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full cover with censor IG/8055 pmk'd at Nassau 22 SEP 44, reverse flap shows sender as Rev. W.H. Beste, Governor's Harbour.

"AROUND THE WORLD IN THE QUICKEST POSSIBLE TIME", Jamaica and British Guiana postal history
1905 use of GB 1d carmine/buff Post Card pmk'd Derby JA 5 05 arriving Kingston, Jamaica JA 28 05 with 1d Arms pmk'd Kingston FE 17 05 arriving Georgetown, Br. Guiana 1 MAR 1905 with 2c pmk'd Georgetown 4 MAR 1905 showing Port Of Spain, Trinidad MR 6 05 and New York MAR 23 1905 transits before journey abruptly ended with San Francisco P.O./APR 14 1905/D.L. SECTION (Dead Letter) purple d/ring, alongside further purplish boxed handstamp with lower line reading "Returned from R.L.O." (town unclear) with black manuscript "Contrary to Regulations", corner damage but "around the world" entires rarely found incorporating the British West Indies.

"B" (St. Marks parish), GRENADA postal history
1901 cover to Derby re-addressed locally with QV 1d Keyplate affixed to reverse flap tied "B" dated 15 AU 01 with St. George's transit and Derby arrival alongside.

"B" used St. Marks, GRENADA postal history
1897 cover to Verviers, Belgium with QV 2d Keyplate pmk'd St. Marks "B" dated 14 OC 97.

"BIRDS SCATTERED BY FALLING MASONRY!" variety, Jamaica postal history
newly discovered plate variety on KG6 1/- on reg. cover to Leicester pmk'd WHITFIELD TOWN MR 1 55.
with normal enlargement for comparison

"BOTH WAYS" with 1st and 2nd CLASS AIRMAIL, BARBADOS postal history
1964 unsealed window envelope pmk'd London =/6d meter cancel with handstamped blue "BY AIR MAIL 2nd CLASS" arriving Barbados 19 MY 64, the arrival backstamp partially cover as envelope sealed and returned with QE2 12c, 24c pmk'd 3 JUN 1964 slogan, and unusual "both ways" cover.

"CITY OF BELIZE", British Honduras postal history
1908 cover to Chicago with KE7 5c (SG.86) pmk'd "K.65" with purple "CITY OF BELIZE" handstamp dated MAR 11 1908 below, reverse Belize A/MR 12 08 and St. Louis, MI backstamps. Ex ADDISS, few covers exist.

"Grace Worthington" (immigrant ship), British Honduras postal history
1867 entire headed "Belise Jany 10 1866" (sic) from B. Cramer to New York marked p. "Grace Worthington" showing handstruck "SHIP6" and NEWPORT FEB 5 67 landing, docketing dated 1867.
Contents include "your favor of 15 August which only came to hand a short time ago, the Cleaver having been detained at the Bahamas on Account of an Accident she met with during the Gale in August last.".... and "With regard to your remarks about the short comings of the Editor of the "Colonist" nothing can be done, the paper not being issued any longer, as the Editor and Proprietor is supposed to have fallen in a late engagement with the Indians."

"On board ye Hector of Montserratt" landed ANTIGUA straight line
1792 cover headed "On board ye Hector of Montserratt Nov.22 1792" to Mrs. Cockin in Bristol rated 1/2 changed 1/5 landed after lengthy journey with Capt. Ronaldson with ANTIGUA str. line, JA 2 1793 arrival.

"V" day, Meikles shop celebrates with "a dummy of Hitler in a real coffin", Rhodesia postal history
1945 use of 3d Victoria Falls ACTIVE SERVICE AIR LETTER headed "V" day!!! Tuesday 8th May pmk'd GWELO 8 MAY 45 to F/Lt E. Thompson, No.2. E.V.T. Instructors School, R.A.F. Middle East from his very worried and loving wife with salutation "My own adorable little Welsh Husband" with contents including "listening to London last night when we heard the news flash - it seems almost too good to be true" and "we shall listen to Mr. Churchill at 3, and again to the King at 9 o'clock". There is mention of "Gwelo looking "quite gay" with flags flying everywhere", and that Meikles Window for "V" day is lined with black crepe and they have "obtained a real "coffin" in which they have placed a dummy of Hitler". An exceptional end of war item for the KG6 collector; a Waterfalls thematic collector; and a sensational item for anyone exhibiting Postal Stationery.
VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day which took place on Tuesday May 8, 1945, VE Day was the day on which the allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe. It marked the end of Adolf Hitler's war and sparked celebrations around the world. The day before at 2.41pm on May 7, 1945 Germany had surrendered. This special Active service Letter Card was for use by servicemen, and civilian use was forbidden and any such usage resulted in surcharge.

10 used PHILIPPOLIS, Orange Free State postal history
on 1d Brief Kaart written 24 Sept to Cape Town.

1047 used CATHCART, Cape of Good Hope postal history
A/SP 9 99 on 1d (SG.59) cover to Vermont, USA. Fine T over 15c tax h/stamp, roughly opened at right.

1062 used WELLINGTON STATION, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on 1d rate cover dated A/JY 30 98, sealed cover tear, slightly soiled edges.

1062 used WELLINGTON STATION, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on QV d Post Card dated A/JY 30 98, full text, toning.

1091 used ROSMEAD, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on 1d rate cover dated E/MY 8 99 to Graff Reinet, some opening faults along top.

1094 used KLIPPLAAT, Cape of Good Hope postal history
1905 balsa wood cover to Mr. Haynes, Police Station, Haithwaite, Huddersfield, Yorkshire with KE7 1d pmk'd KLIPPLAAT "1094" duplex dated B/FE 6 05, b/stamped Huddersfield FE 25 05 arrival.

120 used CERES ROAD, Cape of Good Hope postal history
D/NO 11 86 (ERD) on 1d pair (SG.49) cover to Cape Town. Smaller faults.

1232 used UPPER MAITLAND, Cape of Good Hope postal history
dated B/AU 9 05 on pair KE7 d affixed b/w ppc of "Silver leaf trees on Devils Peak" to Warwick, England showing MAITLAND transit, some toning.

125 used BURGHERSDORP, Cape of Good Hope postal history
dated B/OC 1 98 on QV d Post Card to The Express Office, Bloemfontein, O.F.S.

1276 used BLANCO, Cape of Good Hope postal history
dated DE 2 03 on QV ONE PENNY on 1d Post Card to Sheddencote, Wynberg, full reverse text.
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