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purple ink temporary rubber datestamp (ERD)

temporary rubber datestamp in black ink (ERD), stamp with corner defect.

Temporary rubber datestamp (ERD)

MOUNT THOMPSON, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(TRD 2C2, D1) in purple dated SEP 18 1944 (ERD) on KG6 1½d (SG.151) piece.

PORT HOWE, Bahamas postmark/cancel
(T.7 1, D3) dated 22 FEB 33 (ERD) on pair KGV 1d (SG.116).

MULLINS RIVER, British Honduras postmark/cancel
(TDC-10, side bars and British Honduras) in violet dated SEP 25 1922 (ERD) on KGV 2c Peace (SG.121).

(D1) temporary rubber datestamp dated AUG 11 1903 (Proud handbook ERD and LRD) on 1d Staircase (SG.58).
Currently the only recorded example.

BERBICE dbl-arc, British Guiana postal history
1841 wrapper to the Revd A. Tidman, London with BERBICE DE 31 1841 seriffed dbl-arc (T.6, ERD) rated 1/- (last date of quarter ounce rate, introduced JA 1 1840) unpaid with FE 18 1842 arrival and docketted "acknowledged 1 March 1842". Exhibition quality (the only example dated 1841) and possibly the only example carried by the old Falmouth sailing packets.
The last old sailing packet "Seagull" landed mail fom Jamaica at Falmouth on 3 March 1842. The packet rated was reduced to 1/- per half ounce on 1 January 1842.

TOMBO, Sierra Leone postmark/cancel
(153.02, ERD "C" code) dated C/JY 12 16 on KGV 1d (SG.113) piece.

MANGROVE BAY, Bahamas postmark
(T.2, D3) no code/26 OC 00 (ERD) on QV 2½d (SG.52), rare.

(T.2, D2) C/JY 3 00 (ERD) on QV 2½d (SG.52), tiny thin hinge area.
Strikes on QV issues for the first period of use very rare.

BONTHE, Sierra Leone postmark
(018.04) C/FE 23 17 (ERD) on KGV 6d (SG.119), light crease.

MANO, Sierra Leone postmark
(106.03) dated C/AP 18 11 (ERD) on KE7 1d (SG.100).

EARLIEST KNOWN USE OF A ST. VINCENT STAMP and a first sailing date of use
(Placed in POSTAL HISTORY section for convenience): This QV 1d rose-red Perf. 14 to 16 (SG.1) in the accepted paler shade of colour of the first printing, as mentioned PML handbook Page 27, came from the first delivery invoiced from London on 27 March 1861 (56,040 stamps plus 10,020 6d deep yellow-green, SG.2) with expected arrival on 8 April 1861. These adhesives were seemingly not immediately unpacked as known covers of AP 9 61 and AP 24 1861 to the UK are cancelled with the red “PAID AT ST. VINCENT” pre-stamp handstamp. The Stanley Gibbons catalogue lists 8 May 1861 for issue date of the two denominations, which may be true. This 1d adhesive was cancelled by horizontal “A10” (PML.1) on the 8th, 9th or 10th for the 10 May 1861 sailing, and travelled on R.M.S.P. Teviot collecting BARBADOES dbl-arc arrival dated MY 11 1861 making this the EARLIEST KNOWN USE OF A ST. VINCENT STAMP and a first sailing date. The first known adhesive cover bears a strip of three QV 1d, pair QV 6d pmk’d JU 8 1861 addressed to Norfolk, Virginia and travelled in through New Orleans being possibly the finest known American Civil War blockade running cover. The second delivery of the QV 1d rose-red was not invoiced until 22 July 1862 (28,020 stamps), slight thinning.

PURE GOLD, Bahamas postal history
1927 commercial reg. cover with Daniel Danes, Pure Gold, Andros Island sender's address to Montgomery Ward, Chicago with 3 x KGV 1d tied PURE GOLD (ERD T.4, D2) 10 FE 27 cds.

GEORGETOWN, St. Vincent postmark
New ERD dated A/JA 3 99 on QV 1d red (SG.48b).
The previous gap between code letters was C/DE 23 98 and A/JA 6 99 (both as reported by West Indies Postal History Review by Joe Chin Aleong). The "A" code had a short life on QV 1d red, current last date being A/AP 18 99, and strikes on the QV 1d red are not as plentiful as one might expect.

KAMBIA, Sierra Leone postmark
(062.01) A/16 FE 00 (ERD), a magnificent strike on seemingly envelope cut-out piece.
Earlier than recorded in the new Walton handbook

SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
(P1 in black) dated MY 30 1835 (the Foster ERD) on wrapper docketted as from St. Mary (MY 27) to London rated 2/2.

KWALE, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T6A) in purple dated 15 JU 08 (ERD) on KE7 1d (SG.34) piece.

ST. JAMES, Antigua postmark
*/JY 19 28 on KGV 1d mauve (SG.64a) piece.
The newly published handbook on Antigua by Freeland & Jordan gives the earliest and latest recorded dates for St. James as */JY 19 28 to */FE 18 29 (a mere 7 months). The */FE 18 29 strike was recorded as the only known dated example and it is illustrated in the new handbook but seems to be partly enhanced in black ink. It is currently believed that this */JY 19 28 example is the finest copy.
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