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OLD CALABAR, Niger Coast postmark/cancel
(R5) A/5 JY 94 on QV 5d grey-lilac.

SAPELE, Southern Nigeria postmark/cancel
(R6) B/JA 29 04 on KE7 d (SG.10), stained perf.

REGISTERED DURBAN, Natal postmark/cancel
dated A/16 JA 90 on QV 1d (SG.99a).

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1892 use of 2c carmine newspaper wrapper pmk'd Georgetown 29 JU 92 sent enclosing "Exchange" publication to The Editor Eastern Australian & South African Journal of Commerce, London with Crowned "R" to indicate free within London re-direction, applied once even though re-directed Leadenhall Street and to Cannon Street, matching red London JY 14 92 backstamp.

R.L.O., BARBADOS postmarks
Registered Letter Office (2 items)

REGISTERED ovals Benin City, Bonny, Burutu, Old Calabar (4 items)

1863 cover to Lambeth, London with QV 6d plus (6d) REGISTERED pmk'd "36" with handstruck REGISTERED/BRAIDWOOD and red (crown)/REGISTERED applied on arrival, reverse Braidwood JA 19 1863 despatch clear of missing flap. Worn appearance. Ex Martin WILLCOCKS (1999).

REGISTERED (used Old Calabar), Niger Coast postmark
(T.R4) dated A/AP 20 97 on QV d.

OPOBO, Niger Coast postmark
(T.R6) part dated B/-- NO 00 on QV d.

REGISTERED IDAH, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R15) AP 4 13/A on horiz. strip of three KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

REGISTERED BONNY, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R6) in blue dated A/AU 2 03 on KE7 6d (SG.15).

SAPELE, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R13A) A/AP 28 13 on vertical strip of three KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

REGISTERED DEGEMA, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R13B)A/8 SE 04 on vertical strip of three KE7 d (SG.21).

(T.R14A) A/MR 16 14 on vertical strip of three KGV 1d (SG.46) piece.

REGISTERED ASABA, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R12A) A/JU 8 04 on vertical pair KE7 2d (SG.13) piece.

REGISTERED ASABA, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R12A) A/MR 11 13 on 3 x KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

REGISTERED AKASSA, Southern Nigeria cancel
(T.R13B) D/SP 11 12 on KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

REGISTERED AFIKPO, Southern Nigeria postmark
(R.13A) 28 OC 13 (LRD) on 3 x KGV 1d (SG.46) piece.

IFON, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.R13A) REGISTERED oval dated A/SP 18 13 on KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

JAMAICA REGISTERED, Jamaica postmark
dated NO 9 79 on QV d claret (SG.7), exceptionally unusual on this issue.
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