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1886 use of Barbados QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Mar 29" pmk'd Dominica vertical "A07" at Roseau with C/AP 3 86 despatch cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with only KINGSTOWN C/AP 8 86 arrival b/stamp, corner fault but a fine example of accepted mail which should not have been accepted without penalty.

MISSENT or POST OFFICE KNOWS BEST, Dominica and St. Vincent postal history
1886 use of Dominica QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Dec 24" pmk'd vertical "A07" with C/DE 24 86 cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with both KINGSTOWN and CALLIAQUA C/DE 30 86 transit and arrival cds alongside address panel.
Barrouallie is situated 14 miles west of Kingstown on the Leeward coast whilst Calliaqua is about 8 miles east of Kingstown at the bottom of the island on the near Windward coast.

1937 commercial cover with purple ELIAS GEORGE, The NEW LEBANON STORE, Roseau sender's cachet on flap to Kettering, Northants with KGV 1d pmk'd Roseau */10 JU 37.

GUADELOUPE to DOMINICA postal history
1946 cover to Mrs Lucy Guilford Mark, Mahaut, Dominica with Guadeloupe 10fr pmk'd BASSE-TERRE 17 OCT 46, reverse with sender address and Roseau and poor Mahaut */OC 21 46 arrivals, part flap removed and peripheral faults.

Details of the Spiro Brothers forgeries, ST. CHRISTOPHER stamps
(in cover section for convenience) 1870 QV 1d in pale lilac as produced by the Spiro Brothers mounted on card with full description details.

S.S. SCANPENN, Dominica postal history
1936 cover to Dun & Bradstreet, New York with KGV 1d, 1d pmk'd New York Paquebot duplex dated APR 28 36, fine magenta "S.S. SCANPENN" cachet.

DOMINICA postal history
1912 opened-out printed sender cover from D.O. RIVIERE & Co to New York marked "p. Parima" with d View, 2 x 1d View tied on arrival by N.Y. P.O. HUD. TERM. STA. PAQUEBOT cds dated D/DE 21 1912 with receiver applying DEC 13 1912 str. line to face and DEC 21 1912 inside appended with pencil notes.

DOMINICA to AUSTRALIA postal history
1948 printed A.C. Shillingford & Co, Roseau cover to South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with corner fault KG6 2/6d pmk'd Roseau */17 AP 48 d/ring.
Interesting social history about the Shillingford family enclosed.

COLIHAUT, Dominica postal history
1948 printed Edwin E. Williams, Colihaut, Importer of Agricultural Machines sender address cover to New York with KG6 3d pmk'd Roseau */6 MY 48 d/ring.

DOMINICA postal history
1932 printed sender cover from A.A. Baron, BELL HALL & BARON GARDEN ESTATES to New York marked "Per S.S. Munamar" with KGV 2d pmk'd New York PAQUEBOT arrival duplex dated JUL 19 1932.

LOWER PENVILLE, Dominica postal history:
1969 cover to Toronto, Canada with Churchill 1c, 24c pmk'd LOWER PENVILLE */MR 29 69.

GOVERNMENT H.Q., Commonwealth of Dominica postal history
1980 OHMS stampless local cover (Coat-of-Arms on flap) to Mero, St. Joseph from the Ministry of Education and Health 7 AUG 80 pmk'd GOVERNMENT H.Q. */8 AU 80 using the official address name of COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA.

DOMINICA postal history landed with MARGATE/SHIP-LRE
1837 entire headed "Dominica 26th July 1837" and docketted "D.S. Laidlaw, Dominica Dated 26 July Rec'd 12 Sept" marked "p. Orbut" addressed to the Hon. Wm Frazer, Alexander, Wilson & Co. in London landed with "MARGATE/SHIP LRE" and rated 1/8.
An ongoing current survey of 1,381 private ship letters landed at ports around the UK show only 14 entires landed at Margate with only two being from Dominica (the other written OC 17 1787). On this date, 26 July 1837, some 23 vessels were wrecked at Barbados during a hurricane, and 57 lives lost. The distance between Roseau and Bridgetown being only 193 miles. The Hon. Dugald Stewart Laidlaw, merchant of Roseau, served as Acting Governor of Dominica 1843-45.

1947 b/w ppc of "A Country Road, Dominica" with Dominica KG6 1d affixed for Chula Vista, California, carried privately to Martinique with pair 3fr on 2fr added and tied FORT DE FRANCE */15 4 47 cds. Closed tear to card at top but a most unusual combination.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to Bermuda postal history
1953 (FE 24) cover to Paget East with 1c, 7c,10c franking pmk'd Ciudad Trujillo, reverse Paget arrival.

DOMINICA postal history
1878 small stampless piece with red DOMINICA PAID/I/SP 27 78 cds (ERD) to J.W. Shannon, Barbados.

ST. JOSEPH, Dominica postal history
1921 reg. front only with 3d rate to Huddersfield pmk'd */MY 28 21.

(A below right leg of M) alongside address panel on 10c orange PSE pmk'd blue SANTO DOMINGO 4 ABR 91 to Karlruhe, b/stamped fine strikes Kingston 3 N/AP 6 91 sqc and Karlsruhe 24.4.91 arrival.

(A below middle leg of M) on Chile 3c Post Card to Roseau pmk'd Valparaiso 19 OCT 89 with Kingston NO 18 89 sqc, JAMAICA/TRANSIT h/stamp, and Dominica NO 20 arrival cds alongside address panel.

GRAND FOND, Dominica postal history
*/1 NO 63 tying QE2 2d x 2, 24c on reg. cover to USA.
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