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Combination BAHAMAS and CUBA to Sweden postal history
1936 printed Swedish America Line (top left) cover to Gothenborg, Sweden with delightful combination Bahamas KGV d, two pairs plus single KGV 1d and Cuba 3c, 10c tied four strikes PAQUEBOT (41 x 6mm) handstamp, reverse Havana ABR 2 1936 cigars machine slogan. Sender address on flap from Pier 97, New York, some frontal stains.

TITCHFIELD (two differing dates showing flexibility of handstamp), Jamaica postal history
1903 cover from The University of Chicago with 5c franking pmk'd Chicago APR 5 1903 to Prof. D.S. Johnson PhD, Chester Vale, Gordon Town, Jamaica variously forwarded with twelve differing backstamps including purple boxed TITCHFIELD (TRD 11) for both 16.4.03 and 17.4.03 (showing movement of "J" under "TC"), cover with corner fault.
William Fawcett was the Director of Public Gardens and Plantations in Jamaica from 1887 to 1908, and having returned to Britain was the co-author of the first volumes of Flora of Jamaica.

BARBADOS postal history:
1933 L.S. Wilson, Bridgetown printed advertising cover for a Vesta Sewing machine and Rejuvention treaments (reverse) to The Barr Rubber Products Co., Sandusky, Ohio with 2d Badge tied G.P.O. 13 SE 33 d/rings.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1887 Wells & Leavitt, Sydney sender's cover to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin with QV 6d tied Sydney MY 18 87 duplex, matching part purple CHICAGO cds and oval "PAID ALL" (sans-serif, applied at Chicago), very fine Fond Du Lac JUN 16 arrival b/stamp.

Surbiton Hill, Great Britain destination mail to Fort Murray, BRITISH KAFFRARIA postal history
1859 mourning cover to George Brownlow, Fort Murray, British Kaffraria, Cape of Good Hope from SURBITON HILL (no date slugs backstamp) with GB QV 6d pale lilac tied KINGSTON-ON-THAMES "422" duplex dated D/SP 5 59 showing red crayon 1d credited to the Cape Colony, reverse London S.W., DEVONPORT E/SP 6 59, red CAPE TOWN NO 16 1859 arrival, under flap "Ansd letter to Edward 12 Dec 1859". (Carried by the "Dane" packet boat).
The area annexed to the British Cape Colony on 10 May 1835 as Queen Adelaide Province, but on 5 December 1835 the Cape Colony disallowed the annexation and it was renamed Queen Adelaide Land district with Grahamstown as its capital until 1847. On 17 December 1847 it was again annexed to the Cape Colony as British Kaffraria Colony with King William's Town as its capital. On 7 March 1860 British Kaffraria became a separate crown colony. It was finally re-incorporated into the Cape Colony on 17 April 1866.

Wreck of S.S. "WINDSOR CASTLE" (Donald Currie Line), CAPE OF GOOD HOPE postal history
1876 cover and lengthy 5-page letter headed "Kersal Rectory (Salford) Sept 16 1876" to Miss Helen Ayliffe, Greystone, Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope marked "per first Steamer, September 22 1876" with GB QV 6d grey Plate 15 tied Manchester "498" duplex dated SP 22 1876 with CAPE TOWN O/OC 20 76 arrival alongside, reverse shows DARTMOUTH B/SP 23 76 despatch and GRAHAMSTOWN OC 25 76 arrival clear of large part flap missing which shows both albino SPIERS & SON OXFORD envelope manufacturer and sender's emblem.
The "Windsor Castle" sailed from Dartmouth on 23rd September 1876 and hit rocks between 2 and 3am on 19th October off Dassen Island while approaching Cape Town. A Lt. Melville and a Mr Searle, after a most unpleasant journey, reached Cape Town at about 9pm with the news of the wrecked mail steamer. The "Florence" was despatched to the scene of the wreck, but due strong winds was unable to get out of the harbour until 4.15am, sighted the masts of the Windsor at 7am, and cast anchor at Dassen Island at 8am where the 160 passengers had assembled taking up a Robinson Crusoe kind of existence in tents rigged up from sails amongst heaps of saved baggage, boxes, gun cases and 70 to 80 mailbags. The "Florence" left at 1pm with the first of the survivors arriving at Cape Town at 6pm. Seven or eight feet of rock had ripped through the bottom and the ship broke up in heavy swells within a week. The rescued mail was postmarked at Cape Town on 20th October 1876.

1937 commercial cover with purple ELIAS GEORGE, The NEW LEBANON STORE, Roseau sender's cachet on flap to Kettering, Northants with KGV 1d pmk'd Roseau */10 JU 37.

TRUE BLUE (Crooked Island) temporary rubber datestamp, Bahamas postal history
1952 cover from Senorita G. Moss on Crooked Island to The Voice of Prophecy, Nassau with KG6 1d (SG.151a) tied TRUE BLUE (TRD 3C, D1) dated APR 12 1952, some cover edge crumpling.

ORANGE CREEK (Cat Island) temporary rubber datestamp, Bahamas postal history
1950 printed card from Harold. S. Poitier on Cat Island to the Bible School, Nassau with KG6 1d (SG.151a) tied purple ORANGE CREEK (TRD 3C, D1) dated OCT 16 1950.

(See BLOGS section) 1875 full contents entire with blue LOUIS & Co. buckled double oval sender's cachet marked "Via United States" to Messrs de Grinchy Renouf Clement Co., Burgeo, Newfoundland with 1d deep blue and (4d) dull rose-red (SG.66, 49) tied newly cobbled together BARBADOS open bootheel duplex dated A/JY 11 75 rated red "4" with circled black "5" due, backstamped New York and St. Johns AU 12 1875 transits.

BRITISH GUIANA to MADEIRA postal history
1915 cover with Mandel Fernandes, Water Street, Georgetown sender's cachet on flap to Jose Maria de Faria, Funchal, Madeira with KGV 1c, 4c pmk'd Georgetown 7 AUG 15 cds, reverse Funchal 5 SET 15 arrival.

1941 from Miss Marilyn Gregory, Halfway-Tree to Paramaribo City, Suriname with corner fault KG6 3d pmk'd HALF-WAY-TREE MY 30 41 with censor label and handstamp and 30.6.41 (one month later) arrival backstamp, two vertical creases.

1968 airmail cover with hand-drawn and coloured steamship marked "Wup" to Prestiment Johnson (sic), United States, U.S.A. with QE2 25c coral pmk'd CHRIST CHURCH 14 NO 68 showing small red NOV 16 arrival on address panel, sender address on reverse.
Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 36th President of the USA 1963 to 1969 taking office after the Kennedy assassination.

TURKS ISLANDS "used elsewhere" envelope, JAMAICA postal history
1937 printed Wesley House, Grand Turk sender envelope with Jamaica KG6 Coronation trio pmk'd Oracabessa MY 12 37 addressed to Rev. Sherlock, Oracabessa.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1921 printed Foster & Co, Georgetown sender's cover to Holland with underpaid pair KGV 2c pmk'd Georgetown 6 APL 1921 cds, alongside circled "T" tax-h/stamp with pair 2c Postage Dues tied AMERSFOORT 27. IV. 1921, opened 2 sides with some edge staining.

H.M. PRISON, Barbuda postal history
1992 manila Government Service cover from Adrian Nicholas (flap) to Ms Denise Nicholas, Miami, Florida with Antigua Barbuda 60c pmk'd BARBUDA d/ring with H.M. PRISON/25 FEB 1992/ANTIGUA oval d/ring cachet alongside.

URUGUAY to NEW CALEDONIA postal history
1908 use of Uruguay 3c brown illustrated (Palace of Gobierno) UPU Post Card to Noumea, Nouvelle Caledonie, Oceania pmk'd CIUDAD NUEVA AL SUD, MONTEVIDEO A/27 JUN 1908, purple ROBERTO STIRLING sender's cachet front and back, some toning.

MALTA postal history (Plate 1 white paper)
1875 wrapper with green Petrocochino & Co. sender cachet to Catania (Sicily) with early use QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 1 white paper pmk'd "A25" duplex dated C/MALTA/AU 3 75.
Plate 1 issued JY 1 1875

MALTA postal history (Plate 1 blued paper)
1875 wrapper with green Petrocochino & Co. sender cachet to Genoa with QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 1 blued paper pmk'd "A25" duplex dated C/MALTA/OC 12 75.

MALTA postal history
1876 entire on printed A. Gatt, Malta albino sender lettersheet marked "Via Italy" to Carmelo F. Caruana, New York with GB QV 2d Plate 2 pmk'd "A25" duplex dated C/MALTA/FE 8 76.
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