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"A76"(O) used SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
1891 cover to Olean, New York with QV d, pair 1d Keyplate pmk'd "A76"(O), reverse SPANISH-TOWN B/MR 5 91 despatch cds.

A47 used HOPE BAY, Jamaica postal history
1888 cover to Kingston with QV 2d slate (SG.22a) tied "A47" with HOPE-BAY A/7 MR (88) and Kingston MR 8 88 sqc arrival on reverse, some toning.

A76 used SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
(Type O) in blue ink indistinctly tying QV 2d Crown CC (SG.9) on OHMS Royal Arms stationery cover to Kingston dated B/JY 22 80. On arrival ADVERTISED, UNCLAIMED with RETURNED LETTER BRANCH 18 AU 80 handstamps.
Only one other blue ink numeral cover recorded - from Port Antonio with A64 dated JA 25 1878

A66 used PORT MARIA, Jamaica postal history
tying "TWO PENCE/HALF PENNY" on QV 4d red-brown (SG.30) with "HALF.-" variety (looks like "HALE) on cover to Scotland b/stamped Port Maria FE 1 91, New York FE 18 91 and Dundee MR 2 91, toning, small part flap removed. Village covers for this issue seldom encountered.

A47 used HOPE BAY, Jamaica postal history
on QV 2d slate CA wmk (SG.20a) cover to Ferguson & Small, Wentworth, Port Maria b/stamped A/22 DE 86.

A68 used PORUS, Jamaica postal history
locally addressed cover with 3 x QV 1d pale greenish blue Pine wmk (SG.1a) b/stamped PORUS AP 5 1864/A broken dbl-arc, overall toning but a rare Pine wmk cover for this office.

A76 used SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
Type H on vertical strip of four QV 2d pale rose Pine wmk (SG.2) on miniature entire (111x52mm) dated C/AP 1 61 internally to Mandeville P.O., one stamp with clipped corner.

A47 used HOPE-BAY, Jamaica postal history
A/OC 5 92 on reply portion QV 1d slate UPU Reply Card to Montreal, Canada, full reverse text.