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CONSIGNEE ENTIRE landed GRAVESEND SHIP LETTER, British Guiana postal history
1827 entire headed "Demerary 22nd Nov 1827" marked "Letter per Consignee's of Produce per Brig Anastasia" to Sandbach Tinne & Co., Liverpool landed with framed SHIP LETTER/GRAVESEND and rated 1/2 changed 1/7, contents include copy of manifest of shipment for London showing bales of cotton, coffee, also mention of the arrival of the "Caesar" and small list of shipments.

M.V. "Staffordshire", Great Britain (Devon) postal history
1957 cover to the Fourth Officer, M.V. "Staffordshire", Brixham & Torbay Coaling Company re-addressed London with GB QE2 1d, 1d tied Budleigh Salterton 9 MAY 57, handstruck "SIP SAILED", slightly soiled.

1953 cover to John Havers, Purser on the Carnarvon Castle, Cape Town Docks with boxed purple "UNCLAIMED/ON BOARD/23 NOV 1953/"CARNARVON CASTLE" re-directed both Dunnothar Castle and to Durban with KG6 2d pmk'd Cape Town 21-11 1953 machine, reverse purple Durban Agency of the Steamship Line cachet dated 27 NOV 1953.

1948 cover intended for Captain. E. W. Hensen on the S/S Alcoa Roamer care of the Alcoa Steamship Company in Mobile, Alabama with KG6 2d x 2, 6d (11d rate) pmk'd GPO Grenada 10 DE 48, presumed no longer working for the company as purple "Missent to ......." handstamp applied, backstamped light Spring Hills, Ala 14 DEC 48 machine.

1907 b/w ppc of Royal Palms marked "Per S.S. Bermudian via New York" to Lindsay Smith, Grand Turk, Turks Islands with 1d Dock pmk'd WARWICK-WEST FE 18 1907 with TURKS ISLANDS FE 21 07 arrival cds alongside.

1901 use of India QV anna PSE (indicia damaged) reg. to Indian indentured labourer "No. 531" at Trinity Valley Estate addressed Pershad Kewat c/o The Govt emigration agent for Jamaica at Kingston pmk'd AHRAULA 12 OC 01 with additional QV a, 2 x QV 1a stamps on reverse pmk'd MAHUL (and taken to Ahraula for frontal registration) and additionally tied by both SEA POST OFFICE A/19 OC 01 cds and JAMAICA REGISTERED d/ring oval dated NO 22 01, this full of character small cover from a family member would display perfectly should it be opened-out.
Pershad Kewat was an indentured Indian labourer from Fatehpore (Fatehpur), Mahul in Azamgarh. He came to Jamaica as passenger 531 in 1899 on the vessel Rhine (launched in Port Glasgow in 1885 and mainly carried indentured Indians to the Colonies until 1907). The 14 may be a reference to the voyage number. There were 615 passengers on that voyage, the only occasion the Rhine visited Jamaica. It seems he was at Trinity Valley Estate (although possibly Unity), but had to be located through the Government immigration agent.

S.S. SCANPENN, Dominica postal history
1936 cover to Dun & Bradstreet, New York with KGV 1d, 1d pmk'd New York Paquebot duplex dated APR 28 36, fine magenta "S.S. SCANPENN" cachet.

GB QV 2d rosy-mauve PLATE 17 on entire, Malta postal history
1880 complete entire with TEOFANI & MERICAS, MALTA cachet to Istra (Croatia's heart-shaped peninsular shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) with GB QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 17 tied "A25" duplex dated C/MALTA/FE 12 80.

BRITISH GUIANA postal history
1809 entire headed "Berbice 14th March 1809" from James Blair marked "p. Betsy" to Hugh McCalmont, Belfast, smuggled mail as no markings, toning.

DOMINICA postal history
1912 opened-out printed sender cover from D.O. RIVIERE & Co to New York marked "p. Parima" with d View, 2 x 1d View tied on arrival by N.Y. P.O. HUD. TERM. STA. PAQUEBOT cds dated D/DE 21 1912 with receiver applying DEC 13 1912 str. line to face and DEC 21 1912 inside appended with pencil notes.

DOMINICA postal history
1924 printed sender cover from L.L. Corriette to New York marked "p. S.S. Guiana" with KGV 2d pmk'd Dominica AU 7 24 cds.

MALTA postal history Ex LLOYD-LOWLES
1875 wrapper by Italian steamer "Milano" to Messina, Sicily with GB QV 1d Plate 160, QV 3d Plate 15 twice tied A25 duplex dated C/MALTA/FE 16 75 with boxed red P.D. 2 3/4 accountancy. Ex LLOYD-LOWLES.

DOMINICA postal history
1932 printed sender cover from A.A. Baron, BELL HALL & BARON GARDEN ESTATES to New York marked "Per S.S. Munamar" with KGV 2d pmk'd New York PAQUEBOT arrival duplex dated JUL 19 1932.

RECEIVED ON BOARD NEAR THE EQUATOR, Germany and Falmouth (Cornwall) postal history:
1882 stampless cover to Warin, Mecklenburg (Western Pomeramia), Germany marked along top "p. N. German Bark Alma Elisabeth/Received on bord near the Equator" landed with FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER cds dated AP 19 72 and rated "5" in blue crayon, side flap opens to display further FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER AP 19 72 cds overstruck red SHIP LETTER LONDON A/AP 20 72 as it travelled in the overnight sealed ship letter bag with turquoise VERVIERE (Belgium) 20 4 transit, a little sea water staining at left.
A lovely research item.

An exceptional entire to ST. VINCENT during the 1810-11 FALMOUTH MUTINY
1810-11 entire written Horse Guards and Golden Square, London with copy of 12 November 1810 (sailing from both Plymouth and Falmouth), copy of 28 November 1810 (sailing from Plymouth), and original dated 13 February 1811 (on FIRST SAILING Leewards Island resumed service packet from Falmouth) to Major General L.S. Order, Commanding, St. Vincents rated 2/- unpaid. Military content respecting the discharge of Private Thomas Booth of the 1st Battalion 90th Regiment.
As a consequence of the OC 24 1810 Mutiny at Falmouth, Cornwall (see Britnor P.93, Robertson E.86) the Falmouth packets were transferred to the Hamoaze at Plymouth, Devon on NO 6 1810 where a temporary office was set up by Post Office Agent Saverland and staff at the Fountain Inn until the packets at Plymouth were transferred back FE 4 1811 arriving Falmouth FE 15 1811. The NO 12 1810 copied letter was sent from PLYMOUTH by "Express" Jamaica packet on NO 23 but owing to 'bad weather' the sailing was interrupted and the packet put back to FALMOUTH on NO 20 and finally sailed NO 27 arriving Barbados DE 28, the NO 28 1820 copied letter was sent by "Francis Freeling" Leeward Islands packet from PLYMOUTH DE 1 to 3 (sailing dates vary) arriving Barbados DE 28, the FE 13 1811 original was sent on FE 16 by the "Duke of Kent" Leeward Islands packet from FALMOUTH (being the first resumed service packet to the West Indies).

DOMINICA postal history landed with MARGATE/SHIP-LRE
1837 entire headed "Dominica 26th July 1837" and docketted "D.S. Laidlaw, Dominica Dated 26 July Rec'd 12 Sept" marked "p. Orbut" addressed to the Hon. Wm Frazer, Alexander, Wilson & Co. in London landed with "MARGATE/SHIP LRE" and rated 1/8.
An ongoing current survey of 1,381 private ship letters landed at ports around the UK show only 14 entires landed at Margate with only two being from Dominica (the other written OC 17 1787). On this date, 26 July 1837, some 23 vessels were wrecked at Barbados during a hurricane, and 57 lives lost. The distance between Roseau and Bridgetown being only 193 miles. The Hon. Dugald Stewart Laidlaw, merchant of Roseau, served as Acting Governor of Dominica 1843-45.

1841 entire headed "Morant June 17th 1841" to Sir Henry Fitzherbert Bart, Savage Gardens, London with manuscript "too late for Packet" appended "Barque Rawlins" landed DEAL/SHIP LETTER and rated "8" unpaid. No previous examples seen as such.
Contents mention abundant rains so much as to flood the rivers preventing his visit to Blue Mountain and getting full shipments to the vessel at Morant Bay.

HMS SULTAN (under command of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh), MALTA postal history
1877 cover with H.M.S. SULTAN printed flap to the Honorable Mrs. Lindsay, Woodlands, Cardiff, South Wales (possibly written by Royal hand) with GB QV 2d rosy-mauve Plate 5 pmk'd Malta "A25" duplex dated D/AP 6 77, flap intact but poorly opened either side of printing clear of light Cardiff C/AP 11 77 arrival.
In 1876 HMS Sultan was refitted and reduced from a small Channel Fleet coastal warship to a barque rig and posted to the Mediterranean under the command of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Albert (1844-1900) second son of Queen Victoria. Alfred married the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovana of Russia in St. Petersburg and their second daughter Princess Victoria Melita was born on 25 November 1876 in Malta. Prince Alfred, Honorary President 1890-1900 of what is now the Royal Philatelic Society, was the first serious stamp collector in the royal family and it is thought that he encouraged his nephew, later KGV, to collect stamps. Prince Alfred sold his collection to his brother King Edward VII, who shared his enthusiasm, who in turn gave it to his son King George V, and keenly expanded by the latter the two collections became the basis of what is now the Royal Philatelic collection.

Mail to the "U.S.S. Michigan" (Fenian Raids/Canada), MALTA postal history
1872 cover marked "Via Italy & Germany" to a U.S. Naval Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Michigan, Erie, Pennsylvania with GB QV 1d, 3d, 6d pmk'd Malta "A25" duplex dated B/NO 18 72 showing London Paid (NO 26) but without arrival backstamps, small corner fault.
U.S.S. Michigan was the first iron-hulled ship in the U.S. Navy and was built in response to the British Government arming two steamers in response to the Canadian rebellion in the late 1830's and operated on the Great Lakes out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Irish immigrants in the Fenian Brotherhood, after the American Civil War, saw their opportunity to attack the British Empire at their weakest point on the borders with Canada, and seize a sufficient portion of Canada to form a belligerent government recognised by the United States. In early June 1866, 850 Fenians led by Col. John O'Neill crossed the Niagara River. Battles with Canadian Volunteer Forces and British regiments were fought at Ridgeway and Fort Erie, and with some 2,000 to 3,000 re-inforcements unable to cross from Buffalo the raid was effectively over. In 1866 the 'Michigan' intercepted and interned the army of the Fenian Brotherhood as it returned from its invasion of Canada near Buffalo (see pages 82-83 of enclosed book).

BRIG MARY, Kingston to SHIP SAMUEL CUNARD, Annotto Bay, Jamaica postal history
1830 entire headed Brig Mary, Kingston 20th Feby 1830 to Capt. Wm. McClure, Ship Samuel Cunard, Annotto Bay with Kingston FE 20 1830 despatch top flap.
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