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AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE (MY 30 1909), British Honduras postal history
1909 printed advertising cover to St. Louis, Missouri with KE7 5c x 2 pmk'd temporarily supplied BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE E/JU 18 09, alongside newly supplied registration etiquette No.217 (current ERD of use reg. etiquette being JU 14 09).

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE, British Honduras postal history
The Post Office was without handstamps and registration labels after the fire of 30 May 1909. This “used elsewhere” cover with printed United Fruit Company, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala is addressed Las Cascades, Canal Zone, Republic Panama and has temporary supplied use of the BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE cds dated E/JU 11 09 tying KE7 1c x 6, 2c x 2 (10c rate) with manuscript “R 143” (a new boxed registration etiquette known 3 days later (JU 14 09, Dr. Matheson ERD).

Re-introduced COLIHAUT, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/28 MY 52 on horiz. pair KG6 1c (SG.121).
This COLIHAUT cds was sent out from London on July 13 1900 and replaced by a double-ring cancel in the mid-1930's but re-introduced in the 1940's.

ST. VINCENT provisionally used PERUVIAN VALE, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
dated incorrectly C/MY 27 84 (84 instead of 94) on QV 1d red (SG.48b).
The apparent loss of the "9" in "94" year slug would seemingly have inspired the manuscript cancel "Peruvian Vale 29.5.94" of two days later on QV ½d green (Jaffe collection).

ST. VINCENT provisionally used at PERUVIAN VALE, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
dated C/JU 2 93 on QV 1d red (SG.48b).

ST. VINCENT provisionally used at NEW ADELPHI, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
A/NO 26 30 on KGV 1d (SG.132a).

ST. VINCENT cds provisionally used at PERUVIAN VALE, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
dated C/AU 8 94 on QV 1d red (SG.48b), corner creased with a little thinning and tear below.

TRINIDAD (village use?) postmark
(Proud D14, thought to be re-allocated duty to a newly opened office), 19mm cds dated no code/FE 12 91 on QV 2½d (SG.108), full perfs.
This cds used Port-of-Spain 1882-83

TRINIDAD (village use?) postmark on GRENADA stamp
(Proud D14, thought to be re-allocated duty to a newly opened office), measures 20mm (ink spread) but maybe 19mm cds dated DE 19 91 on Grenada QV 2½d (SG.32).

WATLINGS, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(T.7, D3) thought dated 20 AUG 11 on re-introduced QV 1d (SG.49), very rare on QV with this cancel.

Obsolete JAMAICA "A01" transferred to G.P.O, LONDON FOREIGN SECTION, Transvaal postal history
1902 censored cover to The Hague, Holland with 2 x 1d E.R.I. overprints tied Johannesburg 18 APR 02 with further uncancelled KE7 ½d firmly "killed" by obsolete Jamaica "A01" numeral (Type E) transferred from Kingston to the G.P.O. London Foreign Section specifically for the duty of cancelling uncancelled adhesives. A wonderful combination cover.

ESHOWE, Zululand postal history
(re-introduced Z.10) JY 15 25 as arrival on much travelled GB KGV 1½d Post Card from Rochester to Teneriffe, forwarded Cape Town, Johannesburg, Eshowe, Zululand and back, two vertical creases.

1047, Cape of Good Hope postmark
re-introduced late use on 2 x KG6 1d piece.

ST. VINCENT used BRIDGETOWN, St. Vincent postmark
C/JU 15 6 on KE7 1d (SG.86) piece.

ST. VINCENT used BRIDGETOWN, St. Vincent postmark
C/SP 4 5 on KE7 1d (SG.86) piece.

1875 unique cover with temporary re-introduction of the broken "A 9" numeral obliterator (Type H "A79" with "7" missing); two strong clear strikes on 2 x QV 1d blue Crown CC wmk (SG.8) addressed Bules Penn, Four Paths Post Office, Clarendon with KINGSTON MR 11 75 transit alonside. Reverse with manuscript "Mt Charles 11 Mar 1875" written top left corner and central poor FOUR PATHS MR 15 75 arrival. Arguably one of Jamaica's greatest rarity covers and a great exhibition item. The "A79" (H) was allocated to the Richmond Post Office (St. Mary Parish) and only one cover is known dated FE 2 1866. Shortly after this date the instrument became damaged as a differing format replacement "A79" (Type J) is known used at Richmond AU 7 1866 (just five months later). Robert Topaz in his 1967 rarity guide recorded no examples damaged "A 9" on Pine wmk issues, but recorded the "A 9" on CC wmk 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d each described as very rare and each allocated his highest pricing of £270 each in his 1981 pricing guide.
The Mount Charles Post Office (St. Andrews Parish) was opened September 15th 1874.

B44 (unknown), Mauritius postmark
re-allocated use on 1897 2c (SG.128).
The Montagne Blanc cds in use by 1893

K1 "9" used IRELAND ISLAND, Bermuda postmark
(6mm high) re-issued c1886 late use on 1880 QV 4d orange-red CC wmk (SG.20), straight edge at left.
Ex Geoff OSBORN display page (scan attached)

ADDAH, Gold Coast postmark
(re-introduced T.2) C/NO 10 8 on KE7 6d (SG.64).

KENEMA, Sierra Leone postmark
(re-introduced 072.03) */31 DE 57 on QE2 1/- (SG.217).
Re-introduced after use of the Kenema skeleton period 5 OC 56 to 29 NO 56, original use for QE2 found on 1953 Coronation issue only, so far.
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