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1945 OHMS OFFICIAL PAID cover to Washington D.C. with KG6 15c pmk'd 29 JA 45, the Information Officer hopeful of Victory in Europe.
On May 8 1945 the Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a radio announcement at 3pm that the war was over, the German's having surrendered the day before.

full cover with Office of THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL

OFFICIAL PAID, Dominica postmark/cancel
on KGV 1d S. Jubilee (SG.92).

REGISTRATION FEE paid by Colonial Postmaster OFFICIAL PAID, St. Vincent postal history
1948 OHMS reg. cover with purple "Colonial Postmaster" handstamp to London, Ontario, Canada with KG6 2d, 3d, 6d pmk'd Kingstown */21 MY 48 with red ink endorsement "Official pay 2d shortage in Registration Fee" (with postmaster's initials) and ST. VINCENT/*/OFFICIAL PAID handstamp applied, b/stamped Trinidad, New York, Toronto, London arrival.

A Fashionable Wedding, Leeward Islands (Antigua) postal history
B/w ppc written "Buxton Grove Dec 21 1911" to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA with Leeward Islands KE7 1d tied small portion OFFICIAL PAID, ANTIGUA cds dated (DE) 21 11.
Part of sender's text reads "Can you find the Rev. J.A. Sergeant on the picture? It's a Greenbay wedding".

LIMASSOL OFFICIAL PAID, Cyprus postmark/cancel
B/26 SP 21 on KGV 30pa (SG.87).

OFFICIAL PAID not accepted, Returned For Postage, Bermuda postal history
1951 OHMS foolscap airmail cover with Civil Aviation Department, Bermuda sender's address to G.A. Osborn, Air Traffic Control, Dusseldorf Airport, Germany initially posted Hamilton 9 JUL machine supported with red BERMUDA-OFFICIAL/PAID handstamp being subsequently deleted in red crayon with boxed red "Returned for/(1/6) Postage.", three KG6 6d added and pmk'd Hamilton 12 JUL 51 with FIELD POST OFFICE 893 d/ring dated 18 JY 51 as arrival backstamp.
The authoritative Geoffrey Osborn formed one of the very best postal history collections of Bermuda.

1993 Official Paid stampless cover from Glenford Campbell, General Penitentiary (flap) to Mandeville with purple d/ring oval TOWER STREET/3 MAR 1993/ADULT CORRECTIONAL CENTRE temporary rubber datestamp.

MAIL TO GRANTLEY ADAMS, Barbados postal history
1952 cover from the Board of Trade pmk'd London OFFICIAL PAID machine cancel dated 7 JAN 1952 to The Hon. G.H. Adams, C.M.G., House of Assembly, Bridgetown with handstruck "MISSENT TO BAHAMAS" supported by Nassau JAN 11 1952 machine cancel on reverse.
Grantley Herbert Adams founded the Barbados Labour Party and was Premier 1953-1958. The International Airport was named after him in 1976 and in 1998 he was named as one of the National Heroes of Barbados. His son, John "Tom" Adams (a keen philatelist), was Prime Minister 1976-1985.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1962 Chief Medical Officer and 1964 Income Tax Office OHMS OFFICIAL PAID stampless covers, first opened three sides, second with water stains.

RECEIVED/GPO FREETOWN/SCHED No....., Sierra Leone postal history
New Walton handbook unlisted (Type 711 group, see Page 120) dated II MR 49 on stampless OHMS GPO Freetown Reply portion to Ernest B. Blango, Dillet Street (named after former postmaster Joseph Dillet), Freetown with pencilled "Try Government Medical Store" with red OFFICIAL PAID (035.99) dated both */7 MR 49 and */10 MR 49 alongside address panel.
This instrument has continuous solid line after SCHED No and two examples of the same instrument can be viewed on the West Africa Study Circle website on Page 7 of the Frank Walton 1949 audit book.

OFFICIAL PAID, Barbados postal history
1902 OHMS stampless Agriculture Department wrapper with BARBADOS/PAID/OFFICIAL handstamp to the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh pmk'd A/FE 15 02 open bootheel duplex.

dated NO 14, 8 FE 19, 19 OC 27 (3 items)

1939 stampless OHMS to New York with OFFICIAL-PAID */JY 30 39 and purple WARDEN/(crown)/BARBUDA cachet, missing large part of flap.

OFFICIAL PAID, Antigua postmark
*/MY 3 06 on 2d Badge (SG.33).

(T.8) N/AP 22 19 on KGV pi MCA wmk (SG.75b).

MALTA postal history
1969 stampless OHMS cover to RAF Hospital Wroughton, Wiltshire pmk'd FIELD POST OFFICE/22 AP 69/158 with red CENTRAL REGISTRY/R.A.F. LUQA cachet.

OFFICIAL-PAID, Antigua postal history to Tapton Close, Sheffield
1916 Leewards KE7 2d PSRE with added KGV 1d to Sheffield pmk'd OFFICIAL-PAID, ANTIGUA */MY 19 16, album page backing paper adhers to whole of reverse, rarely seen cancel.

TOO LATE used KINGSTON, Jamaica postal history
1868 worm-eaten edged cover open most of 3 sides b/stamped Kingston C/AU 10 68 to Richard Hill, Spanish Town showing TOO LATE (TL3, LRD) and Spanish Town A/AU 11 68 clear of address panel, flap with printed blue buckled DAT CURA COMMODUM (carefulness bestows profit). The absence of adhesive or manuscript postal charge being usual on official correspondence mailed within the island.

large part offset in purple ink of a possibly unrecorded postal cancellation, or departmental cachet, on reverse 1907 4c brown & purple MCA wmk (SG.254) partially pmk'd at Georgetown.
Flipped horizontally in second scan provided
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