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MAIL FROM THE PROLIFIC FORGER Raoul De Thuin, British Honduras postal history
THE FRENCH PHILATELIC AGENCY, P.O. Box 206, Belize was just one of numerous printed address aliases used by the prolific stamp forger Raoul de Thuin to circumvent the spotting by the U.S. Post Office of his fraudulent activities to particular persons or firms (full details in Around The Caribbean 7). This cover with KG6 2c, 3c pmk'd Belize 3 OC 39 to Berlin, USA.
De Thuin (born Belgium 1890, died Guayaguil Ecuador 1975) started his philatelic “work” as early as 1916 leading to a shop in Brussels in 1927. He entered Mexico in 1931 on the run from French and Belgian police who wanted him for forgery. He was expelled from Mexico for setting up a forgery ring and moved to Tegucigalpa, Honduras where he was jailed and expelled in 1936, and then lived in Belize until moving back to Mexico in 1941 where he settled until 1968 when he moved to his wife’s home in Guayaguil. He specialised in forging overprints of Central and South American countries, especially Mexico, turning common stamps into rarities. “The Yucatan Affair” published by The American Philatelic Society illustrates his fabrications on much of the 523 pages. He is quoted as saying that “I have no conscience at all at having deceived all those foolish people. They are just fanatics who neglect their families for their passion.”

1945 unsealed "Card Only" cover to Barbados with KG6 pair and single ¼d pmk'd Roseau */17 DE 45, b/stamped Barbados 24 DEC 1945 machine and St. Lawrence S.O. d/ring, a few light blemishes.

R.A.F. STATION No.111, Bahamas postal history
1946 stampless foolscap OHMS covers (2) to Montreal, Quebec and London, England showing PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and R.A.F. STATION No.111/OFFICIAL MAIL/NASSAU BAHAMAS h/stamps (both with clear strikes across reverse flaps), some creasing.

TURKS ISLANDS sender cover used ORACABESSA, Jamaica
full cover with Grand Turk sender address with Jamaica KG6 Coronation trio pmk'd Oracabessa MY 12 37 addressed Oracabessa.

full, trimmed at left, cover pmk'd 11 APR 53.

1940 (AP 10) full cover with handstruck green ink "PASSED BY CENSOR".

full cover with censor 1830, printed flap shows postage rates.

full cover with censor IG/8055 pmk'd at Nassau 22 SEP 44, reverse flap shows sender as Rev. W.H. Beste, Governor's Harbour.

CAYE CAULKER, British Honduras
full cover with purple TRD dated SEP 3 1951.

full cover with censor IG/6030

DUCHESS OF WINDSOR (wife of abdicated KE8), Bahamas postal history
1943 GOVERNMENT HOUSE printed flap cover to Saks, Fifth Avenue, New York signed by Secretary to the Duchess of Windsor with KG6 10d rate pmk'd Nassau 19 AUG 43, censor 14797 at left.

SEA FLOOR, Bahamas to American actor Adolphe Jean Menjou
Illustrated and Williamson signed cover with The Development Board MAY 6 1940 departmental cachet with KG6 4d tied SEA FLOOR (twisted A, dropped R) with handstruck str. line "POSTED IN THE WILLIAMSON PHOTOSPHERE" (lower left), and handstruck str. line "Bahamas - Williamson Undersea Expedition" on reverse below Adolphe Menjou Hollywood 1941 signature.
Menjou (1890-1963) has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6826 Hollywood Boulevard. As an American actor his career spanned both silent films and talkies from The Faith Healer (1921) to the State of the Union (1948).

1948 reg. cover with Plate 1 block of four KG6 3d to Vienna with purple ink Austrian "V1" and 240 inspector handstamps pmk'd Nassau 21 JUN 48.

ORANGE WALK, British Honduras
1938 full cover to Edinburgh pmk'd */NO 23 28 (error 28 for 38), b/stamped Belize 24 NO 38.

SEINE BIGHT, British Honduras
Full cover with weak ink bluish-black (TRD) dated FEB 4 1939 to Bognor Regis, Sussex, b/stamped Belize FE 6 39, (Proud illustrated).

1944 cover from Major V.C. Underhill, Pomono P.O., Stann Creek with KG6 29c rate pmk'd STANN CREEK 20 JU 44 to Col. H.S. Hodgson, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army, Kingston, Jamaica, OPENED BY EXAMINER I.D./8833 label, some soiling.

1941 Santiago Castillo cover with KG6 6c rate pmk'd Belize 20 JU 41 to the American Caramel Company, Lancaster, Pa., OPENED BY CENSOR BRITISH HONDURAS (larger letters).

1941 Machado & Sons cover with KG6 6d rate pmk'd Belize 25 SP 41, OPENED BY CENSOR, BRITISH HONDURAS (larger letters) label.

1942 cover from Dr. W. Stein, Dental Surgeon, Belize with philatelic letter with KG6 6c rate pmk'd JU 18 42 to New York, OPENED BY CENSOR, BRITISH HONDURAS (smaller letters).

Cover from Dr. D.W. Degazor (flap) with KG6 6c rate indistinctly pmk'd to New York, OPENED BY EXAMINER J./8174 label.
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