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T.P.O. BERBICE STR (steamer), BRITISH GUIANA postal history:
1919 cover to J.P. Wright, Croydon, Surrey subsequently re-directed Henley-on-Thames with KGV 2c WAR TAX tied both T.P.O. BERBICE STR cds dated NO 7 19 and boxed "CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED" handstamp with circled "T" and handstruck "2d F.B.A" with GB 2d Postage Due tied PURLEY SORTING OFFICE 12 DE 19 d/ring, backstamped New Amsterdam and Georgetown 8 NOV 19, vertical fold.

BRITISH GUIANA to MADEIRA postal history
1915 cover with Mandel Fernandes, Water Street, Georgetown sender's cachet on flap to Jose Maria de Faria, Funchal, Madeira with KGV 1c, 4c pmk'd Georgetown 7 AUG 15 cds, reverse Funchal 5 SET 15 arrival.

Tourism slogan NASSAU CALLING/MORE ATTRACTIVE/THAN EVER, Bahamas postal history
1927 commercial cover to Lennards Ltd, Bristol with KGV 1d pmk'd Nassau 10 FE 27, alongside rare 3-line "NASSAU CALLING/MORE ATTRACTIVE/THAN EVER" handstamp.

OFFICIAL-PAID, Antigua postal history to Tapton Close, Sheffield
1916 Leewards KE7 2d PSRE with added KGV 1d to Sheffield pmk'd OFFICIAL-PAID, ANTIGUA */MY 19 16, album page backing paper adhers to whole of reverse, rarely seen cancel.

(R1) B/18 DE 19 tying KGV 1d (SG.87b, corner perf. fault on KGV 2d PSRE (damaged flap) to Huddersfield.

KUNTA-UR, Gambia postal history
dated 23 JU 36 tying KGV SJ set of 4 values on cover to Edinburgh.

BOIA, Sierra Leone postal history
(011.01) A/AP 6 26 tying KGV 1d (SG.133) added KGV 3d PSRE to Huddersfield, boxed h/struck TRAVELLING P.O. reg. h/stamp No.246, some top left corner damage, opened 2 sides.

CUMBERLAND, St. Vincent postal history
B/3 DE 28 on KGV 6d (SG.137) cover to Manchester (excised name) showing str. line "REGISTERED" (applied village), some creasing and toning.

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS postal history
1929 cover from C.S. Jones, Grand Turk (per flap) with KGV 2d (SG.180) tied purple boxed K.N.S.M. S.S. ASTREA handstamp dated 2 DEC 1929 to Jersey City, USA.

MESSINA, Transvaal postal history
skeleton dated 2 DE 1935 on South Africa 1d pair, 4d cover to London.

MALIPS DRIFT, Transvaal postal history
23 DEC 1926 on South Africa KGV 1d PSE with added KGV d to Alnwick re-addressed Carlisle, some soiling.

MAKENE, Sierra Leone postal history
(099.01) */JY 26 20 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.112,113a) added KGV 2d PSRE to Huddersfield, reverse handstruck MAKENE reg. h/stamp and coin-type 3d bit wax seal with Crown over "3" flanked by 19 and 01 all in reverse.

MANO, Sierra Leone postal history
(106.03) C/AP 8 20 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.131,133) added KGV 2d PSRE to Huddersfield, handstruck boxed MANO reg. h/stamp.

MANO, Sierra Leone postal history
(106.03) C/FE 7 18 tying KGV 1d orange (SG.114) added KGV 2d PSRE, opened 2 sides, to Huddersfield, handstruck boxed MANO reg. h/stamp.

MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.02) */DE 16 25 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.131,135) added KGV 3d PSRE to Leicester, boxed MATTRU reg. h/stamp.

MARA, British Guiana postal history
(T.21) */MR 13 22 tying 2 x KGV 2c (SG.273) on home-made cover to Colchester, some edge soiling.

DENVER, Transvaal postal history
26 FEB 1917 tying pair SA KGV 2d on cover, opened 3 sides, to Edinburgh, h/struck DENVER reg. h/stamp.
Handstruck DENVER h/stamp Putzel unrecorded

LONG CAY, Bahamas postmark
(T.7 I, D4) 30 JUN 31 tying KGV 1d (SG.116) on large piece local cover front.

NIGEL, Transvaal postal history
dated 6 MR 20 tying Union KGV 6d on reg. cover to Colchester, fine NIGEL str. line reg. h/stamp, one reverse side flap removed.

457 used BOWDEN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on KE7 1d rate cover to Transvaal dated JU 4 4, peripheral faults and opened 2 sides.
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