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Combination BAHAMAS and CUBA to Sweden postal history
1936 printed Swedish America Line (top left) cover to Gothenborg, Sweden with delightful combination Bahamas KGV d, two pairs plus single KGV 1d and Cuba 3c, 10c tied four strikes PAQUEBOT (41 x 6mm) handstamp, reverse Havana ABR 2 1936 cigars machine slogan. Sender address on flap from Pier 97, New York, some frontal stains.

BARBADOS postal history:
1933 L.S. Wilson, Bridgetown printed advertising cover for a Vesta Sewing machine and Rejuvention treaments (reverse) to The Barr Rubber Products Co., Sandusky, Ohio with 2d Badge tied G.P.O. 13 SE 33 d/rings.

Kyoto, Japan via Broome, Western Australia and Singapore to Egypt, Germany, Switzerland
1913 use of Japan 4 sen deep brown/buff UPU Post Card to The School of Medicine, Cairo written Kyoto 26 April 1913 with BROOME 5 JU 13, Singapore JU 18 13 (reverse), Cairo 8 VII 13 with re-addressing in red ink to Leipzig, Germany and the Hotel Kronenberg, Pontresina, Switzerland.

Wolverhampton to Kellerberrin, Western Australia re-directed Bulawayo, Salisbury, Rhodesia
1924 cover with GB KGV 1d pmk'd Wolverhampton to Kellerberrin, Western Australia forwarded Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia with boxed "UNCLAIMED/ADVERTISED" and Returned Letter Branch, G.P.O. Salisbury d/ring.
Wolverhampton DE 5 1924, Kellerberrin JA 8 1925, Bulawayo JA 2 and JA 7, Salisbury MY 6 1925.

DIFFERING REGISTRATION LABELS (one "Cancelled"), ST. VINCENT postal history
1917 foolscap OHMS with embossed Royal Coat-of-Arms flap (unlikely to be of village origin) with "Saint Vincent." (18mm long) R.282 label "Cancelled" in red ink, and "Saint Vincent." (20mm long) R.352 label on corner copy KGV 1/- bistre (SG.117, Cat.32) cover to Port Washington, New York, USA showing Kingstown C/NO 23 17 despatch and G.P.O. A/FE 4 18 subsequent return, a wonderful item for the St. Vincent registered mail specialist.

1937 commercial cover with purple ELIAS GEORGE, The NEW LEBANON STORE, Roseau sender's cachet on flap to Kettering, Northants with KGV 1d pmk'd Roseau */10 JU 37.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1921 printed Foster & Co, Georgetown sender's cover to Holland with underpaid pair KGV 2c pmk'd Georgetown 6 APL 1921 cds, alongside circled "T" tax-h/stamp with pair 2c Postage Dues tied AMERSFOORT 27. IV. 1921, opened 2 sides with some edge staining.

DOMINICA postal history
1912 opened-out printed sender cover from D.O. RIVIERE & Co to New York marked "p. Parima" with d View, 2 x 1d View tied on arrival by N.Y. P.O. HUD. TERM. STA. PAQUEBOT cds dated D/DE 21 1912 with receiver applying DEC 13 1912 str. line to face and DEC 21 1912 inside appended with pencil notes.

ST. VINCENT postal history
1917 unused b/w ppc of Kingstown with added KGV 1d WAR STAMP tied forged KINGSTOWN 12-1 17 d/ring.

DOMINICA postal history
1932 printed sender cover from A.A. Baron, BELL HALL & BARON GARDEN ESTATES to New York marked "Per S.S. Munamar" with KGV 2d pmk'd New York PAQUEBOT arrival duplex dated JUL 19 1932.

BERMUDA postal history
1925 re-used envelope sent with outer brown skin as there is a postmarked unidentified stamp and address underneath posted with 1d Caravel pmk'd Hamilton 31 JAN 25 to Diano Marina, Italy with tax handstamp and 30c Postage Due affixed and cancelled.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history:
1927 cover marked "Special Delivery" to G.W. Gordon, Tower Hotel, Georgetown with EXPRESS label and 4 x KGV 2c pmk'd DEM: RIVER STEAMER */15 AU 77. Some gum soiling from further stamp affixed but removed as cds and blue crayon cross that area.

R.M.S. "LADY RODNEY" cachet, Bermuda postal history
1937 Canadian National Steamships printed flap cover with sender address from Inverurie Hotel, Paget Parish to Detroit Michigan with CANADA KGV 1c pair, 3c tied str. line "PAQUEBOT" with Hamilton 17 JLY 1937 along base, superb magenta 3-line R.M.S. "LADY RODNEY" cachet.

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas postal history
1924 reg. "Iremonger" cover to Bristol with KGV 4d (SG.21) tied MARSH HARBOUR (T.1, D2 LRD) bluish-black reversed C/DE 25 24 cds, b/stamped Nassau and London.
Proud handbook records D2 with "A" code but as this is the only example I have handled I cannot confirm whether two codes were used.

ATLANTIS HOTEL, BATHSHEBA COAST, Barbados postal history
coloured ppc showing the railway line mailed with 1d Badge to Huddersfield pmk'd GPO 12 JA 26 cds.

GREAT GUANO CAY, Bahamas postal history
1934 Alan S. Round reg. cover to Stourbridge with KGV 2d, 3d pmk'd GREAT GUANO CAY (T.7 I, D3) 27 NOV 34 cds.

SIMMS LONG ISLAND, Bahamas postal history
1925 reg. commercial cover from Caroline E. Knowles (per flap with sender seal removed by scissors) to the Priscilla Publishing Company in Boston, Massachusetts with 3 x KGV 1d tied SIMMS LONG ISLAND (T3a, D2) 24 JAN 25 d/rings.

JAMAICA postal history
1918 GOLDEN SEAL FLOUR advertising cover to Sav La Mar with KGV 1d WAR STAMP tied Kingston FEB 20-18 machine cancel, reverse SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 20 18 arrival.

ADEN postal history
1934 cover with colourless embossed sender's flap of "COWASJEE DINSHAW & BROS/ADEN" posted to London with India KGV 2as 6ps tied framed "PAQUEBOT" at PORT-TAUFIQ on 25 NO 34, central vertical crease.

Leningrad, RUSSIA to Calcutta, INDIA postal history
1933 reg. cover to Calcutta, India with 5 kon, 30 kon pmk'd Leningrad 13 4 33, opening faults at left, much character.
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