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GRENADA stamps:
1875 1/- deep mauve with prominent raised inverted "S" in "POSTAGE" (SG.13c, Cat.£500), fine used.
500 sheets printed (500 errors).

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1892 5/- purple ovp'd REVENUE (PML.49) badly thinned dated "2/5/94" and 1894 5/- greyish-purple ovp'd REVENUE (PML.50) fine used.

1894 “FIVE PENCE” on QV 6d lake (SG.60c + d combination), a used example part dated Kingstown – 13 95 showing the three distinctive coloured marks on Queen’s neck (aptly named the Southern Cross plate flaw by Peter Jaffe) as always found in conjunction with the short “F” overprint variety on Row 5/1 of the complete sheet, corner perf. fault and with BPA Certificate. Ex CHARLTON-HENRY.
The SURCHARGE DOUBLE error is SG catalogued £6,000 mint and £3,000 used for any of the few known survivors, the SURCHARGE DOUBLE with short “F” is not known mint and this is probably the only surviving example.

1885 CGH 1/- green ovp'd "British Bechuanaland" (SG.8, Cat.£190), fine used.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1880 QV 1d olive-green (SG.29), fine used horiz. pair.

BARBADOS stamps:
1935 ½d green Postage Due (SG.D1, Cat.£114), a fine used block of 12 stamps pmk'd GPO 15 NO 43, selvedge at left with 85% split downward perfs.

BARBADOS stamps:
1873 6d orange-vermilion Large Star wmk (SG.60b), a fine used marginal IMPERFORATE PAIR, exceptionally rare as such.

JAMAICA stamps:
1890 TWO PENCE/HALF-PENNY on QV 4d red-brown (SG.30c, Cat.£65), 1½mm Setting with PFNNY variety fine used.

JAMAICA stamps:
1890 TWO PENCE/HALF-PENNY on QV 4d red-brown (SG.30a), 1½mm Setting pmk'd "A78" with broken A variety, fine used.

JAMAICA stamps:
1890 TWO PENCE/HALF-PENNY on QV 4d red-brown Crown CA INVERTED wmk (SG.30w), 1mm Setting with broken E, pale shade and small perf. faults used.

ST. VINCENT stamps
1883 QV 1/- vermilion ovp'd "Revenue" P.12 Crown CA REVERSED wmk (PML.13), fine used with forged "A10" postmark.
1,800 issued (60 sheets, PML Page 147), "R" with "dancing shoes" as opposed to "feet firmly on floor".

ST. VINCENT stamps
1886 1d.. vermilion on QV 1d rose-lilac Crown CA REVERSED wmk (PML.24), fine used manuscript dated "1.7.86".

1887 QV 1d rose Crown CA INVERTED wmk (SG.22w, Cat.£200), fine used with partial vertical "A07" cancel.

ANTIGUA stamp:
1870 DLR QV 1d STAMP DUTY Crown CA watermark twice pmk'd vertical "A02".

BERMUDA stamps:
1893 QV 1/- yellow-brown (SG.29, Cat.£24), very fine used with part PARCEL POST cancel.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1877 QV 6d pale green (SG.23, Cat.£50), fine used pmk'd black horiz. "A10".

GRENADA stamps:
1891 "2½d" on QV 8d grey-brown (SG.47), used with raised quad variety, blunt corner perf.

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1893 QV 2½d on 1d (SG.55a), fine used with "scratch on Queen's cheek" plate variety.

ANTIGUA stamps:
1872 QV 6d blue-green INVERTED and REVERSED Crown CC watermark (SG.15y, Cat.£140), used showing green coloured dot in "N" of PENCE additionally cancelled red LONDON PAID thought for 12 JA 77 arrival, some slightly clipped perfs top right.

ST. VINCENT stamps
EXCEPTIONALLY POWERFUL EXAMPLE OF THE DOUBLE SURCHARGE on 1893-94 QV FIVE PENCE on 6d deep lake (SG.60ac, Cat.£4,000), very fine appearance used showing part KINGSTOWN cds and "AP" month slug, small lower left corner marginal coloured marks will determine sheet position, reverse with thinned top perfs. 1975 RPS Certificate. Ex JAFFE
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