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14 used Mooi River, Natal postmark
(Type G) on 1861-62 QV 3d blue No wmk (SG.12, Cat.40).

GRENADA stamps:
1875 1/- deep mauve with prominent raised inverted "S" in "POSTAGE" (SG.13c, Cat.500), fine used.
500 sheets printed (500 errors).

Parish "C" (used St. Patrick's), Grenada postmark
fullish upr. part dated JUL 23 tying diagonally bisected QV 1d green Chalon (SG.19?) to piece.

Ipswich "87", QUEENSLAND stamps
1862 strip of three QV Chalon 2d blue (SG.23).

BAHAMAS postal history
circa 1877 near complete contents large part entire with QV Chalon 1d scarlet P.14 (SG.34) defaced with manuscript initials from Joseph A Gilmour to Nassau,

QUEENSLAND postal history
1879 REGISTERED CLERMONT foolscap cover with QV Chalon 4d, 1/- tied "29" with CLERMONT DE 15 1879 to the Jewellers Asylum, South Hackney, London, b/stamped DE 17 and Adelaide DE 23 79 with two types red London registered oval 18 FE 80 on address panel, peripheral soiling.

1871 cover with badly defective QV Chalon 4d rose pmk'd "A05" to Mrs. Charles A. Peck, Hopewell Hill, Albert County, (New Brunswick), BNA, b/stamped Bahamas JA 23 1871, Montreal FE 1, Saint xxxxx FE 4, Hopewell Hill FE 6 1871. A rare destination.
Charles Allison Peck (1938-1910), a very small community famous for being the birthplace of Richard Bedford Bennett, 11th Prime Minister of Canada.

1883 cover and enclosure to Mrs. Bierstadt in Havana with QV Chalon 4d rose P.14 tied "B", reverse A/BAHAMAS/MR 13 83 and Havana 18 MAR 83 arrival. This currently the only known Chalon cover to Cuba Ex JUDGE EMERSON and DALE LICHTENSTEIN
Although many Chalon head covers are addressed to the USA my extensive records only record Chalon covers to the following destinations: Bahamas (local addressing), Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, Canada, Cuba (as above), Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Nova Scotia, Prussia, Russia, St. Thomas, Trinidad, and USA.

QUEENSLAND to NEW SOUTH WALES re-directed on arrival
1875 mourning cover with Queensland QV Chalon 2d tied "102" sunburst with Rockhampton JA 4 75 to Rees R. Jones, Yass, New South Wales, on arrival NSW Side Face QV 2d added and tied for re-direction to the Royal Hotel, Sydney. Large part missing flap but an unusual and rare combination of two different QV portrait adhesives. Ex Von UEXKULL.

BAHAMAS dbl-arc postmark/cancel
CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS dated AU 22 1864/B (instead of killer "A05") on 1863 QV 4d dull rose CC wmk P.12 (SG.27), fine used.

full all-over Royal Victoria Hotel advertising cover, poorly opened at right, with QV 4d Chalon (fine) pmk'd A05 to Jacksonville, Florida FORWARDED St. Augustine, reverse A/BAHAMAS/AP 8 81 and Jacksonville APR 12.

BAHAMAS postal history (Ex LUDINGTON)
1884 printed Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau cover to New Haven, New York with Chalon QV 4d rose P.12 (SG.41) tied "B" obliterator showing framed SHIP landed Norfolk, Virginia with handstruck DUE appended 4 (2c ship + 2c delivery to New York), reverse clear strikes A/BAHAMAS/JA 29 84, New York Transit FEB 5 84, New Haven N.Y. FEB 6 1884, an interesting 6 full sides letter on 3 illustrated hotel pages included, top folds partially severed on opening. Ex LUDINGTON.

BAHAMAS postal history (Ex URWICK)
1886 reg. cover front to New York with QV Chalon 6d deep violet pmk'd "A05" with red REGISTERED NASSAU cds dated A/MY 31 86. Ex URWICK

FIRST DAY with PREPAYMENT U.S. 3c green SUPPLIED NASSAU arrangement, Bahamas postal history
1878 cover to Boston, Massachusetts with QV Chalon 4d rose P.14 (torn through on opening) pmk'd "A05" in combination with U.S. Washington 3c green tied New York JAN 12 79 "2" duplex, reverse BAHAMAS DE 31 1878 despatch dbl-arc and Boston, Mass, Carrier JAN 13 arrival plus pencil address of sender staying at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau.
As of JA 1 1879 and until Bahamas joined the UPU JY 1 1880 USA 3c green adhesives could be bought in Nassau by those who wished to prepay the USA internal postage on letters thus avoiding Postage Due on arrival. Only three other covers are currently recorded with prepaid Washington 3c green for MR xx 1879, MR 19 1879, DE 1 1879. A further seven covers are recorded with U.S. 3c brown Postage Dues added on arrival for SP 20 1879, JA 5 1880, FE 10 1880, MR 8 1880, MR 16 1880, MY 20 1880, JU 18 1880.

1879 cover to The Hon. T.W.H. Dillet, Belize, Honduras with QV Chalon 4d rose tied "A05" showing JAMAICA/TRANSIT, Kingston I C/JA 22 79 and Belize FE 9 79 arrival, reverse b/stamped Bahamas JA 4 1879/B dbl-arc.

BAHAMAS postal history
1863 advertising cover for Trask & Zuberbier BUTTER, CHEESE & LARD to Monroe, Orange County, New York with pair QV Chalon 4d bright rose (SG.26) pmk'd "A05" and b/stamped BAHAMAS JU 6 1863/B dbl-arc.

12 used RICHMOND, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on 1870 1d bright red (SG.60).

Manuscript "P O Inagua", Bahamas postmark/cancel
dated 4-3-82 on QV 4d rose P.14 (SG.43), some staining.

29 used SPRINGVALE, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type H) on 1870 QV 1d bright red (SG.60).

2 used DURBAN, Natal postmark/cancel
on broken vertical pin 1870 QV Chalon 1d bright red (SG.60).
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