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KOBENI skeleton, Natal postal history
1909 col. ppc of Queens Bridge Hotel, Umgeni to Newcastle, Natal with KE7 d tied KOBENI OC 11 1909 skeleton with Vryheid transit alongside.

LAVENTILLE skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) dated 11 FE 81 on reg. 70c plus 15c rate cover to Port of Spain.

COUVA skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) dated 26 FE 73 on reg. QE2 55c rate cover to Chicago.

CUREPE skeleton, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) showing reversed last "D" in TRINIDAD dated 5 AP 51 on 3c Univ. cover to Port of Spain.

CUREPE, Trinidad postal history
skeleton (T.10) dated 7 JY 51 on KG6 6c, 24c cover to London, some soiling and opening tears.

AJAX ST., Trinidad postal history
(T.10) skeleton dated 23 JA 80 on 6c locally used commercial window envelope.

GEORGE VILLAGE, Trinidad postal history
(T.10) skeleton dated 19 MR 70 on QE2 6c rate cover to Pointe-A-Pierre, rare commercial use.

HOPE BAY, Jamaica postal history
skeleton reading HOPEBAY, JAMAIC(A) dated MR *12/59 on QE2 1d local cover, some toning and soiling.

POMEROY, British Guiana postal history
(T.36,D1-2 inverted B) 11 AP 60 on QE2 6c (corner fault), 24c "Gillette 60" advertising cover to Fears, Bristol, opened 3 sides.

MESSINA, Transvaal postal history
skeleton dated 2 DE 1935 on South Africa 1d pair, 4d cover to London.

ALEXANDRA JC skeleton, Natal postal history
Putzel unlisted dated OC 18 10 as transit alongside KE7 d pmk'd Durban on col. ppc of New Town Hall, Durban to Pennington, South Coast, Natal.

NEW ENGLAND skeleton postmark, Sierra Leone postal history
(119.02) dated 1 OC 46 on reg. locally addressed FDC with KG6 1d and 3d Victory.
The reversed "E" in SIERRA now corrected

POA 3 plus LADYSMITH skeleton, Natal postal history
transit cancel dated FE 20 1909 on QV 1d Post Card pmk'd P.O.A. 3 written P.O. Sunkelsdrift addressed Berlin, Germany.

POA 72 (small) with UPPER TONGAAT skeleton, Natal postal history
on KE7 1d cover to Nottingham, England b/stamped AP 30 10.
Two types: exists with larger figures and serif to base of 2, and smaller figures and base of 2 without serif.

NEW ENGLAND, SIERRA LEONE (reversed "E") skeleton, Sierra Leone postal history
(119.01) dated 17 SP 46 on KG6 3d PSRE with added KG6 3d, 1/-, 1/3d to London, boxed "R" reg. h/stamp with manuscript "New England", some reverse soiling.
Probably unique on cover with reversed "E" recorded period JY 20 46 to SP 20 46 (corrected thereafter).

AJAX ST skeleton, Trinidad
dated 18 FE 81 on 10c rate local cover.

1899 (OC 13) BOER WAR - mailed within first 48 hours outbreak of war, STELLENBOSCH skeleton, CGH
QV 1d PSE pmk'd OC 13 99 and b/stamped GPO, Cape Town FG/OC 13 99 arrival sqc, flap tears and peripheral toning.

LUNGI skeleton, Sierra Leone postal history
(088.02) on full cover dated */22 JY 59, reverse sender's address of "Freetown Airport, Lungi". Rarely available.

(D1 State 2) 12 MR 19 on KGV 1d cover to Chicago.

1908 OUDTSHOORN skeleton (Putzel unrecorded), Cape of Good Hope postal history
dated A/MR 15 08 tying KE7 1d to view side of col. ppc to Nebraska.
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