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"Walton illustrated"
16th July 2015 – the new Frank Walton SIERRA LEONE postmarks handbook is with the printers. If you click on my blue “Subjects” and scroll down to “Walton illustrated” you will find postmarks on stamps actually illustrated in this new and essential book. Its quite fulfilling leafing through the pages and thinking “that’s mine!”. More “Walton illustrated” will be added over the coming weeks.

JAMAICA: The First KG6 6d AIR LETTER Form of 21st July 1947
My understanding is that this was printed by De La Rue on yellowish-white paper with overlay in bluish-grey. The 6d stamp depicting Priestman's River is printed in purple (shades). There are three settings. First, which includes forms overprinted SPECIMEN in black, has no dot between Y and T of ANYTHING and no dot before E of ENCLOSED in the 3-line warning. The second setting has the dot between Y and T only, and the third setting has both the dot between Y and T and the dot before E. The third setting was used from mid-1950 until 1954. The attached scans are both third setting form, one MISSING PRIESTMAN'S RIVER STAMP IN PURPLE COLOUR. The form has typewritten commercial letter from E. F. Aguilar to Muscotts dated Nov. 12, 1951. Tom Foster in his Jamaica Newsletter No. 15 explains that Aguilar was in the habit of dealing with much of his philatelic correspondence at the Kingston G.P.O. during his lunch hour. On one ocassion, having forgotten his notebook, a postal clerk gave him a wad of blank Air Letter forms which merely bore a blank square in place of a stamp. Many were used as note-paper for personal and business correspondence, often written in pencil, before it was realised they were ERROR forms. What is not explained is what happened next! Were the forms allowed to be removed from the G.P.O. Does anyone have error forms with pencil notes on them, have other typewritten, but not posted, error forms survived? Are there error forms from the third setting mailed with actual adhesive? Sightings and comments appreciated.