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K3 "3" used INLAND ISLAND, Bermuda postal history
1888 cover to West Bend, Wisconsin, USA with QV d stone, pair QV 1d rose-red (SG.20,23) tied INLAND ISLAND K3 "3" duplex dated A/JY 11 88, reverse with New York and West Bend cancels. Currently a unique combination.
With the arrival of the QV d stone issued on MR 25 1880 the 2d rate to the USA, actually 2d, introduced OC 3 1876 could now be met and Bermuda was no longer obliged to suffer the d loss on half ounce letters. The INLAND ISLAND duplex was expected to cease its use with the introduction of the K4 "3" on JA 1 1889. During the period MR 25 1880 to DE 31 1888 only two covers from Ireland Island to the USA are currently recorded, the other with QV d plus 2d dated JA 6 1888.

BOAZ ISLAND to DENMARK, Bermuda postal history
1889 use of QV 1d UPU Post Card written "Boaz. March 14th" to Skive, Denmark with K4 "3" duplex dated MR 14 89 and Skive 30/3 arrival.
The K4/4a duplex series were issued JA 1 1889.

K3a "3" used INLAND-ISLAND (error), Bermuda postal history
Latest recorded use of 11 months 11 days after introduction of K4/K4a duplex series on 1889 use of QV 1d Post Card pmk'd C/DE 11 89 to Bournemouth, England, reverse headed "H.M.S. Canada, North America & West Indies Station", some faults.
The K4a "3" duplex with corrected IRELAND-ISLAND issued JA 1 1889.

K3a "8" R.O. duplex, Bermuda postal history (ex LUDINGTON)
1880 cover with QV 1d pmk'd St. GEORGES K3 "2" duplex dated B/JU 2 80 (during 1st period blue ink DE 1879 to JU 1880) to Eden Grove, Warwick, reverse SAMUEL CHAPMAN/BERMUDA sender's oval with HAMILTON K3 "1" C/JU 2 80 transit and K3a "8" arrival dated B/JU 3 80. Ex LUDINGTON.

BERMUDA postal history
1884 cover marked "per Orinoco" to Roxbury, Massachusetts with QV d stone, QV 2d bright blue CC wmk (SG.19,4) tied K3a "5" duplex used Paget East dated A/AP 10 84. A rare combination as such.
The David Pitts chart only recorded K3a "5" on one example 2d blue CC (SG.3/4) and two examples on d stone. My own chart could only record K3a "5" on one 2d blue CC and one copy d stone.

A UNIQUE COMBINATION, Bermuda postal history
The second earliest adhesive cover from St. Georges with short-lived K1 "1" plus STG cds combination: 1866 local cover front (peripheral faults) to Mrs Reginald Smith, Olive Bank, Warwick with 1st printing QV 1d rose-red CC wmk (SG.1) tied short-lived K1 "1" with STG cds (P5) dated 15 MR 66 alongside.
Only 9 covers are currently recorded with K1 plus STG cds combination: one with 1d, four with 6d, four with 1/- adhesives. The earliest 1d cover with B/1 and STG cds (P5) combination is dated JY 21 67.

K3 "2" (handstamp II) used ST. GEORGE'S, Bermuda postal history
The short-lived K3 "2" duplex (Handstamp II) dated A/NO 20 80 on 50% top half cover to Warwick West b/stamped Hamilton B/NO 20 80 and very poor K3a "8" arrival.
This elusive Handstamp II recorded OC 21 1880 to DE 22 1880