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1945 unsealed "Card Only" cover to Barbados with KG6 pair and single d pmk'd Roseau */17 DE 45, b/stamped Barbados 24 DEC 1945 machine and St. Lawrence S.O. d/ring, a few light blemishes.

BERMUDA to FINLAND postal history
1933 cover with d Caravel block of ten to Hameenlinna, Finland pmk'd St. Georges 13 DEC 33, the enclosed Christmas card signed by Mrs A. Booker.

MARIGOT, Dominica postmark/cancel
C/AP 2 14 on Leewards KE7 d MCA wmk (SG.36).

Re-introduced COLIHAUT, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/1 OC 47 on vertical pair KG6 d (SG.109a).
This COLIHAUT cds was sent out from London on July 13 1900 and replaced by a double-ring cancel in the mid-1930's but re-introduced in the 1940's.

MISIDA, Malta postmark/cancel
AM/AP 16 18 on KGV d (SG.69a).

HAMRUN, Malta postmark/cancel
AM/DE 9 20 on KGV d (SG.69a).

BIRCHIRCARA, Malta postmark/cancel
A/16 SP 12 on d (SG.45a).

GRENVILLE, Grenada postal history
1937 cover to Audubon, New Jersey with strips of 7 and 3 KG6 d pmk'd GRENVILLE */22 JY 37, some perf. splitting middle top row of stamps.

AROUND THE GLOBE IN 100 DAYS, York, Halifax N.S, San Francisco, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Batavia
1879 QV One Penny Farthing Foreign Post Card written by "John G. Dayn Jan 13th 1879 8pm" and pmk'd same night with YORK "930" duplex dated I/JA 13 79 with addresses and instructions for a bid to travel around the Globe in 100 days via Halifax, Nova Scotia, San Francisco, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Batavia, Java (with comment "out of the direct course"), and back to York showing Halifax JA 27 79, Hong Kong A/MR 19 79, Weltevreden 31 3 79 cds, some toning and closed base tear.
Two other similar items are noted for the period with Hong Kong MR 21 79 cds on Denmark post card with USA, Hong Kong, Hawaii adhesives, and Hong Kong MY 10 79 cds on German post card with Hong Kong, South Australia adhesives and via Uruguay address. Jules Verne published his novel "Around the World in 80 days" in 1873.

HARRINGTON SOUND to DENMARK, Bermuda postal history
1935 reg. cover from Castle Harbour Hotel, Tucker's Town (printed flap which opens to display) to Denmark with 4-colour combination Caravel issues d x two pairs, d, 1d, 2d indistinctly pmk'd HARRINGTON SOUND 14 FEB 35 with Plymouth, Devon reg. oval transit and LEMVIG arrival backstamps.

BERMUDA postal history
1902 illustrated Princess Hotel cover to Cambridgeport, Massachusetts with two pairs and single ONE FARTHING on QV 1/- dull grey and QV 1d carmine tied HAMILTON FE 25 1902 d/rings, arrival backstamps.

BARBADOS postal history
1928 shortpaid cover from Bashart Ally & Co to Birmingham with 04d, 05d Badge tied 14 DE 28 with circled "T" and GB 1d Postage Due tied Birmingham 2 JA 29 cds, small opening fault middle top.

BERMUDA to ST. LUCIA postal history
1933 (FE 9) underpaid "Panton" (name erased) cover to Castries with d Caravel pmk'd PAGET, tax handstamp and St. Lucia 2d Postage Due added and tied 15 FE 33 cds.

BARBADOS stamps:
1921 d brown Multiple Script REVERSED wmk (SG.217x), fresh unmounted mint horiz. pair. Cat.60.00.

BARBADOS stamps:
1921 d brown Multiple Script REVERSED wmk (SG.217x), fresh unmounted mint horiz. pair. Cat.60.00.

BARBADOS stamps:
1921 d small seal with Mult. Script CA REVERSED wmk (SG.217x), unmounted mint.

BIRCHIRCARA, Malta postmark
A/2 DE 10 on d Harbour (SG.45).

MISIDA, Malta postmark
AM/DE 30 20 on horiz. pair KGV d (SG.69a), faults.

BARBADOS postal history:
1908 reg. cover to Mannheim, Germany with Nelson MCA wmk d, 2d, 2d trio (SG.158,161,162) pmk'd R.L.O. 12 FEB 08 cds. Cat.100 and rated x 5 on cover.