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ARTHURS TOWN, Bahamas postal history
1911 cover with s/ways up C/ARTHURS TOWN DE 8 11 (LRD) to Miami, Florida with KE7 1d pmk;d Nassau 15 DEC 11, handstruck ADVERTISED and UNCLAIMED handstamps with light purple RETURN TO SENDER, b/stamped Nassau 12 JAN 12.

Registered in oval (LRD), The Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas
full KGV 2d PSRE pmk'd Nassau 21 MAY 21, commercially opened 2 sides.
Proud records this registered oval for FE 19 21 to MY 5 21

FRESH CREEK, ANDROS ISLAND oval of 7 bars, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(TRD C1, D1, LRD) the "killer" portion of the extremely rare temporary rubber datestamp duplex on 1901 1d Staircase (SG.58).

Temporary rubber datestamp (LRD)

Temporary rubber datestamp, rarely seen (LRD)

Code 4 used ST. GEORGE, Barbados postal history
(M2-R, replacement cds with wording further away from outer rim) arrival dated (4)/JA 8 (87) both code and year not inserted (LRD) on QV d red-brown Post Card written "St. John's Jany 8th" and posted with Bridgetown open bootheel duplex dated A/JA 8 87 to His Honor, The Speaker, Greens, St. George.
Confirmation that this is the Parish code 4 cds comes with the damaged rim at 8 o'clock as found on earlier dates on loose adhesives. The current ERD for the M3 series cds is only 10 days later, JA 18 87. The earliest strikes JA 18 87 to OC 23 90 also show no code 4, at some point thereafter the code 4 was inserted.

BRIDGETOWN, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
dated B/JU 22 29 on KGV 2d (SG.133a).
Only copy recorded and LRD for use of "B" code.

ST. MARGARET'S BAY, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S3, D2) the currently unique strike in purplish-black dated DEC 2 1924 (LRD) on d View fragment.

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas postal history
1924 reg. "Iremonger" cover to Bristol with KGV 4d (SG.21) tied MARSH HARBOUR (T.1, D2 LRD) bluish-black reversed C/DE 25 24 cds, b/stamped Nassau and London.
Proud handbook records D2 with "A" code but as this is the only example I have handled I cannot confirm whether two codes were used.

KAMABAI, Sierra Leone postmark/cancel
(060.00, LRD) */FE 5 25 on KGV 1d (SG.132).

PORT ANTONIO, Jamaica railway postmark
(S1b, D1 in red, LRD) dated OCT 30 1907 on 1d Arms (SG.40) piece.

SUMBUYA, Sierra Leone postmark
(147.03) */11 NO 61 (new LRD) on QE2 1d (SG.211), blunt corner perf.

INAGUA, Bahamas postmark
(T.1) the latest recorded date of A/FE 16 06 on KE7 6d brown CA wmk (SG.66, Cat.35).
Only 5 days unaccounted before earliest date T.7 1 INAGUA dated 22 FEB 06 known on KE7 2d (SG.73).

BIMINI, Bahamas postmark
(T.1) C/26 OC 6 (LRD) on KE7 1d (SG.72).

BIDA, Northern Nigeria postmark
(T.2B, 2mm letters) 13 OC 22 (LRD) on MCA INVERTED wmk Die I KGV 6d (SG.25aw), minor faults.

EBUTE METTA W.C.A., Southern Nigeria postal history
1908 use of KE7 2d PSRE with added pair KE7 1d pmk'd EBUTE METTA (LRD Lagos T.13A) dated A/11 MY 1908 to The White House, Portrush, Ireland.

REGISTERED AFIKPO, Southern Nigeria postmark
(R.13A) 28 OC 13 (LRD) on 3 x KGV 1d (SG.46) piece.

SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica railway postmark
(S4a, Proud unlisted with JAMAICA GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS at top) in unrecorded purple ink dated NOV 25 1924 (LRD) on d Exhib (SG.94).

TROJA, Jamaica railway postmark
(blue S3, D2) dated MAY 6 1916 (LRD) on 35% full KGV d PSE with added d Arms showing T.P.O. cds and ANNOTTO BAY arrival d/ring both dayed MY 6 16.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1890 QV 6d violet ovp'd "REVENUE" (SG.52, PML.45), used with manuscript "20/3/96" date, diagonal crease, some perf. toning.
PML handbook records band of use for 3.4.90 to 27.9.90
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