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QUEENSLAND postal history
1871 foolscap official service cover with Royal Coat-of-Arms printed flap locally to Ipswich with Crowned oval buckled albino embossed PUBLIC LANDS DEPARTMENT cachet manuscript dated "19-4-71" and QV 2d tied QL obliterator, reverse with BRISBANE 4/AU 19 71 and IPSWICH AP 20 1871 and indistinct JU 16 1871 cancels, with ADVERTISED JU 30 1871 on address panel, some soiling.

ANTIGUA, LEEWARDS ISLANDS combination to Imperial Censorship, Hamilton, Bermuda
1940 mixed franking cover from Lady (Jessie) Jardine, enclosing warm personal letter, to W.G. Fitzgerald, c/o Imperial Censorship, Princes Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda with Antigua KG6 d, Leewards KG6 1d, 3d, 6d, 1/- tied St. John's, Antigua d/rings, both envelope flap and letterhead on printed embossed blue (Crown)/GOVERNMENT HOUSE, LEEWARD ISLANDS stationery, some stains.

BAHAMAS to Isle of Wight re-directed Hyeres, France postal history
1910 printed Royal Coat-of-Arms flap cover to Shanklin, Isle of Wight with indistinctly tied 1d Staircase, on arrival re-directed to Hyeres, France with three copies GB KE7 d (one defective) tied SHANKLIN S.O. DE 22 10 d/rings, cover poorly opened.

MALTA postal history
1881 OHMS cover from the BOTANIC GARDEN with albino printed royal coat-of-arms flap to Frankfurt Am Main, Germany with GB QV 2d blue Plate 20 pmk'd "A25" duplex dated D/FE 9 81.
The Argotti Botanical Gardens dates back to 1774 and is situated in Floriana, a short walk from the capital, Valetta. The gardens were originally the private gardens of Grandmaster Pinto and only became a botanical garden in 1805.

GOVERNMENT H.Q., Commonwealth of Dominica postal history
1980 OHMS stampless local cover (Coat-of-Arms on flap) to Mero, St. Joseph from the Ministry of Education and Health 7 AUG 80 pmk'd GOVERNMENT H.Q. */8 AU 80 using the official address name of COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1918 reg. OHMS cover with Royal Coat-of-Arms embossed flap to the Italian Translator, Post and Railway Department, Berne, Switzerland with vertical strip of five KGV 1c WAR (some middle perfs split) and pair KGV 3c WAR pmk'd Belize A/JU 17 18.

1960 opened-out printed AIR MAIL envelope with both oval Royal Coat-of-Arms on flap and "CODE No. 23-31." alongside to Foyles Book Shop, London with QE2 3d pmk'd Salisbury 28 DEC 60, red 5-line "Authorised for Transmission/by Air Mail at Concessional/Rate./U.K.S.L.S. (Army Element), Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia" handstamp.

A76 used SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
(Type O) in blue ink indistinctly tying QV 2d Crown CC (SG.9) on OHMS Royal Arms stationery cover to Kingston dated B/JY 22 80. On arrival ADVERTISED, UNCLAIMED with RETURNED LETTER BRANCH 18 AU 80 handstamps.
Only one other blue ink numeral cover recorded - from Port Antonio with A64 dated JA 25 1878

ST. KITTS postal history to 5 Mansfield Street, London
1929 reg. cover to the Rt. Hon. W.A. Ormesby-Gore, London with strip of three KGV 1d (SG.64) tied St. Kitts C/7 JU 29 cds, blue ink printed Government crown on flap.

on undated GB KE7 d green Newspaper wrapper tied F.S. (Foreign Section) to Kingston, Jamaica, worm-holes etc but most unusual.

GOVERNOR locally produced Postal Stationery Envelope, British Guiana postal history
(T+H unlisted) lightly but clearly struck in violet pmkd Georgetown P.B. dated 13 SP 26 on cover to Essequibo, b/stamped Anna Regina */14 SP 26, address panel lightly toned.
A rare official postal stationery PSE, probably unique.

envelope with Natal KE7 5d, Transvaal KE7 d, 6d pmkd Cape Town reg ovals dated 28 MR 12 to Vienna, hinge remains on reverse.
Note: not the Lion and Unicorn Royal Arms, this appears more Armorial or Heraldic.