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GINGERLAND and CHARLESTOWN forged cancels, Nevis postmarks
(in stamp section for convenience) 1951 clipping from Stamp Collecting magazine.

BARBADOS postal history
1937 unsealed rate cover to Marine Hotel, Hastings with d Badge pmk'd III MAR 1937 machine cancel, purple 5-line handstamp "YOUR POSTMAN'S ROUTE IS/CHRIST CHURCH NO. 14/Please include it as part of your Address, and ask on correspond/dents to do so (Proud Type 145).

G.R. VASILIA, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi local cover, reverse Nicosia 7 JA 49 cds.
Mixed village, now under Turkish rule as KASIYAKA

G.R. AY. IOANNIS (DAGH), Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 pi unsealed rate local Co-op cover, reverse Nicosia 9 DE 46 cds.

G.R. ASOMATOS, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 pi, 1pi local Co-op cover, reverse Nicosia 8 MR 46 cds.

G.R. AMBELIKOU, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi UPU local Co-op cover, reverse Nicosia 14 NO 49 cds.
Turkish village, population 548 in 1960

"BIRDS SCATTERED BY FALLING MASONRY!" variety, Jamaica postal history
newly discovered plate variety on KG6 1/- on reg. cover to Leicester pmk'd WHITFIELD TOWN MR 1 55.
with normal enlargement for comparison

GBANGBATOKE, Sierra Leone postal history
(041.01) 1 SP 52 on KG6 1/- added KG6 3d PSRE to Leicester, blue manuscript "GBA.TOKE" reg. label.

G.R. NATA, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) tying KG6 1pi on local Co-op cover, reverse Paphos 8 JY 47 cds.

G.R. AY. YEORGIOS (KYRENIA), Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi cover, reverse Nicosia 30 AU 46 and Kyrenia AM AU 46 cds

G.R. LIMNIA FA, Cyprus postal history
(T.26) on KG6 1pi RSW cover, reverse Famagusta and Nicosia 27 JA 49 cds.

CASTRIES, St. Lucia postal history
reg. cover, blue printed flap with Royal Air Force motto "Per Ardua ad Astra", with KG6 Coronation set pmk'd 8 JY 37 addressed R.A.F. Halton, Bucks.

SHENGE, Sierra Leone postal history
(145.07) */17 SP 54 on KG6 4d, 1/3d cover to Kilmarnock, boxed h/struck reg. h/stamp.

ROKUPR, Sierra Leone postal history
(135.02) AU 1 39 tying KG6 2d (SG.191) added KG6 3d PSRE to Old Hill, England, boxed handstruck reg. h/stamp.

MATTRU, Sierra Leone postal history
(112.02) */20 DE 54 tying KG6 1/3d added QE2 4d PSRE, standard blue "Mattru" printed reg. label.

KAYIMA, Sierra Leone postal history
(071.01) */24 NO 55 tying KG6 1/3d (SG.196a) on QE2 4d PSRE to Kilmarnock, blue reg. label with m/script "KAYIMA", some damp stains.

NEW ENGLAND skeleton postmark, Sierra Leone postal history
(119.02) dated 1 OC 46 on reg. locally addressed FDC with KG6 1d and 3d Victory.
The reversed "E" in SIERRA now corrected

G.R. SYNKRASI, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on KG6 1pi local cover, reverse Famagusta, Trikomo, Nicosia 1 FE 46 cds.
Mixed village, population 277 in 1960

G.R. TYMBOU, Cyprus postal history
(T.28) on undated and unsealed 2 x KG6 pi local Co-op cover.
Greek village, population 1133 in 1960

G.R. PARALIMNI, Cyprus postal history
(T.26) on KG6 1pi rate local Co-op cover, b/stamped Famagusta and Nicosia 1 MR 47.
Greek village, badly damaged by earthquake in Jan 1941
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