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BAHAMAS postal history
1918 covers (3) posted Nassau 4 JUN, 13 JUN, 20 JUN 18 chasing Private Bruce M. Maura 35616 of the 6th Somerset Light Infantry C Company 12 Platoon.

Egypt 5m carmine UPU Post Card to the wife of Col. Caulfield, Up Park Camp, Jamaica pmk'd ALEXANDRIE 16 XI 93 with London NO 22 93, Kingston and UP-PARK-CAMP DE 8 93 arrivals, cross written message.

GB 1d carmine UPU Post Card to Col. Caulfield, 2 West Indies Regiment, Kingston pmk'd London JU 7 92 with Kingston and UP-PARK-CAMP 24 JU 92 arrivals, printed reverse re cargo sent by S.S. Derwent.

1895 use of QV 3c UPU Post Card (damaged corners) pm'd "K65" with Belize A/MY 30 95 to Surgeon Major J.R. Barber, Up Park Camp.

THE SECOND MEXICAN EMPIRE (1864-67), British Honduras postal history
1864 stampless OHMS cover with Royal Coat-of-Arms embossed flap and letter headed Belize 14 Feb'y 64 from a Captain of the British forces stationed in Belize to William Farrington, Nassau N.P., Bahamas marked "care of Van Vlinden Post Master St. Thomas". Contents include “We have just received orders for 2 Companies (out of 3) to prepare for embarkation at a moments notice for Active Service off the coast under Com'd of Major Anton(?). At present we have no idea when the Troop Ship will be in – this is expected any day or hour – as I am the only Capt here – I shall have to remain in care of the Company left behind – but my fate is not decided until the Troop Ship arrives”.
Maximilian 1 Emperor of Mexico (1864-67) was an Austrian Archduke (member of the Habsburg-Lorraine and a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte) who declared all on Mexico including the unstable Yucatan and Belize as part of his Empire until his capture by liberal forces and execution by firing squad June 19, 1867.

QE2 10c Vitelline Warbler tied Stake Bay FE 14 75 on unopened without text Forces Air Letter to Totnes, Devon.

F87 used SMYRNA, British Levant postal history
1883 cover to Thomas Stephenson, Glen Caladh by Greenock with GB QV 2½d tied "F87" with Smyrna B/DE 15 83 cds alongside, b/stamped Greenock DE 25 83.
Glen Caladh Castle had a number of owners including George Stephenson (1781-1848), nephew of the famous engineer and designer of the steam locomotive Rocket. During World War II the castle, situated on the western shores of Loch Riddon north of the Isle of Bute, was requestioned as a training establishment by Combined Operations becoming the Beach Pilotage School 1942-45, and designated H.M.S James Cook, a reference to the advancing navigation skills that the founder of Australia introduced into the Royal Navy, and reflected the task of operators of troop landing craft and their cargoes, and tank landing operations. The property was demolished in 1960, having been rendered unsafe by dry rot.

MALTA postal history
one of those wonderfully distressed fragile cover fronts with adhesive missing which would have been a fine exhibition item with creased GB QV 4d despatched B/MALTA/JA 20 73 to Henry Bevan, 95th Regiment, Aldershot, Farnham, England with FARNBORO STATION D/JA 29 73 forwarded Athlone, Ireland showing C/WICKLOW/FE 3 73 and DUBLIN FE 4 73 with manuscript "Not Known" added prior return to FARNBORO STATION D/FE 5 73 collecting handstruck "1d" due.

BAHAMAS postal history
1918 cover to a Private in the 3rd Somerset Light Infantry, Palace Barracks, Holywood, Nr. Belfast, Ireland, forwarded initially from London 27 JU 18 by The West Indian Contingent Committee (per b/stamp), with KGV 1d WAR TAX and 1d Red Cross showing "full extra tree-trunk" variety pmk'd Nassau 4 JUN 18

TALODI, Sudan postmark/cancel
(D3) in purple ink dated 10 JU 1912 on 5m ovp'd "Army Service" (SG.A9).

D48 used POLYMEDIA CAMP, Cyprus postmark/cancel
on 1881 QV 2pi blue CC wmk (SG.13, Cat.£35) piece.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1858 cover to Captain Kent, 77th Regiment, Major of Brigade, Brigade Office with QV 1d pmk'd barred oval paying the "drop letter" rate, b/stamped SYDNEY MR 4 1858, both adhesive and cover with smaller faults.
The 77th (the East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot embarked for New South Wales in June 1857 and then sailed for India in April 1858 to help suppress the Indian Rebellion.

Surbiton Hill, Great Britain destination mail to Fort Murray, BRITISH KAFFRARIA postal history
1859 mourning cover to George Brownlow, Fort Murray, British Kaffraria, Cape of Good Hope from SURBITON HILL (no date slugs backstamp) with GB QV 6d pale lilac tied KINGSTON-ON-THAMES "422" duplex dated D/SP 5 59 showing red crayon 1d credited to the Cape Colony, reverse London S.W., DEVONPORT E/SP 6 59, red CAPE TOWN NO 16 1859 arrival, under flap "Ansd letter to Edward 12 Dec 1859". (Carried by the "Dane" packet boat).
The area annexed to the British Cape Colony on 10 May 1835 as Queen Adelaide Province, but on 5 December 1835 the Cape Colony disallowed the annexation and it was renamed Queen Adelaide Land district with Grahamstown as its capital until 1847. On 17 December 1847 it was again annexed to the Cape Colony as British Kaffraria Colony with King William's Town as its capital. On 7 March 1860 British Kaffraria became a separate crown colony. It was finally re-incorporated into the Cape Colony on 17 April 1866.

Combination NATAL and British Occupied ORANGE FREE STATE stamps used ORANGE RIVER COLONY
1900 used of "E. No. 708" blue stock NATAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS (deleted) foolscap cover marked "Regd", "60", "Fee Paid" to Serg. Major C. Stride, Dorset Yeomanry, Wimborne, Dorset with combination Natal block of ten QV 1d carmine and British Occupied OFS 2d purple ovp'd "V.R.I." and 2d pmk'd P.O.A. 107 obliterators, both stamps and adhesives with faults, reverse Wimborne DE 8 00 arrival.
The Orange Free State was formally annexed to the British Crown and renamed the Orange River Colony on 28 May 1900.

INDIA postal history:
1858 mourning cover front and top flap marked via Marseilles to c/o General Ian James Douglas K.C.B. at Clifton, Bristol with QV ½ anna pale blue pair and two singles plus QV 4 anna black/blue paper tied "94" obliterators with red BOMBAY JY 3 1856 transit displaying on flap, cover edge faults.

D48 used ARMY HEADQUARTERS, Cyprus postmark
on 1886 "½" on QV ½pi emerald-green Crown CA wmk with large "1" at left (SG.29a, Cat.£275).

GIBRALTAR postal history
1953 O.H.M.S. printed reply envelope to Stanmore, Middlesex with KG6 3d pmk'd 3 FE 53 with purple boxed H.Q., C.R. A.S.C. sender cachet.

ARMY POST OFFICE H.D.I., Malta postmark
A/27 NO 18 on KGV ½d WAR TAX, KGV 1d piece.

1863 cover to General Higginson, 9 Wilton Crescent, London with QV 12½c tied Montreal duplex dated AP 17 63.
Grenadier Guards General Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson was born in Wilton Crescent Belgravia and during the Crimean War improvised a bed-warmer for the freezing nights by heating up a cannonball in the campfire.

1861 mourning cover to Lt. Colonel Duncan Munro Bethune (1816-1870), 1st Battalion. 9th Regiment, Vernon House, Farnham, Surrey with GB 6d pmk'd "A25" duplex dated A/MALTA/JA 23 61, backstamped Farnham JA 23 61 arrival and forwarded to London with GB QV 1d red pmk'd "292" numeral on JA 25 61 with London transits.
Such GB combination covers are seldom found and extremely rare, and do not exist for most countries and agencies that were supplied with GB stamps.
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