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QUEENSLAND postal history
1871 foolscap official service cover with Royal Coat-of-Arms printed flap locally to Ipswich with Crowned oval buckled albino embossed PUBLIC LANDS DEPARTMENT cachet manuscript dated "19-4-71" and QV 2d tied QL obliterator, reverse with BRISBANE 4/AU 19 71 and IPSWICH AP 20 1871 and indistinct JU 16 1871 cancels, with ADVERTISED JU 30 1871 on address panel, some soiling.

OVERLAPPED FRANKING, Montserrat postal history
1970 OHMS foolscap cover with MINISTRY OF FINANCE cachet to the Crown Agents, London with overlapped franking of 1c x 20, 2c, 3c x 6 (40c rate) pmk'd GPO Plymouth machine dated 17 NOV 1970.

H.M. PRISON, Barbuda postal history
1992 manila Government Service cover from Adrian Nicholas (flap) to Ms Denise Nicholas, Miami, Florida with Antigua Barbuda 60c pmk'd BARBUDA d/ring with H.M. PRISON/25 FEB 1992/ANTIGUA oval d/ring cachet alongside.

GOVERNMENT H.Q., Commonwealth of Dominica postal history
1980 OHMS stampless local cover (Coat-of-Arms on flap) to Mero, St. Joseph from the Ministry of Education and Health 7 AUG 80 pmk'd GOVERNMENT H.Q. */8 AU 80 using the official address name of COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA.

1993 Official Paid stampless cover from Glenford Campbell, General Penitentiary (flap) to Mandeville with purple d/ring oval TOWER STREET/3 MAR 1993/ADULT CORRECTIONAL CENTRE temporary rubber datestamp.

MAIL TO GRANTLEY ADAMS, Barbados postal history
1952 cover from the Board of Trade pmk'd London OFFICIAL PAID machine cancel dated 7 JAN 1952 to The Hon. G.H. Adams, C.M.G., House of Assembly, Bridgetown with handstruck "MISSENT TO BAHAMAS" supported by Nassau JAN 11 1952 machine cancel on reverse.
Grantley Herbert Adams founded the Barbados Labour Party and was Premier 1953-1958. The International Airport was named after him in 1976 and in 1998 he was named as one of the National Heroes of Barbados. His son, John "Tom" Adams (a keen philatelist), was Prime Minister 1976-1985.

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1939 uncensored Nassau Daily Tribune envelope coupled with TREASURY departmental cachet dated OCT 6 1939 mailed stampless with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and Nassau OCT 6 1939 meter slogan and segmented d/ring cds.

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1953 OHMS stampless cover with HIS MAJESTY'S PRISONS, NASSAU JAN 10 1953 cachet and both PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and Nassau 13 JAN 53 cds to Nashville, Tennessee.
"His" not changed "Her" possibly due QE2 not yet crowned.

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1942 Nassau Daily Tribune envelope coupled with THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD departmental cachet dated MAR 18 1942 mailed stampless by EXPRESS DELIVERY with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned Circle and Nassau 18 MAR 42 segmented circle to the Associated Press Correspondent in Miami, Florida, at left EXAMINED BY 3922 label.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1962 Chief Medical Officer and 1964 Income Tax Office OHMS OFFICIAL PAID stampless covers, first opened three sides, second with water stains.

OFFICIAL PAID, Barbados postal history
1902 OHMS stampless Agriculture Department wrapper with BARBADOS/PAID/OFFICIAL handstamp to the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh pmk'd A/FE 15 02 open bootheel duplex.

COLONIAL SECRETARY, Jamaica postal history
1889 Colonial Secretary's Office printed circular requesting George Tenland of May Pen to attend a meeting of the Exhibition Commissioners posted with ON SERVICE/FREE/COLONIAL SECRETARY cachet supported by Kingston DE 28 89 sqc with MAY PEN same day arrival cds, the paper with curious crowned head watermark which has been seen on preparation sheet 1866 Montserrat revenue stamp issue, and envelope stock paper posted Tasmania NO 22 1867.

MALTA postal history
1969 stampless OHMS cover to RAF Hospital Wroughton, Wiltshire pmk'd FIELD POST OFFICE/22 AP 69/158 with red CENTRAL REGISTRY/R.A.F. LUQA cachet.

GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, Jamaica postal history
cachet dated 2.4.39 on O.H.M.S. plain card with added KGV 1d pmk'd Spanish Town SP 3 37 to Dr. MacDonald in Kelso, Scotland, an unusual item of postal stationery prepared for local use as wording "P.O" deleted.