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DOMINICA and MARTINIQUE postal history
1947 b/w ppc of "A Country Road, Dominica" with Dominica KG6 1½d affixed for Chula Vista, California, carried privately to Martinique with pair 3fr on 2fr added and tied FORT DE FRANCE */15 4 47 cds. Closed tear to card at top but a most unusual combination.

"THE BLACK DOMINICA", Dominica postal history
1850 entire headed "Dominica, 9th February 1850" written by William Thomas Rainy (a resident man of colour) and posted with date error DOMINICA 9 JA 1850 dbl-arc to The Editor, Anti-Slavery Reporter, London rated red 1/-, partial red PAID MR 3 1850 arrival, central filing fold with soiling but unique as such.
The PAID AT DOMINICA crowned circle was proofed GPO London MY 17 1845 and is currently recorded on 70 prestamp covers for the period AP 10 1847 to MR 12 1870. Of the 70 recorded 45 are commonly seen addressed to John Wyatt Melville, St. Andrews, Fifeshire. The other 25 can be categorised as scarce to very rare with 12 to varying parts of the UK, 5 to New York, 3 to Boston, Massachusetts, and the remaining 5 shared between Barbados, Bermuda, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and France. The Robson Lowe encyclopaedia stated that early strikes are ten times rarer and this is confirmed by only 3 entires recorded for the first 9 years of its use. Within this trio is “The Black Dominica” sandwiched between the red strikes of AP 17 1847 and SP 12 1854 being the only pre-stamp strike in black ink. It is possible that the crowned black Dominica was applied in mourning as a mark of respect to the passing of the much loved Queen Adelaide who died 2nd December 1849, wife of King William IV (1830-37).

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to Bermuda postal history
1953 (FE 24) cover to Paget East with 1c, 7c,10c franking pmk'd Ciudad Trujillo, reverse Paget arrival.

EARLIEST RECORDED LETTER written at LOUBIERE during the SEVEN YEARS WAR, Dominica postal history
1759 entire letter datelined at base of second page "Loubiere, Dom/que Le 8 Avril 1759" addressed to Capt. Brough of the Marines on board Her Majesty's Ship Panther (St. Rupert's Bay, Dominica). Contents in French, signed by G. Mayne St. Luce, discuss the increased prices of provisions which prevent him fulfilling Capt. Brough's order, remarking in particular on the scarcity and expensiveness of sea fish; he is, however, able to forward a cheese. Remarkably fine condition and a rare internal mail survivor with unusual content. (The previous earliest letter was written Dominica NO 10 1763 ex Nabarro 3/1975 R£90, Sugarman 3/1994 R£552 during the first British occupation as Dominica ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris FE 10 1762, the French settlers retaining their estates).
H.M.S. Panther, a 60 gun ship under Captain Molyneux Shuldham, was part of the fleet under Commodore Moore which captured Guadeloupe on JA 24 1759, during the Seven Years' War. Several ships, including H.M.S. Panther, were then detached from the fleet and proceeded to Prince Rupert's Bay at Dominica, in order to observe and follow the newly arrived French fleet which contained troops for the relief of the French islands in the West Indies. Mail from this theatre of war with campaign connection is virtually unknown. (Loubiere is in the south of the island near Roseau; Prince Rupert's Bay is in the north).

DOMINICA postal history to 76-79 St. Pauls Churchyard, London
1890 use of QV 1½d dark brown UPU Post Card from Maitland House, Roseau to London pmk'd vertical "A07" with DOMINICA C/SP 11 90 despatch.

PORTSMOUTH, Dominica postal history
1897 local cover to The Government Office, Roseau with pair QV ½d Sexagenary (SG.9) tied PORTSMOUTH sideways down C/SP 9 97 with Head Office */SP 10 97 arrival alongside.

DOMINICA postal history
1882 red/cream Formular UPU Post Card for countries within 300 miles served by British packet with QV 1d lilac Perf. 14 Crown CC wmk affixed, unused with some toning.
Robson Lowe encyclopaedia Volume 6 stated only three unused examples known.

DOMINICA postal history
1878 small stampless piece with red DOMINICA PAID/I/SP 27 78 cds (ERD) to J.W. Shannon, Barbados.

ST. JOSEPH, Dominica postal history
1921 reg. front only with 3½d rate to Huddersfield pmk'd */MY 28 21.

(A below right leg of M) alongside address panel on 10c orange PSE pmk'd blue SANTO DOMINGO 4 ABR 91 to Karlruhe, b/stamped fine strikes Kingston 3 N/AP 6 91 sqc and Karlsruhe 24.4.91 arrival.

(A below middle leg of M) on Chile 3c Post Card to Roseau pmk'd Valparaiso 19 OCT 89 with Kingston NO 18 89 sqc, JAMAICA/TRANSIT h/stamp, and Dominica NO 20 arrival cds alongside address panel.

GRAND FOND, Dominica postal history
*/1 NO 63 tying QE2 2d x 2, 24c on reg. cover to USA.

CLIFTON, Dominica postal history
*/4 DE 63 on QE2 4c, 2 x 12c (SG.145,151) Durnin cover to California.

A07 (horiz) re-allocated PORTSMOUTH, Dominica postal history
tying design QV 1d Post Card with Portsmouth C/DE 1 00 and Dominica (Roseau) */DE 3 00 alongside to Germany.
The horizontal A07 transferred from Roseau to Portsmouth about 1888.

*/12 MY 37 on Coronation trio cover.

*/12 DE 46 on reg. Wells cover.

LEEWARD ISLANDS postal history to Boot & Shoe Manufacturers, Queens Road, Bristol
1929 cover pmk'd G.P.O. Dominica */OC 2 29 to Bristol.