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BARBADOS stamps:
SG UNLISTED 1855-57 diagonally bisected imperforate (1d) deep blue (SG.10a) tied to printed matter piece by Bridgetown "1" obliterator with matching ink colour BARBADOES AP 25 1859 double-arc alongside, further portion of another obliterator at right shows a full (1d) stamp removed for a triple rate, reverse shows (Page) 258. The missing adhesive adds to the authenticity of the piece, and the dbl-arc shows the dent at base as found on full covers for the period.
(Listed under covers for convenience): The Edmund Bayley handbook (Page 27) states: There is only one recorded copy of the deep blue (1d) stamp bisected vertically joined to a whole stamp on part of a newspaper, which bears the "1" numerical cancellation and is dated OC 21 1857. This copy is in the Royal Philatelic Collection. (The bisected 1860 (1d) pin-perf. issues, without datestamps, are catalogued 750.00 on piece).

Code 3 used ST. PHILIP, BARBADOS postal history
1879 locally addressed cover to J.G. Carter, Thurbun, St. Philip with 1d grey-blue (SG.74) tied Bridgetown open bootheel duplex dated A/JA 2 79 showing BARBADOS 3/JA 02 79 (M2-O) arrival alongside address panel, flap removed.
Thought one of only two covers to St. Philip with this Parish arrival cds, the other has the arrival as backstamp.

BARBADOS to TRINIDAD postal history
1866 entire with printed colourless embossed DUMMETT & Co. BARBADOS letterhead to E.H. Fitt & Co, Trinidad with 6d orange-red (SG.30) tied Bridgetown "1" bootheel with top flap displaying MR 6 66 despatch and Trinidad MR 8 1866 arrival, left frontal crease with central split.
On DE 1 1862 Barbados and Trinidad had agreed to abolish the collection of 1d from both sender and addressee, this prepaid 6d adhesive comprised 1d to port, 4d sea post, 1d delivery.

BARBADOS postal history
1862 refolded horizontally along top (to reduce/improve) wrapper front and back to London with 6d (SG.29) pmk'd Bridgetown "1" with BARBADOES NO 7 1862 despatch dbl-arc showing red London NO 29 62 arrival, discoloured at left.

BARBADOS postal history
Fabricated 1865 entire to John Jeffrey & Co, Edinburgh with cleverly added (1d) blue tying in with original portion bootheel cancel with BARBADOS I/FE 9 65 cds alongside. The entire only given away by addition of wrongly rated red crayon "6".

TRINIDAD postal history
1903 Watkins-Scott Liebers "Trinidad Prices Current" marked "per s/s Maraval" with d Britannia (defective) pmk'd Port of Spain K/AP 7 03 to Capt W.H. Bernard, Prince Edward Island, reverse fine Summerside AP 22 03 duplex.

The Chinese minority, Trinidad postal history
1923 use of KGV 2d PSRE with added 3d Seated Britannia from Lum Soy, Tunapuna (reverse) lightly posted some ten miles away at CUNUPIA A/NO 26 23 addressed San Francisco, California.

BARBADOS to Prince Edward Island postal history (Ex GINGOLD, HURLOCK)
1873 cover (torn along top) with rounded corner perf. (4d) dull vermilion compound perf. 11 to 13 x 14 to 15 (SG.57, Cat.110) and clean-cut (1d) blue (SG.52) pmk'd BARBADOS I/JY 29 73 to Nathaniel McLaren, Georgetown, Prince Edward Island rated red "4" and b/stamped ST. THOMAS A/AU 2 73 transit. A rare destination. Ex GINGOLD (1947) and HURLOCK (1959).

BARBADOS postal history
1865 cover with rare printed sender's address of GOODRICH & HOUGH, PHOTOGRAPHERS, No. 1 BROAD STREET, Bridgetown, Barbados marked "via Colon" to McAdam, New York rated red "4" with (1d) deep blue, (4d) dull rose-red (SG.24,25) tied bootheel "1" with BARBADOS MR 11 65 despatch cds alongside, reverse ST. THOMAS MR 14 1865 transit dbl-arc. The (1d) stamp torn right through prior affixing, and cover slightly reduced at left.

COUVA, Trinidad
dated B/AU 4 98 on QV d Post Card uprated with d to Worcester re-addressed Bristol.