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1937 commercial cover with purple ELIAS GEORGE, The NEW LEBANON STORE, Roseau sender's cachet on flap to Kettering, Northants with KGV 1d pmk'd Roseau */10 JU 37.

Nebik, SYRIA to ST. CROIX postal history
1945 cover to Fru Lawaetz, Lille La Grange, Fredericksted, St. Croix , The Virgin Islands, USA with Syria 25c Aircraft and 25c Army Fund stamp pmk'd NEBIK 16.3.45, printed CONTROLE label and F. Sivertsen sender name on reverse.
The Lawaetz family migrated from Denmark in 1890. The Little La Grange Farm was established in 2015 to operate as a working organic farm and St. Croix's Lawaetz Museum.

TRINIDAD postal history:
1850 part content entire to John Thomas Carr, Stella House, Newcastle upon Tyne unusually marked "Port of Spain Nov. 11/50" on address panel with TRINIDAD NO 11 1850 dbl-arc showing delayed arrival DE 13 1850 and Newcastle on Tyne DE 14 1850/A rated 2/- unpaid.. Contents include mention of two book sellers on the island and "I take orders for any sort of book (unless it is something grossly immoral in intention, or abominable in personalities - happily nobody has so far whispered a wish for such things from me" and also a reference to "The Order of Jesu" using hypocrisy and practicing the vilest deceit.

PRESTWICK AIR CRASH, Bahamas postal history
1954 charred and grimy commercial cover to Kenneth Mackintosh, Nassau from Williamson's Linoleum store posted with red Lancaster & Morecambe meter machine for 1/3d dated 22 X11 54, three days later boxed purple "SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/ PRESTWICK 25-12-54" cachet applied, intact Williamson & Son Statement of Account to the Community Furniture Store for goods received.

VANTS DRIFT self-printed Post Card, Natal postal history
1904 chrome photo of the Vants Drift Hotel & Store from Austin to Miss Gearing, Brighton, England with KE7 1d pmk'd VANTS DRIFT C/JA 30 1904, text includes "I will print some different ones for you all next week".

1901 use of India QV anna PSE (indicia damaged) reg. to Indian indentured labourer "No. 531" at Trinity Valley Estate addressed Pershad Kewat c/o The Govt emigration agent for Jamaica at Kingston pmk'd AHRAULA 12 OC 01 with additional QV a, 2 x QV 1a stamps on reverse pmk'd MAHUL (and taken to Ahraula for frontal registration) and additionally tied by both SEA POST OFFICE A/19 OC 01 cds and JAMAICA REGISTERED d/ring oval dated NO 22 01, this full of character small cover from a family member would display perfectly should it be opened-out.
Pershad Kewat was an indentured Indian labourer from Fatehpore (Fatehpur), Mahul in Azamgarh. He came to Jamaica as passenger 531 in 1899 on the vessel Rhine (launched in Port Glasgow in 1885 and mainly carried indentured Indians to the Colonies until 1907). The 14 may be a reference to the voyage number. There were 615 passengers on that voyage, the only occasion the Rhine visited Jamaica. It seems he was at Trinity Valley Estate (although possibly Unity), but had to be located through the Government immigration agent.

1958 airmail inter-village inter-island cover from F. Paterson, Carriacou (reverse lower flap) to The Very Revd. Canon Ogden, St. Paul's Rectory, Calliaqua, St. Vincent with Federation trio pmk'd BELVIDERE */AP 22 58 cds, reverse top flap mostly missing, b/stamped CARRIACOU AP 28 58 (poor), GPO Grenada */AP 29 58, and poor CALLIAQUA */3 MY 58 cds.
BELVIDERE should not be confused with BELVEDERE, the infamous mainland estate where Julien Fedon planned his rebellion (March 2, 1795 - June 19, 1796, also known as the Brigand's War) by converting his Belvedere coffee and cocoa plantation into a fortified headquarters for his army. The estate was near the top of a very steep mountain, and almost inaccessible, after the failure of one of the many unsuccessful British attacks Fedon ordered the death of 40 white hostages.

ANTIGUA revenue receipt Church re-building fund (consequences of earlier hurricane)
1964 QE2 2c postal adhesive used for revenue purposes on receipt dated August 15th from Mrs. A Nugent for 5 donation towards the St. George's Church Re-building Fund.
History of church enclosed.

1957 printed KALLIL SHOUL sender cover reg. to London with QE2 4c, 6c, 12, 24c pmk'd St. Johns */20 AP 57 d/ring.
Kallil Shoul established the business in 1908, history of firm and family enclosed plus printed photo of the original shop decorated to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

F87 used SMYRNA, British Levant postal history
1877 mourning cover with content to Mrs. H. Lee Wilson, Lancaster Gate, London with GB QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 9 tied "F87" with SMYRNA A/DE 14 77 cds alongside, reverse red PADDINGTON Z/DE 20 77 arrival. Part letter, one sheet, enclosed which talks about a walk around the town, mention of the Roman, Saxon, Norman remains, and of the stone coffins containing glass and jewellery excavated whilst building the new railway stations.

DOMINICA to AUSTRALIA postal history
1948 printed A.C. Shillingford & Co, Roseau cover to South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with corner fault KG6 2/6d pmk'd Roseau */17 AP 48 d/ring.
Interesting social history about the Shillingford family enclosed.

COLIHAUT, Dominica postal history
1948 printed Edwin E. Williams, Colihaut, Importer of Agricultural Machines sender address cover to New York with KG6 3d pmk'd Roseau */6 MY 48 d/ring.

DOMINICA postal history
1932 printed sender cover from A.A. Baron, BELL HALL & BARON GARDEN ESTATES to New York marked "Per S.S. Munamar" with KGV 2d pmk'd New York PAQUEBOT arrival duplex dated JUL 19 1932.

Job Application to the St. Vincent Philatelic Bureau, St. Vincent postal history
Cover and letter dated "23/10.74" from Camelithia Bynoe, Victoria Village, Stubbs Post Office taken in by hand (1 of only 2 surviving job application letters).
Camelithia became a full time member of the final staff of 126 girls and 3 guys.

Job Application to the St. Vincent Philatelic Bureau, St. Vincent postal history
Full cover and letter from Maria Gloster c/o Barrouallie Post Office cheekily marked O.H.M.S. and posted with STUBBS 23 OC 74 cds (1 of only 2 surviving job application letters).

1936 Beachmount Hotel cover to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with 2d Badge pmk'd Barbados 18 AUG 1936 machine with 4-sided printed brochure extolling the virtues of this recently renovated hotel (rates from $2.00 to $3.00 per day, no mosquitoes).

ATLAS STEAMSHIP CO. Limited cachet, Jamaica postal history
1893 use of QV d Post Card pmk'd Kingston and Mandeville for MY 18 93, reverse fine ATLAS STEAMSHIP Company cachet and text signed by the General Manager W. Peploe Forwood.

THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY, Jamaica postal history
1901 cover and enclosure on printed sender address envelope and letterhead to Mrs. L. D. Baker, Hotel Tourraine, Boston, Massachusetts posted with QV 2d Keyplate pmk'd Port Antonio DEC 18 01.
This letter from Joshua on Capt. Lorenzo Dow Baker letterhead to Mrs. L.D. Baker would infer that this is from a second son. The letter mentions dear old Bowden, having a vaccination which did not take, and children Edith and little Dow.

Mail to the "U.S.S. Michigan" (Fenian Raids/Canada), MALTA postal history
1872 cover marked "Via Italy & Germany" to a U.S. Naval Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Michigan, Erie, Pennsylvania with GB QV 1d, 3d, 6d pmk'd Malta "A25" duplex dated B/NO 18 72 showing London Paid (NO 26) but without arrival backstamps, small corner fault.
U.S.S. Michigan was the first iron-hulled ship in the U.S. Navy and was built in response to the British Government arming two steamers in response to the Canadian rebellion in the late 1830's and operated on the Great Lakes out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Irish immigrants in the Fenian Brotherhood, after the American Civil War, saw their opportunity to attack the British Empire at their weakest point on the borders with Canada, and seize a sufficient portion of Canada to form a belligerent government recognised by the United States. In early June 1866, 850 Fenians led by Col. John O'Neill crossed the Niagara River. Battles with Canadian Volunteer Forces and British regiments were fought at Ridgeway and Fort Erie, and with some 2,000 to 3,000 re-inforcements unable to cross from Buffalo the raid was effectively over. In 1866 the 'Michigan' intercepted and interned the army of the Fenian Brotherhood as it returned from its invasion of Canada near Buffalo (see pages 82-83 of enclosed book).

MAIL TO GRANTLEY ADAMS, Barbados postal history
1952 cover from the Board of Trade pmk'd London OFFICIAL PAID machine cancel dated 7 JAN 1952 to The Hon. G.H. Adams, C.M.G., House of Assembly, Bridgetown with handstruck "MISSENT TO BAHAMAS" supported by Nassau JAN 11 1952 machine cancel on reverse.
Grantley Herbert Adams founded the Barbados Labour Party and was Premier 1953-1958. The International Airport was named after him in 1976 and in 1998 he was named as one of the National Heroes of Barbados. His son, John "Tom" Adams (a keen philatelist), was Prime Minister 1976-1985.
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