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TITCHFIELD (two differing dates showing flexibility of handstamp), Jamaica postal history
1903 cover from The University of Chicago with 5c franking pmk'd Chicago APR 5 1903 to Prof. D.S. Johnson PhD, Chester Vale, Gordon Town, Jamaica variously forwarded with twelve differing backstamps including purple boxed TITCHFIELD (TRD 11) for both 16.4.03 and 17.4.03 (showing movement of "J" under "TC"), cover with corner fault.
William Fawcett was the Director of Public Gardens and Plantations in Jamaica from 1887 to 1908, and having returned to Britain was the co-author of the first volumes of Flora of Jamaica.

1911 large part cover to Headly Dalton (or Patton), Kingston, Jamaica with d brown strip of four (one stamp facially damaged) tied two strikes purple boxed "EAST END/Grand Cayman./RURAL/Post Gollection." temporary rubber handstamp with BODDENTOWN JU 28 11 d/ring backstamp. On arrival eventually "ADVERTISED" and "UNCLAIMED." with red RETURNED LETTER OFFICE, JAMAICA d/ring dated 25 SE 11. Full of character, Ex MARSTON, PODGER.

BO, Sierra Leone postal history
(016.01) dated */OC 24 07 on KE7 1d PSE to Kissy Road, Freetown with design left to be cancelled FREETOWN */26 OC 07.

COLOMBIA postal history
1901 cover with pair 5c pmk'd at Honda SEP 10 1901 to Paris, France with two strikes JAMAICA/TRANSIT ("A" below middle of "M"), reverse Kingston 4H/SP 25 01 transit.

POA.36, Natal postal history
1909 KE7 1d LETTER CARD written 21/1 09 pmk'd P.O.A.36 to Brook'S Store, Impendhle.

GREYTOWN, Natal postal history:
rare interprovincial use of a parcel tag locally addressed to Fawn Leas with on reverse pair and block of six Transvaal KE7 1d (SG.274), the lower pair creased as folded out.

MAPUMULO, Natal postal history
(M.2) JY 29 08 tying KE7 1d on Rhodesia ppc to Switzerland.

MALONGENI, Natal postal history
(M.3) dated A/AP 14 11 as arrival on col. ppc of "Nottinghan Castle".

UMLALAZI (former Zululand), Natal postal history
(M.4.1) as arrival dated A/MR 1 07 on complete Natal KE7 d Newswrapper pmk'd Pietermaritzburg FE 25 07 to Magistrate, Empangeneni, Umhlazi Div., Zululand, no backstamps.

ALEXANDRA JC skeleton, Natal postal history
Putzel unlisted dated OC 18 10 as transit alongside KE7 d pmk'd Durban on col. ppc of New Town Hall, Durban to Pennington, South Coast, Natal.

JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 1d x 5, KE7 4d pmk'd 6 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

JOHANNESBURG "20", Transvaal postal history
reg. cover with KE7 d, block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 3 SEP 04 to Hobart, Tasmania, roughly opened top left.

JOHANNESBURG "3", Transvaal postal history
cover with block of six KE7 1d pmk'd 9 AUG 04 to Hobart, Tasmania.

SCHROEDERS, Natal postal history
(M.3.4) dated D/JU 29 07 on uprated full text KE7 d Post Card to Berlin.

BULWER, Natal postal history
printed green flap with King's Crown/NP/NONGQAI of the Native Police on KE7 1d rate cover to Miss Jeune, South Hampstead, London dated AU 8 10.
Fort Nongqai, situated on the outskirts of the town of Eshowe, was built to serve as the headquarters of the Zululand Native Police. This small force was established in 1883 to serve as a bodyguard to the then Resident Commissioner Sir Melmoth Osborne. The small force, initially just 50 men, was known to the Zulus as nongqai and hence the fort was given the name Fort Nongqai.

POA 57, Natal postal history
tying KE7 d on NORWEGIAN col. ppc of the future King Haakon VII and Queen Maud (coronation 22 June 1906) addressed Stanger showing Pietersmaritzburg FE 15 06 transit, text includes the word "Eshowe".
The Norwegian Missionary Society founded its first permanent mission station north of the Tugela in the 1840s.

HILLARY, Natal postal history
(M.4.1 with Hillarys "S" excised) arrival in purplish ink dated AU 18 09 on b/w ppc of "Robinson's Mine" mailed with KE7 d at Durban.

RAYTON, Transvaal postal history
dated 29 SEP 05 on block of four KE7 1d cover to Hobart, Tasmania, printed "Diamond Mining Co." flap, some soiling.

FORDSBURG, Transvaal postal history
3 SEP 04 tying KE7 d, 6d on reg. cover to Tasmania, some soiling.

SALONIKA mailbag postmark on British Levant stamp
tying 1909 30 PARAS on GB ovp'd KE7 1d (SG.16) on 26 OKT (12) cover to Athens.
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