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STANN CREEK RAILWAY, British Honduras postmark/cancel
(TDC-3, D1) in violet part dated MA- 2 1918 on KGV 2c (SG.103).

STANN CREEK RAILWAY, British Honduras postmark/cancel
(TDC-3, D1) in violet dated MAY 17 1917 on KGV 2c (SG.112).

AVOCA, Transvaal railway postmark/cancel
boxed railway cachet in blue on 1885 d grey (SG.175).

KHTM ER ROSEIRES TPO, Sudan postmark/cancel
(D1) skeleton dated 3 JA 57 on 5mms (SG.127) piece.

A67 used PORT ROYAL, Jamaica postal history
1883 commercial reg. cover (opened top and right side) with SUNBEAM crested crown printed flap to Fraser, Manager of The La Guayra and Caracas Railway, Caracas, Venezuela with horiz. strip pf six QV 2d deep rose CC wmk (SG.9a) neatly pmk'd "A67" obliterators with PORT-ROYAL A/NO 12 83 backstamp, alongside address panel both Jamaica and St. Thomas registration handstamps and French Messageries Maritime line paquebot d/ring.
The Venezuelan capital, Caracas, is situated seven miles from the Caribbean sea, but lies at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Surveys for a rail line from La Guaira began in 1867 and British and U.S. engineers disputed the route and financing for 14 years. An English group finally secured a contract in 1881, registered La Guaira and Caracas Railway Company in London, and began construction of a 23 mile line that involved neither cables, switchbacks nor rack, It ordered eight locomotives from Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. in Manchester and an assortment of passenger and freight cars, The line began carrying passengers in July 1883.

M.G.12 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SC, 2nd type with dashes) MY 5 98 on QV 1d.

M.G.1 DOWN TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(Small octagon) FE 14 93 on QV 8d.

M.G.4 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(re-introduced LC) JA 29 04 on QV 1d.

M.G.4 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SCW) 6 NO 08 on QV 1d.

M.G.17 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(LC) DE 28 03 on QV 1d.

M.G.9 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SC) DE 13 99 on QV 1d.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O. OUT, Victoria postmark/cancel
5 OC 11 on QV 2d.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O., Victoria postmark/cancel
JY 31 12 full duplex on pair QV 1/- fragment.

M.G.12 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(Small circle, 2nd type with dashes) OC 28 96 on QV d Post. Stat. cut-out, Purves believes this type to be rare.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O. OUT VICTORIA, Australia postmark/cancel
(D/R) 28 JA 14 on pair 1d (SG.2), corner defect.

ANNATTO BAY, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S1b-I, D2) NOV 23 1904 on 1d Falls (SG.32).

T.M.L. RY-No.1, Tasmania railway postmark/cancel
AU 29 00 on 1d Pictorial, some toning.

T.P.O. No.4, Tasmania railway postmark/cancel
dated DE 12 06 on 1d Pictorial, traces of toning.

GALBODDA R.O., Ceylon postmark/cancel
Railway Office dated AU 12 95 on QV 5c (SG.195), corner perf. fault.

LINSTED, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S1b-1, D1) in blue dated JUN 2 1902 on 1d Falls (SG.32), seldom seen.
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