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Parish "C" (used St. Patrick's), Grenada postmark
fullish upr. part dated JUL 23 tying diagonally bisected QV 1d green Chalon (SG.19?) to piece.

A07 used Roseau, Dominica postmark
superb strike tying 1879 bisected QV 4d blue (SG.7) to piece.

The unique (2d) greyish-slate QUADRISECT, Barbados stamps
fragment with used previously unrecorded and SG unlisted quadrisect (SG.4a variety) tied Bridgetown obliterator on newspaper piece (d rate) mounted on small piece.

MIXED CURRENCY, British Honduras postal history (Ex ADDISS, FREELAND)
1888 use of QV 1d Post Card with added bisected "2 CENTS" on QV 6d rose P.14 (SG.25) pmk'd "O" obliterator with BELIZE JA 17 88 despatch to Vienna showing Mariahilf, Wien 6 2 88 arrival. Ex ADDISS, FREELAND.
One of only three mixed currency recorded. As of 1st January 1888 CURRENCY CHANGED FROM STERLING TO DOLLARS and CENTS (Guatemalan as its standard). BRH went decimalised on the gold standard equal to U.S. dollars, but the USA told them to get lost, and BRH had to decimalise off the Guatemalan quetzel. The $1.00 US was equal 4/2d (ie 100 d) but the Quetzel was 3/11d (ie 95 d) therefore running at 5% less (eventually allowed to align with gold standard in 1895 at US $1 = 100 d).

DOMINICA postmark/cancel
no code/MR 2 83 on HALF PENNY on right hand bisected QV 1d lilac (SG.12, Cat.40).

1 used BRIDGETOWN, Barbados postmark/cancel (Ex Hurlock)
(C1) on 1854 bisected (2d) greyish slate (SG.4a), very fine used tied Bridgetown "1" obliterator clearly demonstrating the practice of downward scissor-cutting resulting in subsequent tear correctly tied to piece. (Alex Rendon, New York certificate issued 1994). Ex HURLOCK (1958, Lot 72).
Evidence of pre-preparing imperforate stamps by cutting into horizontal strips and scissor cutting vertically between each stamp, for easy separation, is found on FE 16 1860 cover to London (ex Sir James Marshall Robson Lowe May 7 1946, Lot 140) with horiz. pair imperf. 6d pale rose-red scissor-cut vertically about 90 percent with clear separation tear showing at top right corner. At least one bisected 1854 cover shows identical downward scissor-cutting and separation tear.

BARBADOS stamps:
SG UNLISTED 1855-57 diagonally bisected imperforate (1d) deep blue (SG.10a) tied to printed matter piece by Bridgetown "1" obliterator with matching ink colour BARBADOES AP 25 1859 double-arc alongside, further portion of another obliterator at right shows a full (1d) stamp removed for a triple rate, reverse shows (Page) 258. The missing adhesive adds to the authenticity of the piece, and the dbl-arc shows the dent at base as found on full covers for the period.
(Listed under covers for convenience): The Edmund Bayley handbook (Page 27) states: There is only one recorded copy of the deep blue (1d) stamp bisected vertically joined to a whole stamp on part of a newspaper, which bears the "1" numerical cancellation and is dated OC 21 1857. This copy is in the Royal Philatelic Collection. (The bisected 1860 (1d) pin-perf. issues, without datestamps, are catalogued 750.00 on piece).

MONTSERRAT PAID postmark/cancel
CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS dated A/FE 16 84 tying bisected QV 1d red CC wmk P.12 (SG.6b) on local piece addressed the Gazette.
All Montserrat covers 1876 to end 1878 (including the numerous bisect covers to Dominica and St. Christopher) have the adhesives corrected "killed" by the "A08" obliterator with despatch datestamp alongside on the cover, only one exception is noted with pair QV 6d green to Islington, London (ex Hopkins, Thompson, Toeg) dated NO 25 78 with adhesives solely cancelled MONTSERRAT PAID cds.

1882 "3d." and "Revenue" overprints on diagonally bisected QV 6d bright green, SG.30 (PML.5), fine unused without gum showing printer's guide-line in base margin.

BULGARIA postal history
1918 local cover with 5s green (Scott 129) diagonally bisected and tied SOPHIA 21.111.1918.

GREECE stamps:
1901 10c rose and diagonally bisected 25c ultramarine (Scott 169, 171) tied to dated piece, Scott unlisted.

BOLIVIA stamps:
1868-69 5c green (Scott 10, 9 stars) bisected on piece and tied cork cancel, Scott unlisted.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1877 printed circular for two lots of land at Pottinger County (Premer Run and Moredevil Run) for SALE AT THE POLICE OFFICE, GUNNEDAH on May 2nd 1877 posted with exceptionally rare SG unlisted diagonally bisected QV 2d correctly tied Gunnedah AP 16 1877 "145" to James Wilson, Llangollew, Cassilis which can display TAMBAR SPRINGS (AP 8), COOLAH (AP 19), CASSILIS (AP 22) transits. Age marks and hinge reinforcements.

The UNIQUE QV 1d red INVERTED "S" cover, Montserrat postal history (Ex THOMPSON)
1886 commercial cover to Mrs. Witham, Basseterre, St. Kitts with accepted by Post Office and correctly tied diagonally bisected QV 1d red (SG.8ca) with full QV 1d red with INVERTED "S" (SG.8a) alongside partly pmk'd identically inked "A08" with both MONTSERRAT A/JA 23 86 despatch and ST. KITTS C/JA 29 86 alongside address panel. A further 1d stamp, making up the 2d inter-island rate, was lost during transit or subsequently removed, peripheral faults. Ex THOMPSON (1977).
This Perf. 14 bisect Cat.1300 on cover, Inverted "S" Cat.1000 and rated from x12 on cover. Sir Edward Bacon whilst examining a full sheet of 120 stamps established that the Setting was twice arranged in five horizontal rows with the inverted "S" appearing Stamp No.3 in both 2nd and 7th rows.

1863 treble rate local cover with exceptionally rare QV 10c red bisected diagonally in se-tenant pair with whole stamp (SG.17) tied by mute grids on orange envelope to Richibucto, flap torn on opening, backstamped weak red KINGSTON and clearer black SHEDIAC both dated JY 20 1863. Ex DALE LICHTENSTEIN (Nov/1868) and CARTIER (Sept/1977 realised 1300). The 10c red bisected on its own (SG.17a, Cat.600 on cover) paying the 5c local rate is commonly found (the bisect being a temporary solution for the suppressed 5c Connell stamp which was never issue, the QV 5c was issued in or around July 18). The 10c alongside a separate 10c bisect on cover is exceptional (one noted dated DE 1860 paying 5c local rate plus 10c registration from Salisbury to Lower Coverdale SG Auction May/1979 realised 1300). Argenti only recorded three examples of the se-tenant 10c pair, one bisected on entire. The two other dated covers being FE 14 1861 from W.O. Albert Mines to Hampton paying 5c local, 10c registration (Dale Lichtenstein May/1969 R$525, Sothebys Sept/1984 E800) and a second triple local rate dated MR 30 1865 from St. John to Kingston, Richibucto marked "with note enclosure" no doubt accounting for the extra weight (ex Argenti, Groom, Chester Beatty).
Argenti only recorded three examples of this 15c make-up, two being treble local rate (for letters weighing 1 oz. but not exceeding 1 oz.), and one paying 5c local rate plus 10c registration.

BARBADOS stamps:
1882-86 QV 1d carmine vertically bisected and tied to piece by forged bootheel duplex dated A/AUG 9 92.

DOMINICA stamps:
1879 bisected QV 1d lilac REVENUE Crown CC wmk (SG.81a) pmk'd vertical "A07" on piece.

TRINIDAD stamps:
1875 (1d)lake diagonally bisected (SG.75a)on piece tied forged Type O.4 "1" numeral as would have been used at Port of Spain.

Bisected QV 1d on piece pmk'd forged "A08" obliterator.

"TWO" in red on "5 CENTS" on bisected QV 50c grey (SG.35a) piece pmk'd "O" obliterator.
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