rubber datestamp on KG6 d, 2d piece.
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