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BIRCHGROVE, Grenada postal history
1900 wrapper(?) piece with folded side flaps lightly handstamped PRINTED PAPER to W.H. Allder Esq, C.S. Office with QV d tied BIRCHGROVE C/JU 7 00 cds.

Code 4 used ST. GEORGE, Barbados postal history
(M2-R, replacement cds with wording further away from outer rim) arrival dated (4)/JA 8 (87) both code and year not inserted (LRD) on QV d red-brown Post Card written "St. John's Jany 8th" and posted with Bridgetown open bootheel duplex dated A/JA 8 87 to His Honor, The Speaker, Greens, St. George.
Confirmation that this is the Parish code 4 cds comes with the damaged rim at 8 o'clock as found on earlier dates on loose adhesives. The current ERD for the M3 series cds is only 10 days later, JA 18 87. The earliest strikes JA 18 87 to OC 23 90 also show no code 4, at some point thereafter the code 4 was inserted.

8 (used ISIPINGO), Natal postal history MISSENT to Scotland
1883 cover to Mrs. J. N. Leonard, Scotland, Massachusetts with QV d CC wmk, 1d, 6d CA wmk pmk'd "8" obliterators with two strikes circled "MISSENT" alongside address panel, reverse Durban 25 AU 83 shield, London SP 25 93, New York OCT 6 83 Paid All, Waltham OCT 6 1883 arrival.

A.G. SHOW. P.O., Trinidad postal history
1895 locally addressed cover to Miss. Hart, Royal Botanic Gardens with QV 1d carmine tied both double-lined "AG. SHOW. P.O." handstamp and TRINIDAD OC 19 95 cds with PORT OF SPAIN B/OC 21 95 arrival cds, no backstamps.
The Agricultural Show Post Office was in the Princes Building, Port of Spain and the handstamp applied OC 17 to OC 19 1895.

Boer War Irreconcilable F.C. LAUNSPACH (carved wooden serviette ring fame), Bermuda postal history
1902 cover to F.C. Launspach, Burts Island, Bermuda with 2 x Transvaal 1d ovp'd "E.R.I." tied BRAAMFONTEIN, B.O. JOHANNESBURG 4 FEB 1902 9.30am and b/stamped JOHANNESBURG 4 FEB 1902 10.30am where PASSED PRESS CENSOR worn handstamp applied to face, on arrival b/stamped HAMILTON MR 15 1902/C with "Not Darrells" and directed "Hawkins" in red manuscript, the cover opened left edge and at top leaving tears through flap. Very few Bermuda Boer War POW covers can be matched to actual events.
F.C. Launspach is listed as one of the prominent personalities amongst the Boer War prisoners detained at Bermuda, and as an irreconcilable was one of the last to leave on 20 August 1904 bound for the United States. Many of the prisoners occupied themselves by making handcraft which were sold in many of the stores in Bermuda. The POWs on Burts Island eventually formed the Industrial Association for Carvings and Curios, and some of these items are preserved in the South African National Museum of Military History including a wooden serviette ring with carved name F C Launspach (see photo of similar type serviette rings).

GREAT BRITAIN and CAPE OF GOOD HOPE "both ways" postal history
1902 mourning cover to De Beers, Somerset West, Cape Colony with Great Britain QV 3d Jubilee tied PADDINGTON AP 3 02, no arrival date but returned to the London Hospital, Whitechapel with strip of three, two singles d Hope pmk'd GPO Cape Town AP 23 02, no backstamps.
3d outgoing (presumed overpaid d) and 2d return.

The GHOSTS of POINT ELLICE HOUSE, the most haunted house on VANCOUVER ISLAND
1898 cover to Mrs (Caroline Agnes) O'Reilly (1831-1899, thought to appear as an apparition in the grounds of her house) at Point Ellice, Victoria, Vancouver Island pmk'd KINGSTON AU 10 98 and then mysteriously spirited some 4,432 miles to DUBLIN (AU 24 98, husband Peter originated from Ballybeg, Co. Meath, only 45 miles from Dublin) before travelling a further 4,502 miles to VICTORIA, B.C. PM/SP 6 98 per b/stamp) with I/SP 7 98 and "10" cents tax due handstamp added the next day, some soiling.
Husband Peter, former Indian Reserve Commissioner, is the subject of supernatural investigations at the house which went live on a YouTube video October 31 2020. Visitors and volunteers have had spooky encounters with lights switching on and off, a piano playing on its own, and apparitions chasing them away. In later years "a nice young lady in a blue dress" had shown visitors around the house giving many previously unknown facts, when questioned they went back inside the house and pointed to a blue gown lying across a bed, "that's the one she was wearing" in daughter Kathleen O'Reilly's bedroom. Kathleen had returned! For many years the whereabouts of the grave of Caroline Agnes was a mystery, but in her final year, being so ill, she made a last visit to her family in England, dying only a few days after arrival. Her remains lie in the cemetery at Cheriton, Folkestone (only 2.1 miles down the road, a 39 minute walk, from me!).

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1881 cover to Brooklyn, New York with QV 6d pmk'd Sydney JA 14 81 duplex with purple oval "PAID ALL" (seriffed letters applied Sydney), reverse San Francisco Paid All and Brooklyn AUG 16 arrival.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1887 Wells & Leavitt, Sydney sender's cover to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin with QV 6d tied Sydney MY 18 87 duplex, matching part purple CHICAGO cds and oval "PAID ALL" (sans-serif, applied at Chicago), very fine Fond Du Lac JUN 16 arrival b/stamp.

Combination NATAL and British Occupied ORANGE FREE STATE stamps used ORANGE RIVER COLONY
1900 used of "E. No. 708" blue stock NATAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS (deleted) foolscap cover marked "Regd", "60", "Fee Paid" to Serg. Major C. Stride, Dorset Yeomanry, Wimborne, Dorset with combination Natal block of ten QV 1d carmine and British Occupied OFS 2d purple ovp'd "V.R.I." and 2d pmk'd P.O.A. 107 obliterators, both stamps and adhesives with faults, reverse Wimborne DE 8 00 arrival.
The Orange Free State was formally annexed to the British Crown and renamed the Orange River Colony on 28 May 1900.

SHIP MAIL ROOM ADELAIDE, South Australia postal history
1884 cover "per Lusitania" to Hollywood, King's Norton, Birmingham with QV 6d pmk'd SHIP MAIL ROOM ADELAIDE JY 23 84, reverse SP 4 84 arrivals.

1894 use of East India QV anna REPLY CARD portion pmk'd SHIKOHABAD JL 15 (94) sqc with LASHKAR, GWALIOR STATE 16 JL 94 cds alongside address panel.

1886 use of Barbados QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Mar 29" pmk'd Dominica vertical "A07" at Roseau with C/AP 3 86 despatch cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with only KINGSTOWN C/AP 8 86 arrival b/stamp, corner fault but a fine example of accepted mail which should not have been accepted without penalty.

MISSENT or POST OFFICE KNOWS BEST, Dominica and St. Vincent postal history
1886 use of Dominica QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Dec 24" pmk'd vertical "A07" with C/DE 24 86 cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with both KINGSTOWN and CALLIAQUA C/DE 30 86 transit and arrival cds alongside address panel.
Barrouallie is situated 14 miles west of Kingstown on the Leeward coast whilst Calliaqua is about 8 miles east of Kingstown at the bottom of the island on the near Windward coast.

UNSEALED RATE, Grenada postal history
1895 unsealed rate cover to Utica, New York with QV d dull green pmk'd ST. GEORGE'S sideways facing down C/NO 25 95 cds.

SLIEMA, Malta postal history
1888 used of QV 1d carmine Post Card written at "Sliema 11/5/88" to a Leipzig bookseller pmk'd Malta "A25" duplex dated C/MY 11 88.

K3 "3" used INLAND ISLAND, Bermuda postal history
1888 cover to West Bend, Wisconsin, USA with QV d stone, pair QV 1d rose-red (SG.20,23) tied INLAND ISLAND K3 "3" duplex dated A/JY 11 88, reverse with New York and West Bend cancels. Currently a unique combination.
With the arrival of the QV d stone issued on MR 25 1880 the 2d rate to the USA, actually 2d, introduced OC 3 1876 could now be met and Bermuda was no longer obliged to suffer the d loss on half ounce letters. The INLAND ISLAND duplex was expected to cease its use with the introduction of the K4 "3" on JA 1 1889. During the period MR 25 1880 to DE 31 1888 only two covers from Ireland Island to the USA are currently recorded, the other with QV d plus 2d dated JA 6 1888.

HOTEL VICTORIA UNCLAIMED, Great Britain (Isle of Wight) postal history
1890 cover to Mrs. Greenwood, Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, London with GB QV 1d lilac (16 dots) tied VENTNOR "971" duplex dated C/DE 22 90 with purple d/ring oval HOTEL VICTORIA /UNCLAIMED/RECEPTION BUREAU alongside, reverse framed "Not called for/W.C", manuscript and dated initials, and London DE 22 90 and JA 1 91 cds.

Code 7 used ST. JAMES, Barbados postal history
(M2-R) dated 7/MY 14 85 as arrival on QV d Post Card to The Spring Plantation, St. James, reverse printed text headed Bridgetown with buying prices refined sugar, and molasses per gallon.

Broad "A" used ST. JOHNS, Grenada postal history
1898 use of QV 1d carmine UPU Post Card to a Photo Chemist in London with design pmk'd St. Johns broad "A" dated 22 DE 98 with St. Georges C/DE 22 98 transit backstamp.
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