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(R1) B/18 DE 19 tying KGV 1d (SG.87b, corner perf. fault on KGV 2d PSRE (damaged flap) to Huddersfield.

OFFICIAL PAID P.O. BATHURST, Gambia postal history
1947 cover from Cleveland, Ohio with USA adhesives pmk'd during December to George Durst, Receiver General, Bathurst, returned with plain label h/stamped ON POST OFFICE BUSINESS ONLY (Proud unlisted without stop) and Bathurst */12 FE 48 despatch.

MANSA KONKO, Gambia postal history
1950 cover with KG6 1d x 2, 2d pmk'd */31 MY 50 to A.W. Morley, Rochdale.

KUNTA-UR, Gambia postal history
dated 23 JU 36 tying KGV SJ set of 4 values on cover to Edinburgh.

BANSANG, Gambia postal history
(D1) */13 OC 51 tying two pairs KG6 5d (SG.154a) on reg. cover to North Shields.

BWIAM, Gambia postal history
dated */15 NO 84 on QE2 6d AIT LETTER with added QE2 1d Cattle Egret to Sheffield, sealed, no content.

YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/26 JY 65 on First Airmail from Yundum Airport with QE2 4d, 6d (reverse), 1/3d to Scotland, blue BATH reg. label, reverse GAMBIA FIELD FORCE sender's h/stamp.

YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/9 MR 66 tying design QE2 7d AIR LETTER to Nigeria, scarce early commercial use from airport with mention of seeing Quarantine procedures and pathology whilst visiting Nigeria.

BATHURST, Gambia underpaid to UK
commercial cover, roughly opened 3 sides, with 5 x QE2 d (SG.171) tied */1 JU 59. Alongside matching ink red strikes locally applied "T" and "1d/TO PAY" handstamps.

BATHURST, Gambia "A.R" cover
reg. cover with QE2 6d, 1/3d dated 13 JU 59.