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8 (used ISIPINGO), Natal postal history MISSENT to Scotland
1883 cover to Mrs. J. N. Leonard, Scotland, Massachusetts with QV d CC wmk, 1d, 6d CA wmk pmk'd "8" obliterators with two strikes circled "MISSENT" alongside address panel, reverse Durban 25 AU 83 shield, London SP 25 93, New York OCT 6 83 Paid All, Waltham OCT 6 1883 arrival.

Combination NATAL and British Occupied ORANGE FREE STATE stamps used ORANGE RIVER COLONY
1900 used of "E. No. 708" blue stock NATAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS (deleted) foolscap cover marked "Regd", "60", "Fee Paid" to Serg. Major C. Stride, Dorset Yeomanry, Wimborne, Dorset with combination Natal block of ten QV 1d carmine and British Occupied OFS 2d purple ovp'd "V.R.I." and 2d pmk'd P.O.A. 107 obliterators, both stamps and adhesives with faults, reverse Wimborne DE 8 00 arrival.
The Orange Free State was formally annexed to the British Crown and renamed the Orange River Colony on 28 May 1900.

KANGELA ST. ESHOWE on JAPAN hand-painted balsa wood cover via HONG KONG to ZULULAND
1908 balsa wood partly hand-painted cover to Eshowe, Zululand with Japan 10sen tied part 41.12 (for 14.12) cancel with superb purple MOJI, JAPAN dated 15.12.08 alongside, reverse with VICTORIA, Hong Kong 22 DE 08, Eshowe and rare KANGELA ST. ESHOWE arrivals both dated JA 20 09.

BOSTON, USA to VERULAM re-directed GROUTVILLE, UMHLALI P.O., Natal postal history
UNRECORDED VERULAM SHIELD No.75: 1879 use of USA 3c PSE uprated with 1c x 2, 10c (15c rate) pmk'd BOSTON, Mass. to a Miss Martha E. Price, Verulam P.O. re-directed Groutville, Umhlali P.O. showing full transit cancels.
Datestamps are Boston NO 23 79, Boston NO 24, London DE 6, Durban 11.1.1880, Verulam No.75 12.1, Verulam No.75 14.1, Durban 14.1, Umhlali No.4 date indistinct. (Verulam was allocated Shield No.3, and being a busy office may have used Shield No.75 at a later point).

VANTS DRIFT self-printed Post Card, Natal postal history
1904 chrome photo of the Vants Drift Hotel & Store from Austin to Miss Gearing, Brighton, England with KE7 1d pmk'd VANTS DRIFT C/JA 30 1904, text includes "I will print some different ones for you all next week".

NATAL postal history
1880 cover with part damaged flap showing part "ROYAL RIFLES" printed crest with QV 6d pmk'd "1" numeral with 27 12 1880 despatch to Ripley House, Ripley, Surrey with handstruck red circled "A" (railway marking) with Farnborough Station A/JA 25 81 and on reverse Woking Station E/JA 25 81 cds.

KOBENI skeleton, Natal postal history
1909 col. ppc of Queens Bridge Hotel, Umgeni to Newcastle, Natal with KE7 d tied KOBENI OC 11 1909 skeleton with Vryheid transit alongside.

HIGHLANDS, Natal postal history
pmk'd FE 23 97 on QV d Post Card with added QV d to A Kitcat in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, toning.

NEW GERMANY and POA 51, Natal postal history
on KE7 d Reply Post Card portion pmk'd NO 13 06 to Pinetown.

HARDING plus MOGUNTIA, Natal postal history
pmk'd DE 4 96 on QV d Post Card to Port Shepstone.

HERMANNSBURG, Natal postal history
pmk'd 3 7 97 on QV d Newswrapper to Bern, Switzerland.

LADYSMITH, Natal postal history
pmk'd B/NO 26 94 on QV 1d Post Card to Winburg, Orange Free State.

POINT, Natal postal history
pmk'd D/AP 10 97 on QV 1d Post Card to Hayle, Cornwall.

NOODSBERG-ROAD and SCHROEDERS, Natal postal history
pmk'd FE 24 06 on QV 1d Post Card to Hanover, Germany locally re-addressed Verden.

NOODSBERG-ROAD, Natal postal history
pmk'd A/MY 10 94 on QV 1d Post Card to Leipzig, Germany.

STANGER, Natal postal history
pmk'd A/MY 2 06 on complete KE7 d Newswrapper to Norfolk, England.

PORT SHEPSTONE, Natal postal history
pmk'd B/NO 21 93 on QV d Post Card to Baboon Spruit, reverse meeting to urge Government to bridge the Lower Umzimkulu River with an inexpensive low lwvel pile bridge.

NATAL postal history:
KE7 1d Post Card ovp'd "SPECIMEN", fine condition.

BOSTON, Natal postal history
dated 4 1 93 on QV d Post Card to Nottingham, reverse with NOTTINGHAM ROAD d/ring and NOTTINGHAM cds dated 6 JA 93.

2 used DURBAN, Natal postal history
1895 QV d Post Card pmk'd "2" with DURBAN E/JU 5 95 addressed SYDENHAM with 5 6 95 arrival and re-addressed MUSGRAVE ROAD with 6 6 95 arrival.
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