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REFUGEE CAMP, SPRINGFONTEIN, Orange River Colony postal history
1901 cover dated "3/8/01" at top in red ink with 1d V.R.I. to Paarl, interesting circled red "X" on address panel.

REFUGEE CAMP, SPRINGFONTEIN, Orange River Colony postal history
1901 cover dated "22/8/01" in red at top to Simons Town with 1d V.R.I. pmk'd Springfontein cds.

JAGERSFONTEIN, Orange River Colony postal history
two differing purple d/rings each dated 8 SEP 05 on unaddressed KE7 1d Postal Stationery Envelope showing COMPLETE OFFSET of design on reverse, opened 3 sides for display.

JEPPESTOWN B.O. JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postal history
interprovincial use dated 15 MAY 11 on horiz. strip of three NATAL KE7 1d affixed over ORANGE RIVER COLONY KE7 d green design part newswrapper marked "Book Post" to Brighton, England.

30, Orange River Colony postal history
on CGH "ONE PENNY" on QV 1d ovp'd "O.R.C." Post Card to Germany with design pmk'd DEWETSDORP 22 JUL 1905 d/ring, reverse headed "Kassel via Dewetsdorp".

30, Orange River Colony postal history
on KE7 1d PSE with added V.R.I. 2d (SG.114) to Germany, b/stamped DEWETSDORP 19 NO 04.

LADYBRAND, Orange River Colony postal history
on 2d on 2d, 3d on 3d V.R.I. reg. censored cover dated AU 22 01 to London, England.

1900 (AP 7) BOER WAR - BLOEMFONTEIN O.V.S., Orange River Colony
early V.R.I. civilian mail cover (non-military) dated AP 7 00 with 2 x d to Port Elizabeth, b/stamped AP 9 arrival.
Bloemfontein, capital of the OFS, fell to the British 26 days earlier on March 13, 1900. (When Pretoria, capital of the Transvaal, was re-occupied by the British on June 5 1900, a civilan postal service began 13 days later).

BETHANY (SIDING excised) R.O., Orange River Colony
the tall letters cds (Putzel unlisted) dated SP 4 (00) on d Brief Kaart uprated with d for Germany, b/stamped Bloemfontein SP 4 19(00).
The BETHANY STATION R.O. sighting was taken from the Batten collection (still intact) where only the "S" was visible but a full strike on loose stamp shows it to be BETHANY SIDING R.O. The correction will appear in the Putzel addendum

BETHANY VILLAGE, Orange River Colony
dated 6 AUG 09 on local use KE7 d Post Card, full text.