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THE BIGHT, Bahamas postal history
(T.1) arrival dated reversed C/AP 7 91 (year error for 01) on TRANSVAAL 1d V.R.I. Briefkaart pmk'd BOKSBURG 31 JAN 01 from affectionate brother to Rev. R.K. Bennett, Cat Island, Bahamas.
During his tenure as Rector (1912) of St. Mary's Church New Providence Reverend Bennett documented changes that met resistance in the church - altar curtains looked at with disapproval, altar lights seen as an unpardonable offence, wafer bread thought of as an insult to the Blessed Sacrement etc.

TRANSVAAL postal history
1905 cover to Ladysmith, Natal with KE7 1d tied BRITISH ASSOCIATION JOHANNESBURG purple TRD dated 1 SEP 1905, light central vertical crease.

ROODEPOORT, Transvaal postal history
1909 KE7 1d carmine PSE to Durban pmk'd 21 JUL 09, opened 3 sides to show full intense offset of the printed design.

PRETORIA GEREGISTREERD, Transvaal postal history
1893 reg. cover to Hanover, Germany with 4d bronze-green, 6d pale dull blue pmk'd red reg. ovals dated 13 JUN 93.

TRANSVAAL (and JAMAICA) postal history
1902 censored cover to The Hague, Holland with 2 x 1d E.R.I. overprints tied Johannesburg 18 APR 02 with further uncancelled KE7 d firmly "killed" by obsolete Jamaica "A01" numeral Type E transferred to London Foreign Branch to cancel loose mail.

MIDDELBURG T, Transvaal postal history
telegraph cancel dated 23 JAN 08 on full text KE7 d Post Card to Newcastle, Natal. No transit or arrival markings indicating postal carriage.

MESSINA, Transvaal postal history
skeleton dated 2 DE 1935 on South Africa 1d pair, 4d cover to London.

MALIPS DRIFT, Transvaal postal history
23 DEC 1926 on South Africa KGV 1d PSE with added KGV d to Alnwick re-addressed Carlisle, some soiling.

JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 1d x 5, KE7 4d pmk'd 6 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

JOHANNESBURG "20", Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 d, block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 3 SEP 04 to Hobart, Tasmania, roughly opened top left.

JOHANNESBURG "3", Transvaal postal history
cover with block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 9 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

THABINA, Transvaal postal history
20 AUG 96 tying d, 2d (SG.205,207) on cover to Berne, Switzerland.

PIETERSBURG, Transvaal postal history
dated 22 JUL 99 on 2d (SG.219) cover to Berne, Switzerland.

RAYTON, Transvaal postal history
dated 29 SEP 05 on block of four KE7 1d cover to Hobart, Tasmania, printed "Diamond Mining Co." flap, some soiling.

DENVER, Transvaal postal history
26 FEB 1917 tying pair SA KGV 2d on cover, opened 3 sides, to Edinburgh, h/struck DENVER reg. h/stamp.
Handstruck DENVER h/stamp Putzel unrecorded

FORDSBURG, Transvaal postal history
3 SEP 04 tying KE7 d, 6d on reg. cover to Tasmania, some soiling.

HAENERTSBURG, Transvaal postal history
18 APR 05 on KE7 1d PSE to Pietersburg, reverse very fine sender's cachet.

SALISBURY ST PRETORIA, Transvaal postal history
previously unrecorded office with mauve REGISTRATION OFFICE/19 MAR 1959/SALISBURY ST PRETORIA d/ring oval on reverse reg. cover to UK pmk'd CENTRAL/SENTRAAL/STR. PRETORIA 18 III 59 d/ring.

STATE MINES, Transvaal postal history
2 III 59 on reg. South Africa 1/9d rate to UK.

SILVERTON, Transvaal postal history
on reg. cover dated 25 IX 56.
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