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ENTONJANENI, Zululand postmark
(Z.2) dated NOV 14 89 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.2).

full cover with two pairs GB QV 1d lilac pmk'd Etchingham NO 30 87, b/stamped Burwash same day (both East Sussex villages) showing partial Belize DE 19 87 arrival.

GABERONES. B.B.P., Bechuanaland postmark/cancel
dated NO 1 98 on GB ovp'd QV 1d lilac (SG.61), very minor perf. toning.

JAMAICA "A01" postmark transferred to G.P.O. London Foreign Section on GREAT BRITAIN stamp
(Type E) cancelling uncancelled Great Britain GB QV 1d lilac 16 dots (SG.172).

HOTEL VICTORIA UNCLAIMED, Great Britain (Isle of Wight) postal history
1890 cover to Mrs. Greenwood, Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, London with GB QV 1d lilac (16 dots) tied VENTNOR "971" duplex dated C/DE 22 90 with purple d/ring oval HOTEL VICTORIA /UNCLAIMED/RECEPTION BUREAU alongside, reverse framed "Not called for/W.C", manuscript and dated initials, and London DE 22 90 and JA 1 91 cds.

P.O. BANK, Transvaal postmark/cancel
in turquoise ink dated 15 MEI 1902 on GB QV 1d lilac 16 dots (SG.172)
War concluded by peace on 31st May 1902. 1st office opened in 1897 and temporarily closed during the Boer War but re-opened 10 December 1900, moved to Railway Station on 15 October 1902.

1881 cover with five copies GB QV 1d Venetian red and seven copies GB QV 1d lilac (SG.166,170) pmk'd London S.W/32 duplex dated AU 2 81 to Mrs. Belfield, Chelston, Barbados being the penultimate 1/- rate prior switching to the 4d U.P.U. rate on SP 1 1881, backstamped BARBADOES AU 18 1881 dbl-arc arrival clear of largely missing flap. A spectacular exhibition cover for the short band of use 14 dots in each corner GB QV 1d lilac.
The 1d Venetian red stamps do not have the Orbs watermark error Cat.27,000 apiece.

JAMAICA postal history
1901 Empire rate cover with GB QV 1d lilac pmk'd Bedford FE 12 01 to Kingston where Advertised, Unclaimed etc, various backstamps, toning and peripheral faults.

ENTONJANENI, Zululand postmark
(Z.2) dated FEB 1 89 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.2).

1061 (used unknown location), Bechuanaland postmark
on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61).
Enlarged scan shows this to be "1061" and not an unrecorded "1001".

GABERONES B.P, Bechuanaland postmark
(D4) dated DE 7 -- (no year) on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61).

RAMOUTSA, Bechuanaland postmark
(D1) dated JU 4 99 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61).

FRANCISTOWN, Bechuanaland postmark
(D3) dated SP 19 04 on horiz. strip of three GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61), corner perf. fault.

KEIMOES, Bechuanaland postmark
dated JU 26 95 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.33).

GABERONES STATION, Bechuanaland postmark
(D2) dated AU 10 98 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61).

GROOT CHWAING, Bechuanaland postmark
dated AU 2 9- (last digit unclear) on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.33).

GELUK, Bechuanaland postmark
dated OC 30 93 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.33).

CROCODILE POOLS, Bechuanaland postmark
(D1) dated 1 AP 02 overstruck LOBATSI AP 4 02 on horiz. pair GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.61), right stamp with marginal thin at right.

TAUNGS STATION, Bechuanaland postmark
on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.33), diagonal red ink line.

1900 (MR 25) BOER WAR - 512 used RICHMOND ROAD, Cape of Good Hope postal history
cover from "Pt. W. H(alfhide) W 7796" marked "On Active Service" mailed with GB QV 1d lilac MR 25 00 to Hampshire, reverse WARE AP 15 00 arrival. Flap slightly reduced along top, and opened a little roughly on second side at right.
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