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1911 large part cover to Headly Dalton (or Patton), Kingston, Jamaica with d brown strip of four (one stamp facially damaged) tied two strikes purple boxed "EAST END/Grand Cayman./RURAL/Post Gollection." temporary rubber handstamp with BODDENTOWN JU 28 11 d/ring backstamp. On arrival eventually "ADVERTISED" and "UNCLAIMED." with red RETURNED LETTER OFFICE, JAMAICA d/ring dated 25 SE 11. Full of character, Ex MARSTON, PODGER.

RYDE SHIP-LETTER (Isle of Wight), Jamaica postal history
1843 entire headed "Westmoreland Jamaica May 1st 1843" to London rated "8" landed with RYDE/SHIP-LETTER, top flap displays London L/31 AU 31/1843 arrival (123 days transit confirmed by clear docketing notes).
An ongoing current survey of about 1,400 private ship letters landed at UK ports show only 5 other entires landed at Ryde, Isle of Wight period 1818-1828 (from British Guiana (2), Jamaica, St. Vincent, Tobago), this currently being the only known from the BWI group, landed Ryde, with the all-inclusive 8d per half ounce ship letter rate to UK introduced JA 7 1840. Private ships do not sail home unless a full cargo was on board, and sometimes traditionally would call on the not far away eastern seaboard of North America on the homeward route. It is likely the vessel was a bark (barque) named STANDARD, owned by Booker & Co. (built in 1830 of 306 gross tons), which arrived in the Isle of Wight on August 30th 1843. Additionally ship letters can be delayed by days sometimes weeks waiting for cargo, and a letter posted in Westmorland to Kingston could wait several days before sailing, unlike a Packet letter.

1941 from Miss Marilyn Gregory, Halfway-Tree to Paramaribo City, Suriname with corner fault KG6 3d pmk'd HALF-WAY-TREE MY 30 41 with censor label and handstamp and 30.6.41 (one month later) arrival backstamp, two vertical creases.

(in covers for convenience) 1969 piece with pair 6d cricket and U.S. 30c SPECIAL DELIVERY tied Kingston machine dated 3 MAY 1968, rarely encountered as such.

1901 use of India QV anna PSE (indicia damaged) reg. to Indian indentured labourer "No. 531" at Trinity Valley Estate addressed Pershad Kewat c/o The Govt emigration agent for Jamaica at Kingston pmk'd AHRAULA 12 OC 01 with additional QV a, 2 x QV 1a stamps on reverse pmk'd MAHUL (and taken to Ahraula for frontal registration) and additionally tied by both SEA POST OFFICE A/19 OC 01 cds and JAMAICA REGISTERED d/ring oval dated NO 22 01, this full of character small cover from a family member would display perfectly should it be opened-out.
Pershad Kewat was an indentured Indian labourer from Fatehpore (Fatehpur), Mahul in Azamgarh. He came to Jamaica as passenger 531 in 1899 on the vessel Rhine (launched in Port Glasgow in 1885 and mainly carried indentured Indians to the Colonies until 1907). The 14 may be a reference to the voyage number. There were 615 passengers on that voyage, the only occasion the Rhine visited Jamaica. It seems he was at Trinity Valley Estate (although possibly Unity), but had to be located through the Government immigration agent.

TURKS ISLANDS "used elsewhere" envelope, JAMAICA postal history
1937 printed Wesley House, Grand Turk sender envelope with Jamaica KG6 Coronation trio pmk'd Oracabessa MY 12 37 addressed to Rev. Sherlock, Oracabessa.

JAMAICA postal history
1951 underpaid 1/6d airmail rate cover from W.J. Tomlinson, Solicitor (flap) to a firm of solicitors in Liverpool with KG6 1d, 2d, 2 x 6d pmk'd SAV-LA MAR OC 27 51 with purple boxed "RETURNED FOR/ADDITIONAL POSTAGE" appended 3d in blue crayon with further KG6 1d, 2d pmk'd SAV-LA MAR NO 2 51.
Regulations required that Air Mail was fully prepaid. Underpaid mail was returned to the sender if possible rather than forwarding by surface mail.

BOOK-POST rate INDIA to JAMAICA postal history
1955 cover pmk'd Calcutta 9 III 55 with previously unrecorded boxed purple RETURN TO SENDER/FROM KINGSTON, JAMAICA handstamp (with "NAMES" instead of "NO POST OFFICE NAMED). Filing punch holes at base, reverse return backstamps of R.L.O. 31 MA 55 and Bare Bazar 16 JNE 1955.

JAMAICA postal history
1912 Hotel Titchfield printed flap cover to San Antonio, Texas with 2d Arms of Colony tied PASADENA, California duplex, alongside purple 2-line "Received inside a circular/at Pasadena, Cal.", an unusual explanation for mail pmk'd elsewhere.

CAYMAN ISLANDS postal history:
1947 First Flight cover Cayman Brac to Kingston, Jamaica with KG6 2d pmk'd CAYMAN BRAC NO 3 47, b/stamped Half-Way-Tree NO 7 47.

JAMAICA to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history
1855 wrapper to John Clark, Graff Reinett, South Africa with red KINGSTON-JAMAICA-PAID JU 25 1855 rated red 1/- with red London PAID 22 JY 1855 and red CAPE TOWN OC 10 1855 arrival displaying top flap with black "8" to collect, rare destination.

1927 reg. OHMS foolscap cover to G. Noriega, San Jose, Costa Rica with KGV 4d pmk'd Georgetown JA 24 27 d/ring showing purple FEB 27 1927 arrival alongside, reverse with rarely seen Kingston, Jamaica REGISTERED machine cancel (wide setting 80 x 20mm) dated JAN 29 1927.

CRAIGHEAD temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
in purple dated 10 FEB 1955 on 3 x KG6 2d commercial reg. cover to Kingston.

MONA temporary rubber datestamp, Jamaica postal history
in purple dated 21 NOV 1951 on pair KG6 d cover to Half Way Tree.

JAMAICA postal history
1918 GOLDEN SEAL FLOUR advertising cover to Sav La Mar with KGV 1d WAR STAMP tied Kingston FEB 20-18 machine cancel, reverse SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 20 18 arrival.

Ohio, USA returned for postage to ST. VINCENT missent JAMAICA
1978 underfranked 15c Viking mission to Mars cover to Kingstown, St. Vincent pmk'd TOLEDO 28 NOV 1978 with magenta "RETURNED FOR 5c ADDITIONAL POSTAGE" with further 15c (not 5c) added and just tied TOLEDO 4 DEC 1978, purple str. line "MISSENT TO JAMAICA" handstamp.

Kansas, USA returned for postage to ST. VINCENT missent JAMAICA
1978 (NO 28) underfranked 15c rocking horse cover to St. Vincent pmk'd INDEPENDENCE, KS with 4-line "Returned for (5c) postage..." with 5c Washington added, purple str. line "MISSENT TO JAMAICA" handstamp.

Northern Ireland to ST. VINCENT missent JAMAICA
1977 (NO 8) underpaid and taxed cover to St. Vincent with GB QE2 9d pmk'd Belfast, purple str. line "MISSENT TO JAMAICA", stamp with glossy glue stain.

1993 Official Paid stampless cover from Glenford Campbell, General Penitentiary (flap) to Mandeville with purple d/ring oval TOWER STREET/3 MAR 1993/ADULT CORRECTIONAL CENTRE temporary rubber datestamp.

MONEAGUE, Jamaica postal history
1845 wrapper docketted as from "C. Pavery, Ardvck Pen, 1 May 1845" to the Wesleyan Mission, London rated 1/2 with upper flap displaying MONEAGUE MY 22 1845 dbl-arc and London JU 20 1845 arrival.
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