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7 used ST. JAMES, Barbados postmark
on 6d chrome-yellow P.12 (SG.70), corner perf. fault but rare on this issue.

BARBADOS stamps:
Newly discovered 1874 d deep green (SG.65), a used example with BLURRED DESIGN showing slight doubling in top margin and value tablet.
Scan of normal for comparison only (not included)

BRIDGETOWN bootheel (issued 1863), Barbados postmark
on 1861 (d) blue-green, possibly from an imperforate used pair (SG.21b).

BARBADOS "tramlines" variety:
1876 d bright green P.14 with Crown CC REVERSED wmk (SG.72x), mint pair with left copy showing prominent diagonal lines through second "N" of "PENNY".

The unique (2d) greyish-slate QUADRISECT, Barbados stamps
fragment with used previously unrecorded and SG unlisted quadrisect (SG.4a variety) tied Bridgetown obliterator on newspaper piece (d rate) mounted on small piece.

1 used BRIDGETOWN, Barbados postmark/cancel
(C1) obliterator on strip of three 1861 (1d) blue (SG.23), blue crayon line on left stamp shows it was part of a registered letter franking.

10 used ST. PETER, Barbados postmark/cancel
(C2) bootheel on 1875 1/- violet P.12 (SG.71), large closed tear.

10 used ST. PETER, Barbados postmark/cancel
(C2) bootheel on 1874 1d deep blue (SG.66).

BARBADOS stamps:
1861 (1d) pale blue (SG.23), unused without gum showing previously unnoticed prominent large birthmark on Britannia's arm, a constant variety found Row 5/3 on Plate II.

20 used LA BREA, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on 1876 6d deep yellow-green (SG.77a), facial edge stain.

9 used ST. ANDREW, Barbados postmark/cancel
(C2) bootheel on 1d dull blue (SG.74).

5 used ST. JOHN, Barbados postmark/cancel
(C2) bootheel on 1870 1/- black Large star wmk (SG.47), rare on this issue.

BARBADOS SHIP LETTER postmark/cancel
(Benwell D3) dated 2 FE 82 on 1876 2d red (SG.76), extremely rare as an adhesive "killer".
In the post-UPU period (Barbados joined SP 1 1881) adhesives on cover were cancelled by this oval BARBADOS SHIP LETTER datestamp, a fact not previously known. No examples yet found on "loose" 1882 Queen's head issues.

16 used CHAGUANAS, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on re-perforated 1863-80 1/- lilac-rose (SG.73a).

2 used SAN FERNANDO, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.7a) 2/MY 23 70 on 1863-80 1/- mauve (aniline) CC wmk P.12 (SG.73b), tear and perf. faults.

2 used SAN FERNANDO, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.6) on 1876 4d bluish grey CA wmk P.14 (SG.76), thinned with perf. toning.

17 used COUVA, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on 1863 (1d) lake CC wmk P.12d (SG.69), perf. faults.

6 used AROUCA, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on 1863-80 1/- mauve (aniline) CC wmk P.12 (SG.73b).

7 used ARIMA, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on 1872 1/- chrome-yellow CC wmk P.12 (SG.74).

6 used AROUCA, Trinidad postmark/cancel
(Type 0.2) on 1861 (1d) rose-red (SG.52), str. edge at base.
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