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BONNY, Southern Nigeria postal history
1807 cover to Banbury, England with 2 x KE7 d pmk'd BONNY A/SE 6 07, reverse SP 29 07 arrival.

IBADAN, Lagos postal history
1902 cover to George Bell & Sons, Covent Garden, London (a book publishing house) with pair QV d dull green (SG.21) tied IBADAN B/MR -- 1902 cds (no day slug), backstamped Lagos B/MR 3 1902 and London MR 27 02.

OLD CALABAR RIVER, Southern Nigeria postal history
(T.1) AU 31 00 on GB ovp'd 1d Post Card to Leipzig, Germany, pencilled text on reverse.

EBUTE METTA W.C.A., Southern Nigeria postal history
1908 use of KE7 2d PSRE with added pair KE7 1d pmk'd EBUTE METTA (LRD Lagos T.13A) dated A/11 MY 1908 to The White House, Portrush, Ireland.

FORCADOS RIVER, Southern Nigeria postal history
1902 use of QV 1d mauve PSE to Collector of Customs, Old Calabar, Southern Nigeria with FORCADOS RIVER (T.1A) pmk'd A/OC 10 02, irregularly opened along top.

BENIN, Southern Nigeria postal history
1906 opened 3 sides cover with KE7 1d pmk'd BENIN A/MR 21 06 (T.4) to Banbury with "N.W" in triangle and on reverse FORCADOS and Banbury cds.

BONNY, Southern Nigeria postal history
1907 cover with pair KE7 d pmk'd BONNY A/FE 6 07 (T.3A) on cover to the PMG, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

AKASSA, Southern Nigeria postal history
1905 cover with pair KE7 d pmk'd AKASSA A/OC 31 05 (T.2) to Banbury, England.

BADAGRY W.D. (WESTERN DISTRICT), Lagos postal history
(Type 9B, D3) dated B/26 MY 1895 (ERD) alongside address panel on cover to the African Missions Society, Lyon, France with marginal QV 2d ultramarine (SG.31) cancelled by manuscript squiggle and oval of bars with red PAID BR. PACKET/30 JU 95/7-A arrival, reverse Lagos A/MY 27 95 and Lyon 2 JUIL 95.

YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/9 MR 66 tying design QE2 7d AIR LETTER to Nigeria, scarce early commercial use from airport with mention of seeing Quarantine procedures and pathology whilst visiting Nigeria.

BRASS RIVER, Niger Coast
dated A/MR 4 96 on N.C.P. 1d Post Card to England, full newsy text.

(D1 State 2) 12 MR 19 on KGV 1d cover to Chicago.

BURUTU skeleton (RUTU not inserted or fallen out)
(D9) 20 AU 1928 on KGV 2d chestnut to London, no backstamps, skeleton width 30mm.
Identification of this BU as BURUTU is not certain (as the BURUTU D7 d/ring was in use up to SP 8 1928 per Proud); and BUEA has been considered. Perhaps recognition of the correspondence will assist.

ISIUWA skeleton
(D1) 7 JA 1955 (ERD, office opened 4 days earlier) on cover to London.

EBUTE METTA skeleton
(D6) 20 JU 23 on taxed cover to London, pair 1d Postage Dues added 9 JY 23.