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1906 cover endorsed "Per Private Ship "Ayr" from DARTMOUTH" to Highgate House, St. Michael's, Barbados with GB KE7 1d pmk'd WALWORTH G.O. dated NO 15 06, partial arrival b/stamp.
Use of 1d by longer journey time private ship most unusual at this time as mail carried by contract vessels at the 1d Empire Rate.

PRIVATE SHIP LETTER landed LE HAVRE and LONDON, Brazil postal history
1837 outer wrapper (with written list of produce on reverse) docketted "Buenos Ayres 9 Nov, received 7 Feb" marked "p. Phoenix via Havre" to Huth & Co., London with boxed "PAYS D'OUTREMAR/PAR LE HAVRE" and upper flap displaying red ink SHIP LETTER/(crown)/LONDON dated 7 FE 1838, a rare combination.

SOUTHAMPTON SHIP-LETTER arrival, Barbados postal history
1909 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (embossed flap) cover to Southampton with 1d Seal pmk'd 28 OC 09 landed with SOUTHAMPTON SHIP-LETTER cds dated 15 10 09 (error 10 for NO).

WRECK of the Private Ship "ROBERT" at Egg Island, Bahamas, journey continued by "Lord Eldon"
A newly discovered wreck entire written "Nassau 11 Dec 1816" marked "Robert" changed "Lord Eldon" to Glasgow landed with PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER rated 1/4 and 1/6 with poor boxed Scottish wheel tax "", two chisel slits, rarely found on Private Ship Letters from the BWI, struck from reverse (about 1 inches or 1 6/16th inches or 17mm) with (London) 13 FE 13 1817 b/stamp, Glasgow 16 FEB receiver above address panel.
Robert entered Lloyd's Register in 1815 as an American prize. Until 1822 the brig was a West Indiaman based in Liverpool and sailing to the Bahamas or Havana. Lloyd's List reported (FE 2 1817) that the "Robert", Wilkes, master, had been sailing from New Providence to Liverpool when she struck a reef off Egg Island, Bahamas, and had to put back for repairs.

Full content entire written Berbice April 1, 1836 "p. Apollo" to London rated 1/4 landed SHIP LETTER/DOVER, JU 11 1836 arrival.

1845 outer wrapper marked by sender "1 Jan'y 1845' (but origin unknown) to Isaac Cooke, Bristol rated 2/8 with manuscript "Belize 12th Feb. 1845, Forwarded pr. Sophie by Evans & Schurer" and landed with COVE/SHIP LETTER alongside COVE MR 28 1845 and BRISTOL MR 30 1845/F dbl-arcs.

BARBADOS SHIP LETTER postmark/cancel
(Benwell D3) dated 2 FE 82 on 1876 2d red (SG.76), extremely rare as an adhesive "killer".
In the post-UPU period (Barbados joined SP 1 1881) adhesives on cover were cancelled by this oval BARBADOS SHIP LETTER datestamp, a fact not previously known. No examples yet found on "loose" 1882 Queen's head issues.

arrival dated 27 AU 06 on 1d View (SG.28).

BERMUDA postal history
1906 b/w ppc of "Pirate Rock" to Birmingham, England with 1d Dock tied Hamilton AP 19 1906 with SHIP LETTER LONDON C/MY 4 06 arrival alongside.

arrival dated X/AP 21 on QV 4d (dull pale) mauve CA wmk (SG.18a).

CONSIGNEE ENTIRE landed GRAVESEND SHIP LETTER, St. Vincent postal history
1910 cover marked "Consignee" and "p. S.S. St. Croix" to William Burr, Broad Street House, London with 1d re-drawn Arms (SG.99) tied purple str. line "THE EAST-ASIATIC COMPANY" handstamp with both GRAVESEND/SHIP-LETTER and GRAVESEND 2 AM/MY 18 10 arrival cds alongside address panel, reverse London E.C. 10.15AM MAY 18 10 arrival.
The East Asiatic Company was founded in 1897 in Copenhagen by Hans Niel Andersen, initially to operate shipping services between Copenhagen, Bangkok and the Far East. In 1907 the "St. Croix" was sold to the Hamburg America Line.

SHIP LETTERS, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
part strike dated C/NO 5 -- on KE7 1d (SG.86).

SHIP LETTERS, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
part strike part dated sideways down C/OC only on 1d Arms (SG.95), few examples recorded.

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history
1839 lengthy cross-written entire headed "Bedford Wednesday Feb'y 6th 1839" and marked "Post paid March 8th" to Mrs Maclear, Royal Observatory, Cape Town with red ink PAID-SHIP LETTER/(crown) 9 MR 9 1839/LONDON and black SHIP LETTER/(crown)/CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.

SOUTHAMPTON SHIP-LETTER and R.M.S.P. cachet postmark/cancels on Barbados stamp
arrival dated 29 AP 07 on 1d Nelson (SG.147) with part purple d/ring PACKET COMPANY/Posted on the High Seas cachet, some clipped perfs.

RECEIVED ON BOARD NEAR THE EQUATOR, Germany and Falmouth (Cornwall) postal history:
1882 stampless cover to Warin, Mecklenburg (Western Pomeramia), Germany marked along top "p. N. German Bark Alma Elisabeth/Received on bord near the Equator" landed with FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER cds dated AP 19 72 and rated "5" in blue crayon, side flap opens to display further FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER AP 19 72 cds overstruck red SHIP LETTER LONDON A/AP 20 72 as it travelled in the overnight sealed ship letter bag with turquoise VERVIERE (Belgium) 20 4 transit, a little sea water staining at left.
A lovely research item.

PRIVATE STEAMER "FINANCE", Barbados postal history
1890 use of QV 1d lilac Post Card marked Per Steamer "Finance" via New York to Marlebone, London pmk'd open bootheel duplex dated A/AP 10 90 showing NY APR 27 90 transit, filing fold.

The rare PRIVATE SHIP LETTER RATE to England, Bermuda postal history
1883 private ship letter rate cover (opened at top, reduced at left) with QV 4d orange-red (SG.20) tied black K3 "2" ST. GEORGES A/DE 1 83 duplex to St. John Wood, London, landed with red LIVERPOOL/A/DE 24 83/SHIP cds clear of address.
Only three Bermuda QV adhesive covers are currently known landed by LIVERPOOL SHIP cds. All from St. Georges, the other two arriving Liverpool A/JA 29 84 (carried by "Nubian"). Ludington (lot 752) mentions that on NO 30 1883 H.M.S. Northampton was driven onto Stagg Rock in violet weather.

BARBADOS postal history
1882 use QV 1d red-brown Post Card "per Zoe" to London with design pmk'd open bootheel duplex dated A/FE 1 82, landed with red SHIP-LETTER/A/PAID/FE 20 82/LONDON cds. Soiling and with pieces paper obscuring parts of reverse text.
Mail landed by private ship from Barbados to UK ports is rarely met for the later period. During period 1865 to 1886 only six entires are recorded as such, one landing Dover, five landing London.

SIERRA LEONE to BELGIUM postal history
1895 use of QV d Post Card marked per S.S. "Roquelle" to Hasselt, Belgium pmk'd "B31" with FREETOWN B/JY 13 95 plus handstruck "LATE", landed with red LIVERPOOL A/AU 5 95/SHIP cds (Private Ship as opposed to Liverpool Packet arrival) with HASSELT 7 AOUT 1895 arrival, lengthy reverse text in French. Rare destination.
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