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Code 4 used ST. GEORGE, Barbados postal history
(M2-R, replacement cds with wording further away from outer rim) arrival dated (4)/JA 8 (87) both code and year not inserted (LRD) on QV d red-brown Post Card written "St. John's Jany 8th" and posted with Bridgetown open bootheel duplex dated A/JA 8 87 to His Honor, The Speaker, Greens, St. George.
Confirmation that this is the Parish code 4 cds comes with the damaged rim at 8 o'clock as found on earlier dates on loose adhesives. The current ERD for the M3 series cds is only 10 days later, JA 18 87. The earliest strikes JA 18 87 to OC 23 90 also show no code 4, at some point thereafter the code 4 was inserted.

RATLAM, India postal history
QV anna PSE with added QV anna strip of four, pair, two singles tied 13/A-20 numerals with framed REGISTERED RATLAM handstamp and RUTLAM 12 JAN and BOMBAY JAN 14 cds, opened for display, edge faults.

Postal Stationery "USED ABROAD", British Guiana postal history
1938 use one "ONE CENT" on 2c carmine UPU Post Card by the Regent Stamp Company to Oxton, Birkenhead put through the London machine cancel on 5 AUG 1938 with the uncancelled GB KG6 1d tied by London 5 AU 38 d/ring.

Kyoto, Japan via Broome, Western Australia and Singapore to Egypt, Germany, Switzerland
1913 use of Japan 4 sen deep brown/buff UPU Post Card to The School of Medicine, Cairo written Kyoto 26 April 1913 with BROOME 5 JU 13, Singapore JU 18 13 (reverse), Cairo 8 VII 13 with re-addressing in red ink to Leipzig, Germany and the Hotel Kronenberg, Pontresina, Switzerland.

1894 use of East India QV anna REPLY CARD portion pmk'd SHIKOHABAD JL 15 (94) sqc with LASHKAR, GWALIOR STATE 16 JL 94 cds alongside address panel.

1886 use of Barbados QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Mar 29" pmk'd Dominica vertical "A07" at Roseau with C/AP 3 86 despatch cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with only KINGSTOWN C/AP 8 86 arrival b/stamp, corner fault but a fine example of accepted mail which should not have been accepted without penalty.

MISSENT or POST OFFICE KNOWS BEST, Dominica and St. Vincent postal history
1886 use of Dominica QV 1d brown UPU Post Card with cross-written text headed "Dec 24" pmk'd vertical "A07" with C/DE 24 86 cds alongside to Miss M.B. Clinckett, Rev. Canon Branch, The Rectory, Barrouallie, St. Vincent with both KINGSTOWN and CALLIAQUA C/DE 30 86 transit and arrival cds alongside address panel.
Barrouallie is situated 14 miles west of Kingstown on the Leeward coast whilst Calliaqua is about 8 miles east of Kingstown at the bottom of the island on the near Windward coast.

SLIEMA, Malta postal history
1888 used of QV 1d carmine Post Card written at "Sliema 11/5/88" to a Leipzig bookseller pmk'd Malta "A25" duplex dated C/MY 11 88.

BOSTON, USA to VERULAM re-directed GROUTVILLE, UMHLALI P.O., Natal postal history
UNRECORDED VERULAM SHIELD No.75: 1879 use of USA 3c PSE uprated with 1c x 2, 10c (15c rate) pmk'd BOSTON, Mass. to a Miss Martha E. Price, Verulam P.O. re-directed Groutville, Umhlali P.O. showing full transit cancels.
Datestamps are Boston NO 23 79, Boston NO 24, London DE 6, Durban 11.1.1880, Verulam No.75 12.1, Verulam No.75 14.1, Durban 14.1, Umhlali No.4 date indistinct. (Verulam was allocated Shield No.3, and being a busy office may have used Shield No.75 at a later point).

REGISTERED AIR LETTER, British Guiana postal history
1962 use of illustrated Formula Air Letter to Mayfair Stamps, Pennsylvania with QE2 5c, 24c pmk'd skeleton GPO REG BRANCH (with inverted letters) with reg. label and arrivals, contents being offers of large quantities of stamps by parcels.

REGISTERED AIR LETTER, Trinidad postal history
1960 use of QE2 15c Air Letter up-rated with 3 x QE2 5c and tied Registration label pmk'd San Fernando A/16 MY 60 to The Headmaster, Millfield School, Street, Somerset, full text.

Broad "A" used ST. JOHNS, Grenada postal history
1898 use of QV 1d carmine UPU Post Card to a Photo Chemist in London with design pmk'd St. Johns broad "A" dated 22 DE 98 with St. Georges C/DE 22 98 transit backstamp.

URUGUAY to NEW CALEDONIA postal history
1908 use of Uruguay 3c brown illustrated (Palace of Gobierno) UPU Post Card to Noumea, Nouvelle Caledonie, Oceania pmk'd CIUDAD NUEVA AL SUD, MONTEVIDEO A/27 JUN 1908, purple ROBERTO STIRLING sender's cachet front and back, some toning.

BARBADOS postal history:
1953 printed Rediffusion Service Ltd, Trafalgar Street, Bridgetown headed AIR LETTER with combination Britannia design 2c, 8c meter machine and pair issued QE2 1c definitives pmk'd GPO 26 AP 53, first month use.

MAURITIUS to ST. VINCENT postal history
1895 use of "3" on 4c on 3c newswrapper to His Honor E.J. Cameron, Administrator & Colonial Secretary, St. Vincent pmk'd 2/JA 30 95.

WW2 Mail to DARRELL'S ISLAND ROYAL AIR FORCE STATION, Bermuda postal history
1941 use of GB KG6 2d PSE pmk'd Tunbridge Wells "Post Early In The Day" machine cancel dated 29 JUN 1941 to Corporal Arthur James Brett, R.A.F. possibly addressed Dept. 08 Air Ministry, British Mails prior forwarding to Darrell's Island, Bermuda with HAMILTON 1 AUG 41 backstamp, further blue 8 SEP 1941 handstamp PERSONAL LETTERS/AIR MINISTRY pencilled "08", and manuscript forwarding "1425 Flight (RAF) Honeybourne, Worcester, RAF Prestwick, Scotland, and RAF I.OTU (No. 1 (Coastal) Operations Training Unit), Silloth, Cumberland with 29 DE 41 arrival d/ring.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
2c carmine/grey PSE pmk'd Suddie (date unclear) to Queenstown, Essequibo with COMPLETE OFFSET of indicia, opened for display.

BO, Sierra Leone postal history
(016.01) dated */OC 24 07 on KE7 1d PSE to Kissy Road, Freetown with design left to be cancelled FREETOWN */26 OC 07.

Great Britain 1971 Postal strike: EMERGENCY MAIL SERVICE, Rhodesia postal history
1971 complete with text AIR LETTER to Oxford, England with 2c, 5c affixed for postage and additional 50c fee pmk'd CAUSEWAY 25 FEB 71 with circular EMERGENCY AIR SERVICE d/ring alongside.
Writer mentions new service (inaugurated on or about the 20th February) for such airletters at a cost of 5/- or 50c cents local. Such letters were taken by private couriers. The UK postal workers strike was period January to March 1971

BULAWAYO MATABELELAND, Mashonaland postal history
1898 used of British South Africa Company 1d International Post Card to The Colonial Bank, Port Elizabeth with full text pmk'd BULAWAYO, MATABELELAND AU 13 98 with PORT ELIZABETH GP/AU 17 98 arrival.
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