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TRINIDAD postal history
1886 use of QV ˝d Post Card pmk'd A/JY 23 86 locally to Miss Palmer, Palm Grove, Princestown, reverse headed "P. of Spain 22.7.86" with message reading "No visit expected, as cause was removed on 13th inst.; but all possible precautions shall be taken to protect, With love A xxxxx" Text surrounded by a gibbet, cannon, blunderbuss, revolver, cudgel, mantrap, swords, and a barrel marked "Y NAM" (dy namite). Overall toning.
The text may only be cryptic humour but might have a connection with the Ordinance of 1879 whereby a Volunteer Corps was raised with one Company under Captain Wilson permitted to use the Police headquarters for parades. In 1885, the year before this card was written, the Volunteers’ own headquarters, the Drill Hall in Tragarete Road, was opened by Governor Havelock.

Beeching "Hands across the sea" illustrated envelope for Christmas 1898 introduction of the Empire 1d rate with 1d Falls pmk'd Kingston K/OC 22 01 d/ring marked via "S.S. "Adler" to Herne Hill, London, backstamped NO 7 01 arrival.

BARBADOS postal history
1904 "W. DOHERTY & Co, DOHERTY ORGAN, CLINTON, ONTARIO, CANADA" cover used with Barbados 2˝d Seal pmk'd B/NO 5 04 to Oss, Holland.

BERMUDA postal history
1906 pictorial views of the Royal Palms, Prospect and the Coral Rocks printed on face of normal envelope to Hendon, Sunderland with 1d Dock pmk'd Ireland Island A/DE 8 1906.

MUSTIQUE, St. Vincent postal history
San Andres Island, Colombia, Hotel Abacoa cover with St. Vincent 2c, 8c, 10c Bird definitives pmk'd */9 AU 72 to Miami, Florida. Exceptionally attractive.

1907 2c with unrecorded PLATE SCRATCH to Canada

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history:
1906 hand illustrated cover and letterhead from The Rectory, De Aar written Dec 19th 1906 and posted 1 JA 07 to Leeds, cover without flap.