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BARBADOS postal history
1938 Red Tower Lager cover sent stampless to The Aurora School of Photo-Engraving, Aurora, Washington with scarce "T" in diamond tax handstamp, GPO 12 AU 38 despatch and New York Due 10 cents duplex.

BERMUDA postal history
1906 cover to Milford, New Hampsire with strip of five, block of four, pair, single ONE FARTHING on QV 1/- pmk'd FLATTS A/JY 9 1906 d/rings, reverse Milford (JY 14) arrival.

MT. AIRY temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1953 reg. commercial cover with sender's address "Duck Pond, Mt. Airy" to Kingston with KG6 6d pmk'd purple MT. AIRY 29 JUL 1953 TRD, various backstamps.

BARKING LODGE temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1954 reg. commercial cover with sender's address to Kingston with KG6 6d pmk'd purple BARKING LODGE 5 MAR 1954 TRD, various backstamps.

HUTCHINS HILL temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1959 commercial unsealed rate cover to Mandeville with QE2 1d pmk'd purple HUTCHINS HILL 18 JUL 1959 TRD.

BURNT SAVANNAH temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1946 reg. commercial cover front with sender's address to Kingston with KG6 4d tied purple BURNT SAVANNAH APR 30 1946 TRD.

KNOWLES'S, Bahamas postal history
1932 reg. cover to C.E. Cedar, Tacoma, Washington with KGV 2d (SG.84a) pmk'd KNOWLES'S (T.5, D2) */SP 13 32, b/stamped Miami (SP.21).

RAGGED ISLAND, Bahamas postal history
1935 reg. cover to Alan Round, Stourbridge with Sheet Number 150 KGV 4d yellow (SG.85a) pmk'd RAGGED ISLAND (T.5, D3) */FE 2 35, further strike on reverse plus Nassau (8 FE) and Stourbridge (22 FE).

INAGUA, Bahamas postal history
1903 use of KE7 1d UPU Post Card with full German text headed "17.9.03" pmk'd INAGUA SP 18 without year to Lubeck, Germany re-directed to Charlottenberg with handstamped and 14.10.03 pmk'd label affixed which translates "Not determined, confirmed P.A.I. Charlottenburg" and "Work of reference, recognised" (Nachschlagewerke eingesehen), unusual.

FOX HILL, Bahamas postal history
1929 use of KGV 2d orange PSRE commercially used to Lennards Ltd, Bristol with added KGV 1d pmk'd blue FOX HILL (T. 7 I, D3) */FE 22 29 cds, reverse with Nassau 22 FE 29 and red hooded REGISTERED LONDON 8 MR 29 transit, opened along base only.

JAMES'CISTERN, Bahamas postal history
1932 cover to Tacoma, Washington with KGV 1d pmk'd JAMES'CISTERN (T. 71, D2) 3 SEP 32 cds, philatelic but an extremely rare office.

TRINIDAD postal history
1894 use of QV 2d PSRE with Wilson, Son & Co, Port of Spain sender's oval cachet to E.D. Bacon, London with added QV 2d tied REGISTRATION NO 1 94 cds with reg. label affixed and tied reverse with hooded REGISTERED LONDON 15 NO 94 arrival.

BRIG MARY, Kingston to SHIP SAMUEL CUNARD, Annotto Bay, Jamaica postal history
1830 entire headed Brig Mary, Kingston 20th Feby 1830 to Capt. Wm. McClure, Ship Samuel Cunard, Annotto Bay with Kingston FE 20 1830 despatch top flap.

MORGANS PASS temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1946 reg. commercial cover from Ashton? R. Ricketts, Grande River P.O. (reverse) to Brown Stown with KG6 d, 4d pmk'd purple MORGANS PASS 6 SEP 1946 temporary rubber datestamp, reverse Chapleton, May Pen, Browns Town transits.

DIAS temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
1945 commercial cover to Kingston with KG6 1d pmk'd purple DIAS APR 16 1945 temporary rubber datestamp, reduced at left.

JAMAICA postal history
1890 E.J. WESSELS & Co. printed text with "We shall be buying Bananas at Railway Wharf .." on QV d Post Card used within ST. ANNS BAY pmk'd JU 12 90.

GRENADA postal history
1812 entire to George Dunlop in Ayr with 2-line GRENADA/MAR 14 without year across flap initially rated 2/4 but overstruck and re-rated at GLASGOW/16 MAY at 4/8 in different coloured ink.

JACK'S RIVER, Jamaica postal history
1946 commercial cover with sender address to Los Angeles with 4-colour franking of KG6 d, 1d, 2d. 4d pmk'd purple JACK'S RIVER APR 8 1946 temporary rubber datestamps, no reverse cancels.

VAUGHANSFIELD, Jamaice postal history
1951 commercial cover to Voice of Prophecy, Mandeville with KG6 1d tied purple VAUGHANSFIELD 18 JUN 1951 temporary rubber datestamp.

THE FERRY, EXUMA, Bahamas postal history
1925 commercial use of KGV 2d orange PSRE with added KGV 1d pmk'd THE FERRY, EXUMA (T.7 I, D3) dated 30 APR 26 to Montgomery Ward, Chicago.
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