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GREAT GUANA CAY ABACO, Bahamas postal history
1978 cover to Nassau with QE2 5c fish pmk'd GREAT GUANA CAY, ABACO purple TRD dated MAY 26 1978.

MONTSERRAT postal history:
Nederland self-addressed 75c AEROGRAMME pmk'd 17.V.76 to Plymouth b/stamped D/24 MY 76 with three purple "UNCLAIMED" on address panel.

2d postage due handstamp, Sierra Leone postal history
struck alongside "T" tax handstamp on QE2 3d (SG.214) cover pmk'd 2 (AP?) 58 to Feltham, Middlesex.
Walton unrecorded, Proud records one example of use dated JA 15 24.

HOPE BAY, Jamaica postal history
skeleton reading HOPEBAY, JAMAIC(A) dated MR *12/59 on QE2 1d local cover, some toning and soiling.

ROTIFUNK, Sierra Leone postal history
(138.05) */7 MR 60 on QE2 2d x 2, 6d, 1/- cover to Leicester, blue "Rotifunk" reg. label.

POMEROY, British Guiana postal history
(T.36,D1-2 inverted B) 11 AP 60 on QE2 6c (corner fault), 24c "Gillette 60" advertising cover to Fears, Bristol, opened 3 sides.

LUNGI, Sierra Leone postal history
(088.03) */23 JA 60 tying QE2 3d (SG.214) on stationery "No.16" cover locally to New England.

SONGO, Sierra Leone postal history
(128.04) */5 JY 60 tying QE2 3d,6d,1/- added QE2 6d PSRE to Leicester, blue SONGO reg. label.
No examples 128.04 recorded by Walton, Proud records */7 OC 60 (D5) single date.

MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.03) */4 AU 60 tying QE2 1/3d added QE2 6d PSRE to Manchester, re-introduced handstruck MATTRU reg. h/stamp.
Standard blue MATTRU (caps) labels seen used prior this date

GUAVA RIDGE, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 16 MAR 1972 on 5c, 8c local cover, Kingston reg. label changed Guava Ridge.

GARDEN HILL, Jamaica postal history
purple TRD dated 24 DEC 1963 on printed text Post Card with QE2 2d FFH.

CONCORD, Grenada postal history
*/DE 9 59 on no text Post Card with block of four QE2 1c to Edgbaston.

stampless OHMS from PORT LOKO */9 SP 59 to Makeni, reduced on opening and returned with MAKENI */11 SP 59 cds.

DEPARTMENTAL CACHETS etc, Bahamas postal history
group of mainly 10 stampless foolscap OHMS etc covers to Nassau.

GRAND FOND, Dominica postal history
*/1 NO 63 tying QE2 2d x 2, 24c on reg. cover to USA.

YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/26 JY 65 on First Airmail from Yundum Airport with QE2 4d, 6d (reverse), 1/3d to Scotland, blue BATH reg. label, reverse GAMBIA FIELD FORCE sender's h/stamp.

YUNDUM AIRPORT, Gambia postal history
*/9 MR 66 tying design QE2 7d AIR LETTER to Nigeria, scarce early commercial use from airport with mention of seeing Quarantine procedures and pathology whilst visiting Nigeria.

MOYAMBA, Sierra Leone postal history
(117.03) */4 MY 59 tying QE2 3d, 6d on local cover to Kissy, standard blue MOYAMBA reg. label.

MOUNT AUREOL, Sierra Leone postal history
(116.01) */29 MY 58 tying QE2 6d, 1/3d (corner fault) on opened 3 sides cover to Manchester, standard blue "F. B. College" reg. label.

MANGE, Sierra Leone postal history
(105.03) no code/26 MR 60 tying QE2 3d x 2, 1/- added QE2 6d PSRE to Leicester.
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