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JAMAICA postal history
1822 entire "p. Raines" headed "Green Island, Jamaica 14 April 1822" to Archibald Cranfield, Edinburgh landed with SHIP LETTER/(crown)JU 1 1822 rated "8" changed 1/9 with boxed Scottish "½" and red JUL 4 1822 arrival (supported by docketing) making a potential eleven week journey.
Mentions that the Ship Isabella Smpson Capt Millar will call at Savanna La Mar to take on board the sixty hogshead Three Mile River Sugar for Leith, and on that vessel you can order insurance.

MARTINIQUE postal history
1824 entire headed "St. Pierre le 13 Juillet 1824" carried by private ship "Papillon" to Havre, France with str. line MARTINIQUE.

1815 entire dated "Basseterre May 14th 1815" from Thomas William Sturgeon N.O. (Naval Office) to J. King, Secretary to His Excellency Sir, James Leith, Antigua carried through the mail as rated "4" unpaid. Docketted on lower flap "St. Christopher as requesting either the original warrant for his appointment, or copy".
Fleurons used as ingoing arrival marks are by far the rarest in their group and very seldom found.

Only recorded BARBADOS prestamp entire with straight line "ANTIGUA" (period 1780-1799)
1793 entire headed "February 20th" with "Barbados" (same colour ink as final humble servant sentence) to Ballantine & Pitkethly, London initially marked to go by private ship via Bristol (crossed out) and carried "loose" to the Antigua Post Office with straight line "ANTIGUA" (PD9) rated 1/- changed by Inspector's crown to 2/-.
Written on behalf of Jane Carr with signature showing an elderly or frail hand, the writer replies to a letter received with "observed by the contents a report of my being dead" and with mention of her son writes "I am glad to hear he is living and hope my daughter Jane is also alive and well".

Str. line ANTIGUA (Freeland Type PD5b, 38½ x 3mm recorded short life AP 1 1786 to DE 5 1786) re-introduced as an ARRIVAL mark (only known example as such) on 1804 (JY 11) entire headed Barbados and marked "N.O." (Naval Office) on address panel to Major Vans, Antigua carried free. Some light pencilling inside which might be contemporary.
Contents include "This new change of Administration is a good thing, we shall now be a little more actively employed".
1820 wrapper to the Wesleyan Mission House, London with light BARBADOES fleuron rated black 4/4 (double packet letter unpaid) deleted and appended red 2/2 being a rebate for the amount overcharged, red London JU 16 1820 arrival.
The entire would have been taken back to the Post Office where it was re-assessed as a single rate packet letter and the balance either credited to the account of the receiver or paid back.

JAMAICA postal history
1835 outer wrapper docketted "Kingstown Dec 14 1835" to London rated 2/2, carried "loose" so on arrival JA 18 1836 matching red ink cds and boxed "PACKET LETTER" added to confirm type of entry.

NEW BRUNSWICK postal history
1856 cover to Gottingen, Hanover, Germany with handstruck "PAID" and NEW BRUNSWICK DEC 12 departure, NEW YORK DEC 13 transit, AACHEN 28/12 FRANCO boxed transit, reverse turquoise GOTTINGEN 29/12 arrival.

BARBADOS to GRENADA postal history
1847 mourning envelope to the Colonial Bank, Grenada with unpaid double rate "8", reverse BARBADOES FE 8 1847 despatch dbl-arc.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1836 entire headed "George Town Demerara March 10th 1836" and marked "per Caesar" to Finsbury, London rated 1/8, landed with PENZANCE/SHIP LETTER being an unusual choice of entry for BWI letters.

BARBADOS postal history
1854 entire written London and pmk'd NO 1 1854 to David Rees, R.M.S.P. Derwent, Barbados rated both "5" and "6" (each deleted) with BARBADOES NO 21 1854 dbl-arc across reverse flap and additionally marked manuscript "Left the Service" and "unclaimed". Writer commiserates with Rees' failure to get the expected promotion in the RMSP Company and encloses a £30 draft drawn on the Colonial Bank on account of a legacy. Additionally marked "Received 12 March 1855" so it is assumed that the letter eventually caught up with him.

ST. CHRISTOPHER postal history
1762 entire in French headed "St. Christophe 16 Janvier 1762" marked "La Palandine" to Monsieur Le Comte de Jamas in Paris, France rated "8", fine wax seal.

LEEWARD ISLAND/F (applied Falmouth), BARBADOS postal history
1840 lengthy cross-written entire headed "H.M.S. Cleopatra, Barbadoes Dec 10th 1840" from Alex Milne to his father Vice Admiral Sir David Milne. G.C.B. in Musselburgh, Scotland rated 1/- unpaid and carried "loose" by the packet as landed with green LEEWARD ISLAND/F as country of origin not obvious, upper flap with red FEB 16 1841 arrival. Contents open with "My dear Father, I wrote Lady Milne from Antigua and now write this before sailing tomorrow on cruise for some weeks in the vicinity of Porto Rico and St. Thomas's..."
HMS Cleopatra (2nd of this name) was a 26-gun Vestal-class 6th rate frigate. In 1839 command was given to Captain Stephen Lushington to take up duties on the North America & West Indies Station. In January 1840 she intercepted and detained the Portuguese slave vessel 'Louisa' which had 283 slaves on board, in February she intercepted, boarded, and inspected the papers of the Spanish vessel 'Iberia' sparking an international incident, & having left Jamaica for Bermuda and Newfoundland, and while in port at Quebec, a Cleopatra seaman, Robert Collins, killed the ship's Sergeant of Marines. Collins was tried and executed by hanging from the fore yardarm, being the first shipboard execution at Quebec and the third navy execution since 1812. Lushington had fallen very ill in early 1840 and after 9 months of prolonged illness was invalidated in November & replaced by Captain Alexander Milne. The 1st Cleopatra capsized mid-Atlantic AU 22 1827, crew rescued, voyage Barbados to Windsor, N.S.

The unique HIGINBOTHON & HUMPHRYS forwarding agents cachet, ANTIGUA postal history
1851 mourning band entire headed "St. Martin 2nd March 1851" marked "Particular care of R. Higginbothon Esq., U.S. Consul, Antigua" with "FORWARDED BY/HIGINBOTHON & HUMPHRYS/ANTIGUA" double lined oval cachet posted with ANTIGUA MR 11 1851 dbl-arc to St. James Street, London locally directed Stratford Place rated 2/-.

"THE BLACK DOMINICA", Dominica postal history
1850 entire headed "Dominica, 9th February 1850" written by William Thomas Rainy (a resident man of colour) and posted with date error DOMINICA 9 JA 1850 dbl-arc to The Editor, Anti-Slavery Reporter, London rated red 1/-, partial red PAID MR 3 1850 arrival, central filing fold with soiling but unique as such.
The PAID AT DOMINICA crowned circle was proofed GPO London MY 17 1845 and is currently recorded on 70 prestamp covers for the period AP 10 1847 to MR 12 1870. Of the 70 recorded 45 are commonly seen addressed to John Wyatt Melville, St. Andrews, Fifeshire. The other 25 can be categorised as scarce to very rare with 12 to varying parts of the UK, 5 to New York, 3 to Boston, Massachusetts, and the remaining 5 shared between Barbados, Bermuda, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and France. The Robson Lowe encyclopaedia stated that early strikes are ten times rarer and this is confirmed by only 3 entires recorded for the first 9 years of its use. Within this trio is “The Black Dominica” sandwiched between the red strikes of AP 17 1847 and SP 12 1854 being the only pre-stamp strike in black ink. It is possible that the crowned black Dominica was applied in mourning as a mark of respect to the passing of the much loved Queen Adelaide who died 2nd December 1849, wife of King William IV (1830-37).

The rare SANS-SERIF DOUBLE-ARC, GRENADA postal history
1848 neatly written entire to John Scoble, Anti-Slavery Office, London from Schoolmaster James Paul Springle, Town of St. Patrick rated 2/- showing probably the finest of the very few recorded sans-serif GRENADA dbl-arc dated NO 7 1848/A which displays upper flap.
Sent from the GPO, London May 1 1847. Confirmed examples of this seldom used datestamp are recorded for AU 9 1847 no code, NO 7 1848/A, MR 10 1849/A

FROM AN OFFICE ABOUT TO BOYCOTT THEM!: 1858 entire to Archibald Campbell in London with weakly struck GRANGE-HILL manuscript dated 6 May (185)8 marked "Paid "6" in red crayon showing both red JAMAICA/PAID MY 8 1858 and London Paid MY 31 58 arrival. This being a unique "associated first day cover" for the day that GB QV adhesives were placed on sale in Kingston, Jamaica.
The GB QV 1d, 4d, 6d arrived on "Solent" MY 6 1858 and were placed on sale at Kingston MY 8 1858. When Grange Hill received its supply of GB adhesives it boycotted their use for some 3 months along with about 30 other offices (Thomas Foster handbook Page 127) as GPO London ruled on April 16 1858 that the PMG's deputies at the Post Towns would receive only 1% commission on sale of the GB stamps whereas they had been receiving 15% commission on prestamp letters prepaid in money.

SPANISH TOWN, JAMAICA postal history
1810 (June 10) entire to London rated 2/- with SPANISH TOWN/JA across flap and showing red JY 23 1810 arrival.

SAVANNAH-LA-MAR, Jamaica postal history
1849 entire headed "Petersfield, Westmoreland" to London rated 1/2 with SAVANNAH-LA-MAR FE 18 1849 displaying top flap.

1840 entire headed and docketed Santa Marta 13 Junio 1840 to Federico Huth, London rated 3/- changed 2/3 showing strong dull purplish-red CARTHAGENA and KINGSTON JU 27 1840 transits, both crossed by same filing fold, with partial red AU 9 1840 arrival.
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