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Subject: Victory 1946 Clear

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CALEDONIA, British Honduras
reg. piece with TRD dated 4 FEB 1947.



PUNTA GORDA, British Honduras
full reg. cover pmk'd 25 FE 47, indistinct Belize b/stamp.

PRINCE OF WALES RD, Malta postmark/cancel
6 JA 47 on KG6 3d Victory (SG.233).

1946 reg. cover to the Publishers of "Philatelic Gossip", Holton, Kansas pmk'd Airmail 2 NO 46 with reverse block of 3c tying both adhesives and press announcement with New York 11-9 1946 transit d/ring oval. Unusual.

FRESH CREEK, Bahamas postmark
(T.7 I, D3) in bluish-black dated 2 MAY 48 on KG6 1d Peace (SG.176) fragment.

GRAYS L.I., Bahamas postmark
(TRD 2C1, D1) in purple dated AUG 5 1947 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.176), central vertical crease.

LANDRAIL POINT, Bahamas postmark
(TRD C, D1) MAY 21 1947 on KG6 1d (SG.176) piece.

CHESTER temporary rubber datestamp, Bahamas postmark
(TRD 2OV5, D1) in purple dated APR 3 1947 on Victory pair (SG.176,177) piece.

LUNSAR, Sierra Leone postmark
(089.01) */26 FE 47 on KG6 1d Peace (SG.201).

LONG BAY CAYS, Bahamas postmark
(TRD CI) in purple dated APR 4 1946 on KG6 3d Victory (SG.177) piece.

COMMAND PAYMASTER BERMUDA, Bermuda postal history
1946 printed ACTIVE SERVICE cover changed with black overprinting to WAR ECONOMY handstamped purplish-black "COMMAND PAYMASTER/BERMUDA" with KG6 1d Peace tied Hamilton 3 DEC 1946 addressed The Arts & Crafts Shop, St. Georges with same day machine arrival.

GLOUCESTER, Sierra Leone postmark
(047.03) */30 JA 47 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.201).

ST. ANDREW, Barbados postmark
9/OC 10 46 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.262).

BO-PENDEMBU T.P.O., Sierra Leone postmark
(206.02) */20 DE 46 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.201).

DEVIL'S POINT, Bahamas postmark
(TRD 3C) APR 4 1947 on KG6 Peace pair (SG.176,177) piece.

KENT, Sierra Leone postmark
(073.03) sideways up C/9 MR 47 on KG6 1d Victory (SG.201).

GERIHUN, Sierra Leone postmark
(045.01) */13 JA (47) on KG6 1d Victory (SG.201).

NEW ENGLAND skeleton postmark, Sierra Leone postal history
(119.02) dated 1 OC 46 on reg. locally addressed FDC with KG6 1d and 3d Victory.
The reversed "E" in SIERRA now corrected

PARHAM, Antigua postmark
*/NO 1 46 on KG6 3d Victory (SG.111).
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