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A fascinating "MEANS OF DELIVERY" has been set up in POSTAL HISTORY + Subjects showing all types of British West Indies mail you might encounter.

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OFFICIAL-PAID, Antigua postal history to Tapton Close, Sheffield
1916 Leewards KE7 2d PSRE with added KGV 1d to Sheffield pmk'd OFFICIAL-PAID, ANTIGUA */MY 19 16, album page backing paper adhers to whole of reverse, rarely seen cancel.

(R1) B/18 DE 19 tying KGV 1d (SG.87b, corner perf. fault on KGV 2d PSRE (damaged flap) to Huddersfield.

KUNTA-UR, Gambia postal history
dated 23 JU 36 tying KGV SJ set of 4 values on cover to Edinburgh.

BOIA, Sierra Leone postal history
(011.01) A/AP 6 26 tying KGV 1d (SG.133) added KGV 3d PSRE to Huddersfield, boxed h/struck TRAVELLING P.O. reg. h/stamp No.246, some top left corner damage, opened 2 sides.

CUMBERLAND, St. Vincent postal history
B/3 DE 28 on KGV 6d (SG.137) cover to Manchester (excised name) showing str. line "REGISTERED" (applied village), some creasing and toning.

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS postal history
1929 cover from C.S. Jones, Grand Turk (per flap) with KGV 2d (SG.180) tied purple boxed K.N.S.M. S.S. ASTREA handstamp dated 2 DEC 1929 to Jersey City, USA.

MESSINA, Transvaal postal history
skeleton dated 2 DE 1935 on South Africa 1d pair, 4d cover to London.

MALIPS DRIFT, Transvaal postal history
23 DEC 1926 on South Africa KGV 1d PSE with added KGV d to Alnwick re-addressed Carlisle, some soiling.

MAKENE, Sierra Leone postal history
(099.01) */JY 26 20 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.112,113a) added KGV 2d PSRE to Huddersfield, reverse handstruck MAKENE reg. h/stamp and coin-type 3d bit wax seal with Crown over "3" flanked by 19 and 01 all in reverse.

MANO, Sierra Leone postal history
(106.03) C/AP 8 20 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.131,133) added KGV 2d PSRE to Huddersfield, handstruck boxed MANO reg. h/stamp.

MANO, Sierra Leone postal history
(106.03) C/FE 7 18 tying KGV 1d orange (SG.114) added KGV 2d PSRE, opened 2 sides, to Huddersfield, handstruck boxed MANO reg. h/stamp.

MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.02) */DE 16 25 tying KGV d, 1d (SG.131,135) added KGV 3d PSRE to Leicester, boxed MATTRU reg. h/stamp.

MARA, British Guiana postal history
(T.21) */MR 13 22 tying 2 x KGV 2c (SG.273) on home-made cover to Colchester, some edge soiling.

DENVER, Transvaal postal history
26 FEB 1917 tying pair SA KGV 2d on cover, opened 3 sides, to Edinburgh, h/struck DENVER reg. h/stamp.
Handstruck DENVER h/stamp Putzel unrecorded

LONG CAY, Bahamas postmark
(T.7 I, D4) 30 JUN 31 tying KGV 1d (SG.116) on large piece local cover front.

NIGEL, Transvaal postal history
dated 6 MR 20 tying Union KGV 6d on reg. cover to Colchester, fine NIGEL str. line reg. h/stamp, one reverse side flap removed.

457 used BOWDEN, Cape of Good Hope postal history
on KE7 1d rate cover to Transvaal dated JU 4 4, peripheral faults and opened 2 sides.

HASTINGS, Sierra Leone postal history
(051.03) dated C/MR 9 22 tying KGV 1d, 2 x 2d on reg. cover to Huddersfield showing manuscript "Hastings" reg. etiquette in pencil. Some soiling, opened 2 sides.

PUJEHUN plus SULIMA combination, Sierra Leone postal history
(129.01) */MY 9 38 tying 1932 KGV 1d x 3, KGV 2d on cover, opened most 2 sides, to Huddersfield, most unusually with boxed SULIMA reg. h/stamp.

TRAVELLING POST OFFICE FREETOWN - BO, Sierra Leone postal history
(202.01) on full KGV 1d PSE dated 24 DE 1917 with "Passed by Censor", small piece at top lost during opening.
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